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Taking Another Shot At The Global Warming Fraud: Inconvenient Truths About The Man-Made Global Warming Scam

Well, with so much of my attention this last while focused in on the situation in Syria and the impending liberation of the city of Aleppo coming as early as this coming week, there has indeed been so much else happening in our sick world that I have missed.... It is time to play some catching up on one of my favourite subjects, the Global Warming aka "Climate Change" hoax.....

Up here in central Canada, the temperatures over this last week have absolutely plummeted, with overnight lows at a balmy -25C (-15F for you Americans).... And yes, that is actually unusual for this time in December as these lows are what we usually expect come January.... However with the reality being that our Sun has gone cold and its solar radiation output is now greatly diminished, I knew this was coming and this absolutely flies in the face of the fraud artists that constantly claim our planet is "overheating" as part of their Global Warming scam....

Right now, I want to present the following article from the Canada Free Press online site, at, that is entitled: "Inconvenient Truths About The Man-Made Global Warming Scam" and is a must see by everyone... I have it here for everyone, and especially the fools out there that still believe in the Global Warming scam, to read for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Inconvenient Truths About the Man-made Global Warming Scam

By  —— Bio and Archives December 8, 2016

Experts said Arctic sea ice would melt entirely by September 2016 - they were wrong.
Texas has been cooling since 1995, but that doesn’t suit NOAA’s global warming agenda. So they keep cooling the pastfurther and further to create the appearance of a warming trend.

The UN bans skeptical journalists from climate summit for holding views not particularly helpful.
The Earth is heading towards another ice age as solar magnetic activity is set to drop by up to sixty per cent in the next fifteen years.
Winters may be getting colder in the Northeast.
The Weather Channel video uses young kids, scaring them about their lack of a future to promote global warming fears.
Looking to the hypocrites who are perpetrating this scam we have our Secretary of State who never saw a Global Warming photo op he didn’t like.  On one Trip to the Antarctic, Kerry produced as much CO2 as an average American does in one year.
The whole Global Warming scam is nothing more than a power grab.  The collectivists lost their homeland when that great gulag of nations the USSR imploded in 1991.  Since then they have been trying to use the mythical man-made global warming campaign as a back door to world-wide power.
Feeling that they have enough cover to state openly what is really going on the U.N.‘s climate chief Christina Figueres candidly admitted that the organizers’ ultimate goal was “to change the [capitalist] economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution.”
Another U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) official, Ottmar Edenhofer confirmed the travesty of global warming treaties, ” . . . one has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. Instead, climate change policy is about how we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth . . . “
As reported on the Deplorable Climate Science Blog site; NOAA claimed record heat in numerous locations is September in Africa and the Middle East.  This is a remarkable feat, given that they don’t have any actual thermometers in those regions. In fact, NOAA doesn’t have any thermometers on about half of the land surface.  Satellite temperatures showed that September was close to normal in those regions which NOAA declared to be record hot.  Not only is the land data fake, but much of the ocean data is fake too.  The global surface temperature record is garbage. This is the 21st century, and it needs to be replaced by satellite temperatures which show little or no warming this century.
The climate bullies are afraid that Donald Trump is going to do what he said he was going to do, free America from the wealth draining insanity of man-made global warming reparations.  Consequently they left their giant carbon footprint at the latest Climate Change Conference in Marrakesh, Morocco.  In a statement, the ministers at the meeting said momentum for cutting greenhouse gases was “irreversible” and reaffirmed their commitment to “full implementation” of the Paris accord.
They went on to say, “We call for the highest political commitment to combat climate change, as a matter of urgent priority,” in the Marrakesh Action Proclamation.  And, “Our climate is warming at an alarming and unprecedented rate and we have an urgent duty to respond.”  After which the elite delegates applauded, joined hands above their heads in standing ovation after the proclamation was read out having one of their international kumbaya moments that always end up costing the American tax payer a fortune.  This one is estimated at 100 billion, that’s, billion with a ‘b’ from both public and private sources, by 2020 to help developing countries.  Sounds like income redistribution to me and I wonder if any of these climate collectivists will be riding to the airport in a wind powered limo or flying home in a solar powered jet?
President Obama and the American Progressives have been willing conspirators in this attack on American sovereignty.  They have negotiated treaties and signed accords which are designed to impoverish the US and transfer that wealth to the UN.
Up until now the collectivists have had an easy path using this alternative approach to enslaving mankind.  They have brainwashed generations to live in fear of man-made global warming though none has taken place since before most of them were born.  They have had the Corporations Once Known as the Mainstream Media and their cable network step sisters blaring out their propaganda for decades.  They have made major movies about the day after and other apocalyptic scenarios.  They have recorded hit songs, staged protest rallies, and in general done everything they can to scare people into putting the noose around the neck of Western Civilization.
Now we are living in the post-wave election world of 2016. President-elect Trump has promised to reverse the course.  He has labeled man-made global warming for the scam it is and promised to free America from the mass of threads with which the Lilliputians have ensnared us.
Trump has pledged to follow the GOP platform committee’s call for ” . . . an immediate halt to U.S. funding for the U.N.‘s Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in accordance with the 1994 Foreign Relations Authorization Act.”
What about that disaster waiting to be implemented: the Paris Climate Agreement?  Since in his hubris President Obama never bothered to even try to have it ratified by the Senate as required by the Constitution, the newly invigorated Republican-controlled House and Senate can pass a law stating that it is null and void.  And if that is too bold for the Ryan-led House or the McConnell-led Senate a President Trump, according to the agreement itself, can pull out of it by issuing a one-year notice.
Trump has said he will have no part in funding a $100 billion annual U.N. pledge by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “to help poor countries adapt to global warming.”  During the campaign the Republican presidential nominee told supporters at a Florida campaign, “We will also cancel billions in global warming payments to the United Nations, and use that money to support America’s vital environmental infrastructure and natural resources.”
In his economic speech at the New York Economic Club he summed it all up, “We’re going to keep our money here and our jobs here and bring our jobs back.”
One way to judge the reality of the man-made global warming scam has been pointed out by Rush Limbaugh for many years.  If we decided we wanted to raise the temperature of the globe by one degree by 2020 what would we do?  What program could we follow or what steps would be implemented to make this happen?  Obviously all can see that this would be impossible.  If we cannot raise the world’s temperature deliberately what a ridiculous thought that we could do it just by living in a modern word using electricity and driving cars.
Another way of looking at the man-made global warming issue is to remember that our records only go back a few hundred years at most.  The Earth is billions of years old.  In the past there have been multiple ice ages and even a snowball Earth when the entire planet was frozen from pole to pole.  Each of these multi-million year freeze events have been followed by warm periods.  Where were the SUVs and smokestacks responsible for all that warming?  For that matter how do we explain the cooling? 
I may be way out in right field here, but I believe that gigantic nuclear fusion explosion we revolve around that rises and sets every day of our lives might have more to do with global warming or cooling than anything anyone or all of us could ever do.
Let’s get over ourselves and admit there is only One who can hold the world in His hand.  There is only One who was there when the heavens were made and the limit was set for the sea.  There is only One who knows the end from the beginning.  And there is only One who controls the thermostat for this planet and it isn’t us.

Dr. Robert R. Owens -- Bio and Archives |
Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion.  He is the Historian of the Future @

NTS Notes:  I still periodically run into idiots and fools out there that are absolutely brainwashed by the false belief that we need to do something about "Climate Change"... My usual answer is to give their heads a shake and realize that they are being swindled by bullshit propaganda...

Lets face the facts here... Canada and other nations that are run by idiot governments have now signed off on protocols to "reduce carbon emissions" and to have those drastic reductions in place within the next few years... But this is a con, for the reality is that Carbon Dioxide is NOT a greenhouse gas at all, period, end of story.... CO2 is in fact a coolant and is an essential gas for all life on this planet and especially plant life... There has in fact been NO known links between increased Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere to rises in world wide temperatures......

The reality is that our governments are wanting to impose "Carbon Taxes" on their citizens for nothing more than another swindling of the peoples' hard earned incomes..... Collecting "carbon taxes" will do NOTHING to prevent or control "climate change" at all since the real factor that affects our climate is once again our Sun's radiation output.... What "carbon taxes" really is is a scam and just another tax burden on people who are already taxed to death, period......

I have long been sick and tired of these "Global Warming" aka "Climate Change" fraud artists, especially the main perpetrator of the hoax, Al Gore himself... Most people still do not understand that Mr. Gore has keen interest in having Carbon taxes and carbon credits imposed on nations, especially the United States, for he owns stocks in several companies in the US that will be slated to count carbon credits if the US government itself is stupid enough to sign onto the fraud of carbon taxation... The bottom line here is that if carbon taxation is imposed in the US itself, Mr. Gore will become a billionaire in no time!

People therefore need to wake the hell up and see what is really happening here.... This fraud of "Global Warming" aka "Climate Change" is fear mongering and pure propaganda.... Lets no longer be fooled and put an end to our governments pushing their equally fraudulent carbon taxes...

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So Much For This Fake News Bullshit: Majority Of NTS Hits In Last Few Weeks Were By Russian Readers!

I periodically do keep track of my site hits and watch to see who is reading this blog...

For the longest time, my primary audience has been readers in the United States and right here in Canada... But recently I have watched an ever growing trend where more and more my readership are from countries outside of North America...

Just in the last few weeks, I found an amazing shift as now the majority of page views and hits at this site are by readers in the Russian Federation (25000 over the last week alone!)... Honestly, I knew that was coming, as the Russians, like everyone else from around the world, are looking for the real truth like so many others and have discovered that I put up material here based on facts, and not fiction.. I have no interest in money or to sell my soul to the devil and put up Jewish controlled garbage.... I cannot be bought and will always tell the real truth here...

And of course this is a shot at those who call sites such as mine "fake news"... The people from around the world can see the truth and I look at those who want to suppress the truth by calling it "fake news" to take a hike!  Nobody is fooled any more by your incessant lies and falsehoods and yes, people do yearn for the real truth in their lives...

I do want to thank the people of the Russian Federation personally for coming here in their search for what is really happening around our world... This site has some 4000 articles in its archives and feel free at any time to browse that material, and/or copy and paste it to spread it around to others.....

And to those who want to continue to promote "fake news" from the liars in the Jew spew media.... You know where you can go...

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The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: Updates On Present Situation.. Aleppo Will Be Liberated, Just NOT Yet!

I have been pouring over all of the reports from the alternative news sites (I have long given up on the liars in the Jew spew media...) about the ongoing situation in the war to free Syria from the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal... And the news is positive in regards to the situation in Aleppo, but now has become a bit disturbing in the outskirts of Palmyra....

Many reports have come out today claiming that the city of Aleppo has now been liberated... I have already warned several authors of these reports at their sites "not so fast..." as the US criminal murderous operatives and mercenaries in the southeastern part of the city have NOT yet surrendered, and in fact according to the following link, have "agree" to a "suspension of operations" to allow civilians to be evacuated from the ongoing bloodshed.. Here is the link to that report from Russia Today:

OK, I am not sold on this "suspension of operations"  which is basically another term for a "ceasefire" at all, for all previous "ceasefires" in that conflict have been a bunch of lies and have been used by the criminal cabal to rush in resupplies and ordinance to their enbattled "rebels"... BUT with these mercenaries in Aleppo now hopelessly surrounded, the chances of "resupply" to try to turn the tide are now slim to none... I do wonder however if the US may yet try something diabolical to still save the situation in Aleppo...

*Update, December 8, 2016 @ 1455 EST... Supposedly the thought of a deal for a "ceasefire" in Syria has now been rejected.... The fighting to liberate the city will therefore continue and the situation for the "rebels" still holed up in that 10% of territory they still hold in eastern Aleppo is now hopeless.. They will have to surrender or die...

*Update,December 9, 2016@ 0845 EST... As it stands right now, the Syrian Government forces have halted their attacks on "humanitarian grounds" to allow for the safe passage of civilians out of the eastern Aleppo pocket.  The US/Israel/NATO criminals are as it stands this morning looking for a way out for their operatives in Aleppo.  But apparently the Syrians and the Russians are still demanding their surrender.

*Update, December 9, 2016@1030 EST... Well, that did not take long.. The Syrian government forces have now relaunched their offensive against what remains of the eastern Aleppo pocket this morning due to the so called "rebels" NOT honoring the terms of the temporary truce (no suprise here..).  The final offensive is finally underway and hopefully the good guys will not stop until the pocket is finally eliminated.

Yes, Aleppo has NOT been "liberated" as of yet, for there is still about 10% of the city held by these scoundrels in what is left of the eastern Aleppo pocket... I will hold off on any celebrations on the "liberation" of Aleppo until that pocket is destroyed and the FULL city is returned rightfully to the Syrian people....

But elsewhere in Syria, something is indeed brewing in the vicinity of the liberated city of Palmyra... For according to the following report from the Southfront website, at, apparently the US operative/mercenary group known as "ISIS" has now magically reappeared and has launched an offensive on the Syrian held corridor to that important city... Here is the link to that report:

OK, everyone should be asking this important question.... With the fraud of "ISIS" on the supposed run everywhere across both Syria and Iraq, HOW in the hell did this supposed "ragtag" force get the manpower and even the weaponry to launch this new strike against the city of Palmyra?

Here is the answer.... Remember all of those supposed "10000" or so "ISIS terrorists" that were "allowed" to flee out of Mosul, Iraq and hightail it over the Syrian border under the full guidance of the criminals in the US government and military?   Well, now we see where those "terrorists" have been "redeployed" in Syria itself!  Those are the forces that are now conducting this Palmyra attack!

Yes, even with the upcoming fall of Aleppo to the good guys, the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal has always had a "Plan B" up their sleeves and this new war front at Palmyra is part of their insidious plans to keep the war in Syria going....

We should all hope that the Russians see this game and now turn some of their attention to keeping Palmyra secure and destroying this fraud "ISIS" attack..... I will indeed cover the situation there in future articles, AND of course will indeed have that article here at this blog when the city of Aleppo does indeed fall... Stay tuned..

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Today In History: Pearl Harbor 75 Years Ago Today - The False Flag Attack That Thrust The United States Into World War II

Today is a day that indeed will live in infamy.... Seventy-five years ago today, the Japanese strike force known as Kido Butai containing 6 fleet aircraft carriers and support vessels, launched two aerial strikes against the US Naval Pacific Fleet while it sat at anchor in Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii.... That attack cost the lives of some 2300+ US servicemen and women, along with sinking 18 surface ships of the American Pacific fleet, and destroying upwards of 150+ aircraft on the ground... And yes, with that strike the empire of Japan was officially at war with the United States of America....

We have all heard so many times in the fraud history books that this attack on America was a "surprise attack", but evidence during and after the war showed differently.... With much gained knowledge over the 75 years since that attack we can now say with absolute certainty that the United States itself provoked the Japanese and set up the attack... It can now be said to be a "false flag attack" and that criminals within the US government itself are to blame for the thousands who lost their lives on Oahu that fateful day....

First, I want to present a link to an interesting report that came out several years ago from the website, that shows exactly how the attack on Pearl Harbor was fomented by the US Naval Intelligence department through a memo sent to the US government from Arthur H McCollum on October 7th, 1940.... This memorandum became infamously known as the "McCollum Memo" and laid out exactly how the US could provoke the Japanese into attacking the US Pacific Fleet moored at Pearl Harbor Hawaii, and thus get the US into World War II through the "back door"....Here is the link to that article that contains an important interview with Robert Stinnett, author of "Day Of Deceit: The Truth About FDR And Pearl Harbor", for everyone to see for themselves the reality of the attack:

Second, I want to present the following link to an important article from Michael Rivero's "What Really Happened" website, at, that gives in great detail exactly how the entire attack on Pearl Harbor was set up and the chain of events leading up to that attack... Here is that link to that article, entitled: "Pearl Harbor, Mother Of All Conspiracies" for everyone to read for themselves here:

OK, Lets face the facts here.. I too was fooled for all the years of my youth into the belief that the attack on Pearl Harbor was a "surprise attack" and that the Japanese were indeed guilty of that atrocity..... It was only after doing some of my own research during the 80's and the 90's that I came to the conclusion that we had all been LIED TO about this attack and that indeed the President of the United States at the time of the attack, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, absolutely knew about the set up for the attack and absolutely made sure that the naval and army officials on the island of Oahu were ill-informed of the set up or were purposely kept in the dark to make sure the "surprise" attack took place with little opposition and to make sure that Oahu itself was not alerted that the attack was coming.... Therefore without any doubt, FDR himself is and always was a TRAITOR to America and is responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent lives that perished during that attack....

And for those who want the details of that McCollum Memo that was at the root of the Pearl Harbor attack, here it is in its entirety:

0p-16-F-2 ON1 7 October 1940
Memorandum for the Director

Subject: Estimate of the Situation in the Pacific and
Recommendations for Action by the United States.

1. The United States today finds herself confronted
by a hostile Germany and Italy in Europe and by an equally
hostile Japan in the Orient. Russia, the great land link between
these two groups of hostile powers, is at present neutral, but
in all probability favorably inclined towards the Axis powers,
and her favorable attitude towards these powers may be expected
to increase in direct proportion to increasing success in their
prosecution of the war in Europe. Germany and Italy have been
successful in war on the continent of Europe and all of Europe
is either under their military control or has been forced into
subservience. Only the British Empire is actively opposing by
war the growing world dominance of Germany and Italy and their

2. The United States at first remained coolly aloof
from the conflict in Europe and there is considerable evidence
to support the view that Germany and Italy attempted by every
method within their power to foster a continuation of American
indifference to the outcome of the struggle in Europe. Paradoxically,
every success of German and Italian arms has led to further
increases in United States sympathy for and material support of
the British Empire, until at the present time the United States
government stands committed to a policy of rendering every
support short of war the changes rapidly increasing that
the United States will become a full fledged ally of the British
Empire in the very near future. The final failure of German
and Italian diplomacy to keep the United States in the role of
a disinterested spectator has forced them to adopt the policy of
developing threats to U.S. security in other spheres of the world,
notably by the threat of revolutions in South and Central America
by Axis-dominated groups and by the stimulation of Japan to further
aggressions and threats in the Far East in the hope that by these
mean the Unites States would become so confused in thought
and fearful of her own immediate security as to cause her to
become so preoccupied in purely defensive preparations as to
virtually preclude U.S. aid to Great Britain in any form. As a
result of this policy, Germany and Italy have lately concluded
a military alliance with Japan directed against the United States
If the published terms of this treaty and the pointed
utterances of German, Italian and Japanese leaders can be believed,
and there seems no ground on which to doubt either, the three
totalitarian powers agree to make war on the United States,
should she come to the assistance of England, or should she
attempt to forcibly interfere with Japan's aims in the Orient and,
furthermore, Germany and Italy expressly reserve the right to
determine whether American aid to Britain, short of war, is a
cause for war or not after they have succeeded in defeating
England. In other words, after England has been disposed of
her enemies will decide whether or not to immediately proceed
with an attack on the United States. Due to geographic conditions,
neither Germany nor Italy are in a position to offer any
material aid to Japan. Japan, on the contrary, can be of much
help to both Germany and Italy by threatening and possibly even
attacking British dominions and supply routes from Australia,
India and the Dutch East Indies, thus materially weakening
Britain's position in opposition to the Axis powers in Europe.
In exchange for this service, Japan receives a free hand to seize
all of Asia that she can find it possible to grab, with the
added promise that Germany and Italy will do all in their power
to keep U.S. attention so attracted as to prevent the United
States from taking positive aggressive action against Japan.
Here again we have another example of the Axis-Japanese
diplomacy which is aimed at keeping American power immobilized,
and by threats and alarms to so confuse American thought as to
preclude prompt decisive action by the United States in either
sphere of action. It cannot be emphasized to strongly that
the last thing desired by either the Axis powers in Europe
or by Japan in the Far East is prompt, warlike action by the
United States in either theatre of operations.

3. An examination of the situation in Europe leads
to the conclusion that there is little that we can do now,
immediately to help Britain that is not already being done.
We have no trained army to send to the assistance of England,
nor will we have for at least a year. We are now trying to
increase the flow of materials to England and to bolster the
defense of England in every practicable way and this aid will
undoubtedly be increased. On the other hand, there is little
that Germany or Italy can do against us as long as England
continues in the war and her navy maintains control of the
Atlantic. The one danger to our position lies in the possible
early defeat of the British Empire with the British Fleet falling
intact into the hands of the Axis powers. The possibility of
such an event occurring would be materially lessened were we
actually allied in war with the British or at the very least
were taking active measures to relieve the pressure on Britain
in other spheres of action. To sum up: the threat to our security
in the Atlantic remains small so long as the British Fleet
remains dominant in that ocean and friendly to the United States.

4. In the Pacific, Japan by virtue of her alliance
with Germany and Italy is a definite threat to the security
of the British Empire and once the British Empire is gone the
power of Japan-Germany and Italy is to be directed against the
United States. A powerful land attack by Germany and Italy
through the Balkans and North Africa against the Suez Canal
with a Japanese threat or attack on Singapore would have very
serious results for the British Empire. Could Japan be diverted
or neutralized, the fruits of a successful attack on the Suez
Canal could not be as far reaching and beneficial to the Axis
powers as if such a success was also accompanied by the virtual
elimination of British sea power from the Indian Ocean, thus
opening up a European supply route for Japan and a sea route for
Eastern raw materials to reach Germany and Italy, Japan must be
diverted if the British and American ( ) blockade of Europe
and possibly Japan (?) is to remain even partially in effect.

5. While as pointed out in Paragraph (3) there is
little that the United States can do to immediately retrieve
the situation in Europe, the United States is able to effectively
nullify Japanese aggressive action, and do it without lessening
U.S. material assistance to Great Britain.

6. An examination of Japan's present position as
opposed to the United States reveals a situation as follows:

Advantages Disadvantages

1. Geographically strong position 1. A million and a half men
of Japanese Islands. engaged in an exhausting war
on the Asiatic Continent.
2. A highly centralized strong 2. Domestic economy and food
capable government. supply severely straightened.

3. Rigid control of economy on 3. A serious lack of sources of
a war basis. raw materials for war. Notably
oil, iron and cotton.
4. A people inured to hardship 4. Totally cut off from supplies
and war. from Europe.
5. A powerful army. 5. Dependent upon distant overseas
routes for essential supplies.
6. A skillful navy about 2/3 6. Incapable of increasing
the strength of the U.S. Navy. manufacture and supply of war
materials without free access
to U.S. or European markets.
7. Some stocks of raw materials. 7. Major cities and industrial
centers extremely vulnerable
to air attack.
8. Weather until April rendering
direct sea operations in the
vicinity of Japan difficult.

7. In the Pacific the United States possesses a very strong
defensive position and a navy and naval air force at present
in that ocean capable of long distance offensive operation. There
are certain other factors which at the present time are strongly
in our favor, viz:

A. Philippine Islands still held by the United States.
B. Friendly and possibly allied government in control
of the Dutch East Indies.
C. British still hold Hong Kong and Singapore and
are favorable to us.
D. Important Chinese armies are still in the field
in China against Japan.
E. A small U.S. Naval Force capable of seriously
threatening Japan's southern supply routes
already in the theatre of operations.
F. A considerable Dutch naval force is in the
Orient that would be of value if allied to U.S.

8. A consideration of the foregoing leads to the
conclusion that prompt aggressive naval action against Japan by
the United States would render Japan incapable of affording any
help to Germany and Italy in their attack on England and that
Japan itself would be faced with a situation in which her navy
could be forced to fight on most unfavorable terms or accept
fairly early collapse of the country through the force of blockade.
A prompt and early declaration of war after entering into suitable
arrangements with England and Holland, would be most effective
in bringing about the early collapse of Japan and thus eliminating
our enemy in the pacific before Germany and Italy could strike
at us effectively. Furthermore, elimination of Japan must surely
strengthen Britain's position against Germany and Italy and, in
addition, such action would increase the confidence and support
of all nations who tend to be friendly towards us.

9. It is not believed that in the present state of
political opinion the United States government is capable of
declaring war against Japan without more ado; and it is barely
possible that vigorous action on our part might lead the
Japanese to modify their attitude. Therefore, the following
course of action is suggested:

A. Make an arrangement with Britain for the use of
British bases in the Pacific, particularly
B. Make an arrangement with Holland for the use of
base facilities and acquisition of supplies
in the Dutch East Indies.
C. Give all possible aid to the Chinese government
of Chiang-Kai-Shek.
D. Send a division of long range heavy cruisers to
the Orient, Philippines, or Singapore.
E. Send two divisions of submarines to the Orient.
F. Keep the main strength of the U.S. fleet now in
the Pacific in the vicinity of the Hawaiian Islands.
G. Insist that the Dutch refuse to grant Japanese
demands for undue economic concessions,
particularly oil.
H. Completely embargo all U.S. trade with Japan,
in collaboration with a similar embargo imposed
by the British Empire.

10. If by these means Japan could be led to commit an
overt act of war, so much the better. At all events we must be fully
prepared to accept the threat of war.

A. H. McCollum
0p-16-F-2 ON1 7 October 1940
1. The United States is faced by a hostile combination of
powers in both the Atlantic and Pacific.

2. British naval control of the Atlantic prevents hostile
action against the United States in this area.

3. Japan's growing hostility presents an attempt to open sea
communications between Japan and the Mediterranean by an
attack on the British lines of communication in the
Indian Ocean.

4. Japan must be diverted if British opposition in Europe is
to remain effective.

5. The United States naval forces now in the Pacific are
capable of so containing and harassing Japan as to nullify
her assistance to Germany and Italy.

6. It is to the interest of the United States to eliminate
Japan's threat in the Pacific at the earliest opportunity
by taking prompt and aggressive action against Japan.

7. In the absence of United States ability to take the
political offensive, additional naval force should be
sent to the orient and agreements entered into with Holland
and England that would serve as an effective check against
Japanese encroachments in South-eastern Asia.
Comment by Captain Knox

It is unquestionably to out general interest
that Britain be not licked - just now she has a stalemate
and probably cant do better. We ought to make it certain
that she at least gets a stalemate. For this she will probably
need from us substantial further destroyers and air reinforcements
to England. We should not precipitate anything in the
Orient that should hamper our ability to do this - so long as
probability continues.

If England remains stable, Japan will be cautious
in the Orient. Hence our assistance to England in the Atlantic
is also protection to her and us in the Orient.

However, I concur in your courses of action
we must be ready on both sides and probably strong enough
to care for both.
Re your #6: - no reason for battleships not
visiting west coast in bunches.

Lets also face the facts here... I am in no way wanting to slur or discredit all of those brave soldiers and sailors that fought and died during that attack....Many fought believing that they were fighting a just war at the time and it is not my place to dishonour them in any way....But the truth must be told....

I need not remind my readers here that I personally went to Oahu on a vacation several years back and toured Pearl Harbor and paid homage to the sailors that perished at the USS Arizona Memorial.....But I found it very insulting to hear the curators and the tour guides continue to say to tourists that this was a "surprise" and a "criminal act" by the empire of Japan....And when I approached many of the veteran sailors' tables on display at Pearl Harbor and asked many of them about the "McCollum Memo", the majority just stared at me, or wanted to know what I was talking about.... Many were indeed unaware of the set up as laid out in that memo and I indeed gave them the links to look at it in great detail themselves..... Hopefully they too can handle the truth....

Yes, 75 years now, and hopefully with time and proper research most people will understand the truth about this attack and how indeed it may indeed be the "Mother Of All Conspiracies"...

More to come


The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: Updates On Situation In Syria As Syria Is About To Win Its Greatest Victory In Its War Against Evil!

I have been following the progression of the Syrian government forces and their Russian and Arabic allies as they are now rapidly putting an end to the so called eastern pocket of "resistance" in eastern Aleppo city.... Even as I type this report, the good guys are now moving from the northeastern side of the pocket and have now squeezed what is left of the criminal US murderous mercenaries and their operatives into an increasingly shrinking area of resistance.... I said yesterday that the fight for Aleppo will be won within the next few days, and apparently I am right in my prediction.... It will indeed be a very glorious victory for the Syrian people and one that will signal to the entire world that the Jewish run criminal cabal that has wanted that innocent nation destroyed can indeed be beaten!

First, I want to present here a link to a fellow truth seeker out of Canada, Penny, who of course writes "Penny For Your Thoughts" at, where she has put forward some late breaking news on the situation in Aleppo that shows that the situation for the criminal murderous mercenaries and operatives left in the eastern Aleppo pocket is so dire now that they are pleading for an immediate "ceasefire" to allow them to surrender or to evacuate eastern Aleppo immediately... Here is the link:

OK, Penny may have just "jumped the gun" a bit by saying that the city of Aleppo has been "recaptured" by the Syrian government forces.. The reality is that as of this point the good guys have seized only the "old city" part of Aleppo, and the "terrorists" and "rebels" are now jammed into the southeastern corner of Aleppo itself....But she is correct with the facts that these fraud "rebels" are now pleading for a ceasefire...

And about that "ceasefire".... I cannot understand how these criminal "rebels" are having the nerve to still call for a 5 day "ceasefire", when in reality they would use that respite to pause and possibly to get rearmed... We have seen this type of fraud "ceasefires" before in this battle for Aleppo, and in each previous case, the criminal cabal has indeed used that pause to rush in reinforcements and rearm their operatives!

I came across the following report from The Real Syrian Free Press, at, where the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, is willing to consider a ceasefire, but NOT on the terms that the US and the other criminals that have supported these fraud rebels want... The only terms will be to allow these frauds to evacuate the eastern part of the city, or they refuse they will be destroyed.  Here is the link to that article:

OK, In my honest opinion, the time for a "ceasefire" is long over, and the Syrian army should finish the job and refuse any ceasefire what so ever.... We all recall so many times in the past where these murderous mercenaries and operatives have been slaughtering innocent Syrian civilians and have caused heinous crimes against humanity... The time for compassion for these murderers is long over and they should be either forced to surrender immediately, or be slaughtered to the last man.... There should be no bargaining with pure evil, period!

Yes, the final stages of the great victory for the Syrian government forces at Aleppo is now at hand... And with this victory, the criminal US/Israel/NATO EVIL cabal will have been soundly beaten.... This victory will also signal to so many nations around the planet that have suffered from the criminal policies of the US and Israel that they no longer have to live in fear and can stand up against such evil....

More to come


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Migrant Invasion Of Europe Is For The Destruction Of European Nations: How To Enter Europe Illegally, Assisted By NGO's

I constantly come under attack for my stance that the so called "refugees" that have been entering Europe unabated for the last few years are NOT refugees at all, but are absolutely illegal migrant workers and their families... These invaders are being purposely moved into Europe for the destruction of European culture and nations..... I have yet to find anything that proves myself wrong on this matter....

Just today, I came across a most interesting article from a fellow truth seeker, Greg Bacon, who of course writes the excellent blog: "Goon Squad" at It contains some interesting material and an excellent short video that shows definite proof that these illegal migrant workers and their families are being purposely shipped from the shores of North Africa to southern Europe and are assisted by the so called "NGO's" and their criminal organizations...  Here is Greg's article right here for my own readers to view and contemplate... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

How to Enter Europe Illegally, Assisted by NGO's

NGOs are smuggling immigrants into Europe on an industrial scale.

For two months, using, we have been monitoring the movements of ships owned by a couple of NGOs, and, using data from We have kept track of the daily arrivals of African immigrants in Italy. It turned out we were witness of a big scam and an illegal human traffic operation.

NGOs, smugglers, the mafia in cahoots with the European Union have shipped thousands of illegals into Europe under the pretext of rescuing people, assisted by the Italian coast guard which coordinated their activities.

Human traffickers contact the Italian coast guard in advance to receive support and to pick up their dubious cargo. NGO ships are directed to the “rescue spot” even as those to be rescued are still in Libya. The 15 ships that we observed are owned or leased by NGOs have regularly been seen to leave their Italian ports, head south, stop short of reaching the Libyan coast, pick up their human cargo, and take course back 260 miles to Italy even though the port of Zarzis in Tunis is just 60 mile away from the rescue spot.

The organizations in question are: MOAS, Jugend Rettet, Stichting Bootvluchting, Médecins Sans Frontières, Save the Children, Proactiva Open Arms,, Sea-Eye and Life Boat.

During the two months of our observation, we have monitored at least 39 000 Africans illegally smuggled into Italy, which was done with the full consent of the Italian and European authorities.

Now who would want to destroy Europe's ethnicity?

The same nation that hates Gentiles, is always setting off False Flags blamed on Arabs and is walling itself off so they don't have ME refugees pouring in to escape the wars that World Jewry has started.

Figured it out yet?

Posted by Greg Bacon at 5:10 AM

NTS Notes: WHY am I not in the least bit surprised at all by the evidence shown here, and especially in the video?   And WHY do I sense the evil hands of George Soros and his fellow Jewish criminals behind this scheme?

Lets face the facts here.. The Jews have always seen the Caucasians as their primary and sworn enemies, for that fact is written right in their most diabolical Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion that for them to attain their sick and twisted dream of world dominion, the Caucasian race of mankind must be destroyed...

And it is a fact that most of European culture is of course built around the efforts of the Caucasian people.... It is no wonder that a sick demented individual such as Soros is hell bent on having that culture permanently destroyed under the sick disguise of turning Europe into a multicultural sewer.....

Yes, these NGO's and their organizations are of course heavily funded by these same Jewish criminals and they are indeed moving this illegal immigrants and migrant workers as quickly as possible across the Mediterranean Sea to the coasts of Italy and elsewhere.... They are also aided diabolically by the Jewish controlled governments of Europe in this sick endeavor, and these criminal governments are therefore helping in the destruction of their own nations and identities!

Lets no longer be fooled... The future of Europe and the European people is clearly at stake here...

More to come


The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: The Truth About "Hospitals" In Eastern Aleppo - The US Mercenaries Have Been Using Them Illegally For Combat Purposes!

The battle to eliminate the ever shrinking pocket of resistance in eastern Aleppo city continues.... Even now, the good guys, the Syrian government forces, have been advancing steadily and have now secured almost 75% of the eastern pocket... The US bought and paid for mercenaries and murderers are now being forced into a smaller and small pocket in the southeastern part of the city and it will be days now before they are forced to surrender or be destroyed!

Over the last while, the Jew spew media has been constantly putting out bullshit reports about the Russians and Syrians "bombing the last hospitals" in the eastern Aleppo pocket.... And each time these reports have surfaced, they have all been quickly exposed as outright lies or pure propaganda.... People everywhere are no longer fooled by this bullshit and are now realizing that the Jew spew media is the FAKE NEWS that we have all been hearing about!

But it gets better... For I caught an interesting report just today from the Southfront website, at, that gives some shocking proof that the mercenaries and US operatives still holed up in eastern Aleppo have been using the hospitals for not aid to victims, but for military purposes!   Here is the link to that most shocking report for everyone to see for themselves the truth about these "hospitals" in eastern Aleppo... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Why am I not shocked at all by this report?  Considering how truly evil and diabolical the US government has always been in their support and aid for these fraud terrorists, this is exactly what we would expect from these criminals...

Under every aspect of international law and criminal law, military forces are strictly forbidden to use hospitals for military purposes or as military headquarters... Therefore what we have here is indeed a clear violation of international law and the US should be brought up on charges of war crimes once the eastern Aleppo pocket is destroyed....

This also blows the "Russians and Syrians bombing hospitals" fiasco to hell.... I have been looking at some of the Jew spew media reports since this amazing report from Southfront surfaced, and lo and behold, not one peep from these criminals and liars about this exposure....

Yes, the truth is now out that the so called "hospitals" in eastern Aleppo are nothing of the sort, and have been used as a safe haven for the storage of military supplies and as headquarters for these fraud rebels and terrorists....

The final destruction of the eastern Aleppo pocket is now days away, and again I will have a full report to congratulate the Syrians for that great victory when it happens... Stay tuned..

More to come