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Israel Pushes To Have The Fraud Of "Anti-Semitism" Recognized As International Crime

Writing articles in this blog puts me under constant fire from the JIDF/Hasbara group of agents (what I call my best fan club!) who constantly try to put in comments full of slurs, insults, and lies.    I keep telling them to not waste their or my time because their comments will never ever be published.... But they keep trying and it does show the pathetic mentality of the enemy....

One of the usual slurs that always gets thrown my way is the lie of "anti-semitism"..... I really have to laugh when I hear that false term, because the entire pretext of calling someone an "anti-semite" must infer that the accusers themselves are actually Semites.. However, all that anyone has to do is to research for themselves, and they will quickly discover that the majority of the "tribe" is absolutely NOT Semitic, but is actually Indo-Turkish Khazars.  There is in fact not one drop of "Semitic" blood in that entire lot!   The REAL Semites are in fact that Palestinian people that this fraud group has been trying to exterminate for decades... Amazing therefore that this group of criminals continues to use the fraud phrase of "anti-semitism" against anyone who opposes them.....

BUT I have just read a most interesting article today that comes from John Friend's Realist Report website at, that is an absolute must read by everyone.. For according to the article, it does appear that the criminal state of Israel is now pushing to have the fraud of "anti-semitism" made an international crime!   I have John's article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Israel pushes to have "anti-Semitism" recognized as international crime

Earlier this year, at the behest of the Jewish state of Israel, the organized international Jewish community, and traitorous politicians working for the Jews in the West, the United Nations held an informal plenary session on the alleged "rising tide of anti-Semitism" around the world.

Of course, all respectable mainstream politicians, journalists, and public policy makers agreed that "anti-Semitism" must not be tolerated anywhere in the world, that it should be immediately condemned, and that "anti-Semites" should be ostracized, shunned, and even criminally prosecuted for "hate crimes" and "anti-Semitic speech."

However, some political commentators and international bureaucrats went a step further. They argued that "anti-Semitism" must be confronted and legislated against at the international level, with the German and French representatives openly calling for "a new legal framework at the European Union and internationally to address the diffusion of racist and anti-Semitic speeches and material," The Times of Israel reported.

The tireless efforts of organized international Jewry and the Jewish state of Israel to have "anti-Semitism" acknowledged globally as a "thought crime" are once again making headlines. The Algemeiner, an online Jewish news outlet, recently reported:

Attorney Alan Baker, Israel’s former ambassador to Canada and a legal adviser to the Foreign Ministry wants antisemitism to be treated as an international crime. In a new Israeli initiative, Baker is proposing that international courts be used to combat global hate crimes against Jews.
Baker has drafted an international convention calling on the “Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Antisemitism.” The Convention, which is drafted in the manner of classical international anti-terrorism treaties and those for other crimes, will allow countries to cooperate and exchange information with others, in order to extradite those suspected of acts that meet the definition of antisemitism, Israel’s NRG reported in Wednesday.

“We need to set down clear rules on what constitutes antisemitism and to set up international codes to prevent it. We expect that the initiative will be thoroughly discussed among all entities and countries that are engaging antisemitism on a global scale,” said Baker.

Explaining the need for the Convention, Baker noted that, “everyone knows to condemn antisemitism, but they are not doing what is necessary in order to fight against it on an international legal level.” He added that, “on the other hand, international courts invite people from around the world to account for various crimes. We think that this is precisely the place to also work decisively and unambiguously against antisemitism.”

The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, where Mr. Baker is now a fellow, intends to release a draft of the Convention, during a series of conferences at the United Nations, to other international organizations, international capitals, and among Jewish communities and organizations around the world.

This will be done in order to encourage countries to support the initiative and to submit a draft of the Convention to the appropriate UN organizations, in order to obtain international approval of the Convention.

Baker said that, “if the world really wants to work against this terrible phenomenon, the time has come to line up behind the measures that are necessary to be employed against it.”
Think about the severity of these recent developments folks: the Jews are pushing to have "anti-Semitism" (i.e., stating basic facts about the subversive, criminal nature of organized Jewry and the Jewish state of Israel) internationally recognized as a crime. If the Jews get their way, "anti-Semites" will literally be arrested and extradited to stand trial at an "international court of justice." If this isn't the epitome of total Jewish tyranny implemented on an international scale, I don't know what is.

And consider what the Jews did during the Bolshevik revolution almost as soon as they took over. They criminalized "anti-Semitism" and made it an offense punishable by death.

"As an expression of its radically anti-nationalist character, the fledgling Soviet government issued a decree a few months after taking power that made anti-Semitism a crime in Russia," Mark Weber explains in his excellent treatise detailing the Jewish role in the Bolshevik revolution and subsequent Communist regime. "The new Communist regime thus became the first in the world to severely punish all expressions of anti-Jewish sentiment."

If you dared to criticize or expose Jewish criminality and treachery in the Soviet Union, particularly during and immediately after the Jewish engineered Bolshevik revolution, you'd be imprisoned, tortured, and/or murdered, oftentimes in the most depraved fashion. That's exactly what the Jews are aiming to implement in the 21st century, only on a global scale.

NTS Notes: I hope that everyone finds this to be absolutely appalling....

It is so obvious why these criminals want to have the fraud of "anti-semitism" made into a crime across the planet... People everywhere are now waking up to the criminality of this fraud "tribe" and the "tribe" is now desperate to get their slave governments around the world put a stop to this awakening... They want their criminality to continue and make sure that nobody can stop them!

When the hell will people finally wake the hell up and put a stop the the criminality of these so called "chosen ones"?   They have destroyed nations, murdered millions, and have put our entire planet at their mercy through their fraud debt based monetary system..... We must make sure that no nation is stupid enough to pass this law and prevent the exposure of their crimes for everyone to see.....

BTW... One other video that shows how these criminals have been using the fraud of "anti-semitism" to control their slaves has been available for quite some time, and I have it listed in the left hand column of this blog... But for those who want to see it here... Here it is....

More to come


The War In Ukraine: What The HELL Is That Criminal Harper Up To Now? Russia Is Severely Pissed Off That Canada Is Now Sending Combat Troops To Ukraine!

I do worry about where my nation, Canada, is now heading...It seems that the criminal Harper regime in Ottawa is doing criminal actions now with impunity and without the support of the Canadian people... It was bad enough that criminal Jew butt kissing lunatic got his support to "extend" Canada's "mission" to the Middle East and as a result, Canadian fighter planes are now attacking and murdering innocent civilians in Syria... But at home that lunatic is still trying to push his horrendous Bill C51 on the Canadian people that will indeed strip away the last vestiges of Canada's freedoms and turn this nation into a full police state.... I am so disgusted that few Canadians are standing up and at least trying to put Harper and his band of scoundrels in their place...

But just the other day, I came across a most interesting article that I definitely want to share with my own readers here.....This article comes from the Canadian Globe And Mail website, at, and from this report, it appears that Russia is severely pissed off that Canada has now committed combat troops to Ukraine (!) for their stated "purpose" of "training" Ukraine's army!   I want everyone to see this report here for themselves first and foremost, and I of course have a few of my own comments inserted into the article, and I do have my own additional thoughts and comments to follow:

Canada’s decision to send troops to Ukraine ‘deplorable,’ Russian embassy says

Russia is accusing Canada of contributing to a military buildup on its doorstep, calling Ottawa’s decision to send 200 soldiers to Ukraine to train Kiev forces a “counterproductive and deplorable” move.

In a statement, the Russian embassy in Canada said sending Western soldiers will not help ease conflict between the Kiev government and pro-Moscow separatists in eastern Ukraine.

“It does not help in any way the settlement of the internal fratricidal conflict in that country,” the embassy said.

More than 6,000 people are estimated to have died in the fighting, according to the United Nations, and the West blames Moscow for supplying and assisting the rebels who have destabilized the eastern part of the country.

Wednesday’s diplomatic outburst from Russia prompted a response from the Prime Minister’s Office in Ottawa.

A spokesman for Mr. Harper said it’s Russian President Vladimir Putin who seized Crimea last year who poses the biggest risk.

*NTS Note: A bold faced lie... Putin never "seized" Crimea.  Crimea voted in a fair and legal referendum to be returned rightfully to the Russian Federation.

“Putin’s failure to end his support to armed rebel groups and his occupation of Ukrainian sovereign territory constitutes a real threat to international peace and security,” PMO spokesman Stephen Lecce said.

The Harper government announced Tuesday that Canada is sending troops to beleaguered Ukraine, the target of Russian aggression since early 2014, to train soldiers in case a shaky ceasefire falls apart.

The Russian embassy warned that Canada’s new military move, a joint effort with the Americans and British, will lead to more conflict rather than peace.

Moscow’s representatives in Canada said this will only fuel the desire of the Ukraine government, which it painted as belligerent, to keep fighting – in contravention of the Minsk peace accords.

“Foreign ministers of France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine ... [have] called for enhanced intra-Ukrainian political dialogue,” the embassy noted in the statement that it circulated widely among Canadian media.

“It is neither appropriate, nor helpful to assist the military buildup playing into the hands of ‘party of war in Kiev,’” the embassy said, using a pejorative phrase to describe Petro Poroshenko’s Ukrainian government.

“It would be much more reasonable to concentrate on diplomacy and encourage authorities in Kiev to finally enter into a genuine political dialogue with Donetsk and Lugansk Republics as it was agreed upon in ‘Minsk-2’ accords in February.”

A fragile truce is currently in place in eastern Ukraine but there are concerns that Russian separatists are planning a spring offensive.

*NTS Note: Another LIE... It is not ""Russian Separatists that are planning a Spring Offensive in the eastern provinces, but the Ukrainian army now armed with US taxpayer bought and paid for heavy weapons.

Defence Minister Jason Kenney has insisted that Canadian soldiers will only be training Ukrainian troops rather than fighting Moscow-backed forces.

He said training will take place 1,300 kilometres away from the front lines.

*NTS Note: Another LIE: We have all seen the reports where so called "trainers" and "observers" were caught right on the front lines and participating in the fighting..

This is the second deployment into a major regional conflict that the Conservative government has announced in the past seven months.

One Canadian soldier has died in northern Iraq, where 69 special-forces personnel were sent last fall on what was also supposed to be a non-combat mission.

This Canadian training mission is expected to last until March 31, 2017. This U.S.-led effort is not a NATO undertaking.

Diplomatic relations between Russia and Canada have been sorely strained since Mr. Putin annexed Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula in early 2014.

Canada has donated non-lethal military aid and warm weather clothing to Kiev, lent it hundreds of millions of dollars to help with economic rebuilding and is sharing satellite imagery of the Ukraine-Russia border region to help Mr. Poroshenko’s government defend against attacks.

*NTS Note: Another LIE: "Non-Lethal" military aid is of course nothing of the sort... Canada, NATO, and the US have all sent weapons to Ukraine to kill civilians.  And Canada has provided satellite imagery for Ukraine's army to target those innocent civilians in the eastern provinces!

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair is raising concern about this Ukrainian deployment, expected to cost as much as $32-million over two years.

He said deploying troops without a debate in Parliament constitutes a “dangerous precedent.”

NTS Notes:  First, I do want everyone to know that the Jew spew media here in Canada has either not reported at all on this development until this article came out, or in some cases has done its worse at playing it down and keeping it away from the Canadian public...

I honestly do not know what to make of the Harper regime in Ottawa any more..... Canada has absolutely no business at all in Ukraine and their sudden commitment of troops to "train" Ukraine's army is the most stupidest thing that these criminals can do... It will only anger the Russian Federation as noted and definitely put Canada into a bulls eye if that conflict escalates into a full blown world war...

Lets face the facts here... We have seen throughout history where sending troops to foreign nations to "train" that nation's army has been all a lie... How soon people forget where in Vietnam the US kept sending troops to "advise" and "train" the South Vietnamese army and those "advisors" soon became involved in actual military operations.... This "commitment" of Canadian troops to "train" the Ukraine army is just history repeating itself...

I again am also laughing at the ridiculous claims made in this Globe and Mail article, especially where it tries to again falsely vilify Russia for its "aggression" in Ukraine, when there has absolutely been no aggressive moves by Russia, period... Russia has NOT attacked Ukraine, and they did NOT "seize" Crimea as the liars in the Jew spew media continue to falsely promote... The people of Crimea voted in a fair and legal referendum to be returned to Russia, and they got their wish... There was absolutely NO Russian invasion of Crimea as our lying media continues to claim....

The bottom line is this... The criminal Harper regime is now out of control and is acting absolutely not in the best interests of Canadians, period.... The people of Canada do need to wake the hell up and put an end to this madness as soon as possible..... To wait for an "election" and throw these criminals out of office may be too late for Canada...

More to come


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Lougheed Martin F-35 Flying Lemon Boondoggle: When Will People Understand That STEALTH Does NOT Work, Period!

Recently, I received a few comments to previous articles where I called the Lougheed Martin F35 "Lightning II" a flying lemon and an absolute waste of taxpayer money.... I came under fire especially for my statement that clearly "STEALTH" was a fraud and a massive hoax and swindle..... Many comments asked me for any information that I can present that backs up the case for the fraud of "stealth", and I figure now is a good time to show the evidence....

Right now, I want to present a most interesting article that comes from The Daily Beast online site, at, that gives clear evidence that "stealth" is indeed a lie and a scam... The article is entitled: "New US Stealth Jet Can't Hide From Russian Radar" and I have it right here for everyone, and especially those naysayers to read and weep.... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


04.28.145:45 AM ET

New U.S. Stealth Jet Can’t Hide From Russian Radar

America’s gazillion-dollar Joint Strike Fighter is supposed to go virtually unseen when flying over enemy turf. 
But that’s not how things are working out.
The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter—the jet that the Pentagon is counting on to be the stealthy future of its tactical aircraft—is having all sorts of shortcomings. But the most serious may be that the JSF is not, in fact, stealthy in the eyes of a growing number of Russian and Chinese radars. Nor is it particularly good at jamming enemy radar. Which means the Defense Department is committing hundreds of billions of dollars to a fighter that will need the help of specialized jamming aircraft that protect non-stealthy—“radar-shiny,” as some insiders call them—aircraft today.

These problems are not secret at all. The F-35 is susceptible to detection by radars operating in the VHF bands of the spectrum. The fighter’s jamming is mostly confined to the X-band, in the sector covered by its APG-81 radar. These are not criticisms of the program but the result of choices by the customer, the Pentagon.

To suggest that the F-35 is VHF-stealthy is like arguing that the sky is not blue—literally, because both involve the same phenomenon. The late-Victorian physicist Lord Rayleigh gave his name to the way that electromagnetic radiation is scattered by objects that are smaller than its wavelength. This applies to the particles in the air that scatter sunlight, and aircraft stabilizers and wingtips that are about the same meter-class size as VHF waves.

The counter-stealth attributes of VHF have been public knowledge for decades. They were known at the dawn of stealth, in 1983, when the MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory ordered a 150-foot-wide radar to emulate Russia’s P-14 Oborona VHF early-warning system. Lockheed Martin’s Fort Worth division—makers of the F-35—should know about that radar: they built it.

Making a plane VHF-stealthy starts with removing the target’s tails, as on the B-2 bombers. But we did not know how to do that on a supersonic, agile airplane (like the F-35 is supposed to be) when the JSF specifications were written.

Neither did the technology to add broadband-active jamming to a stealth aircraft exist in 1995. Not only did stealth advocates expect jamming to fade away, but there was an obvious and (at the time) insoluble problem: To use jamming you have to be certain that the radar has detected you. Otherwise, jamming is going to reveal your presence and identify you as a stealth aircraft, since the adversary can see a signal but not a reflection.

We can be sure that onboard jamming has not been added to the F-35 since. Had the JSF requirements been tightened by one iota since the program started, its advocates would be blaming that for the delays and overruns.

“To suggest that the F-35 is stealthy is like arguing that the sky is not blue – literally, because both involve the same phenomenon.”

What the JSF does have is a jamming function—also known as “electronic attack,” or EA, in militaryese—in the radar. It also has an expendable radar decoy—BAE Systems’ ALE-70. Both are last-ditch measures to disrupt a missile engagement, not to prevent tracking.

JSF’s planners, in the mid-1990s, were close to correct when they calculated that low-band stealth and limited EA, combined with passive electronic surveillance for situational awareness, would be adequate at service entry. But they expected that the F-35 would reach squadrons in 2010, and China’s military modernization was barely imaginable.

The threats of the late 2010s will be qualitatively different. Old VHF radars could be dealt with by breaking the kill chain between detection and tracking: they did not provide good enough cueing to put analog, mechanically scanned tracking radars on to the target. Active electronically scanned array (AESA), high-power VHF radars and decimeter- and centimeter-wave trackers are more tenacious foes.

Last August, at an air show near Moscow, I talked to designers of a new, highly mobile counterstealth radar system, now being delivered to the Russian armed forces. Its centerpiece was a 100-foot-wide all-digital VHF AESA, but it also incorporated powerful higher-frequency radars that can track small targets once the VHF radar has detected them. More recently, however, it has emerged that the U.S. Navy is worried because new Chinese warships carry the Type 517M VHF search radar, which its maker says is an AESA.

None of this is to say that stealth is dead, but it is not reasonable to expect that the cat-and-mouse game of detection and evasion in air combat has stopped, or that it ever will. EA and stealth still do not coexist very comfortably on the same platform, but offboard EA and stealth are synergistic: the smaller the target, the less jamming power is needed to mask it.

But the threat’s demonstrated agility drives home the lesson that there is no one winning move in the radar game. Excessive reliance on a single-point design is not a good idea, and using fictitious secrecy to quash the debate is an even worse one.

This column also appears in the April 28 issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology.

NTS Notes:  I am absolutely NOT surprised at all by the findings in this article... Knowing what I know about radar technology, the physics involved, and MANY other factors, I too can say without a shadow of a doubt that "stealth" is a complete LIE!   It has always been a cat and mouse game when it comes to "stealth"  development and the countermeasures developed in advanced radar technology, and where it stands today the countermeasures are proving to be superior and can easily see any so called "invisible" plane.....

I again want to present the following video where a former air force pilot comes clean about the fraud of stealth:

I also want everyone to look at my previous articles about the frauds of the F35 and especially "stealth" that shows how the Serbian forces were easily able to shoot down the so called "F117A" stealth fighter back in the Kosovo/Serbian war of the late 90's using Russian built radar systems that were easily able to see these so called "invisible" fighters.....Remarkably, and not to my surprise, the promoters of "stealth" absolutely avoid this fact....

Lets be clear here... Lougheed Martin has indeed sold our governments on the fraud of "stealth" so as to make absolutely horrendous amounts of money off of their aircraft that are nothing more than flying lemons.... All we have to take into account is the fact that a modern NON-stealth aircraft such as the superb Russian built Su-37 costs in the neighborhood of some $45 Million per copy and is affordable for most nations.. However, here we have the fraud Lougheed Martin F35 "Lightning II" that now thanks to "cost overruns" as well as the need for the fraud of "stealth" costs somewhere in the neighborhood of some $150+ Million per copy!  Outrageous is an understatement, and the only ones profiting from this boondoggle is Lougheed Martin itself....

I have no qualms in attacking this fraud Lougheed Martin F35 that I see as a waste of money and an aircraft that will actually weaken any nation that decides to incorporate it into their air force..... It already has been proven to be too slow for combat..... It has a ridiculous single VTOL engine that runs way too hot and guzzles airplane fuel at a horribly alarming rate and thus shortens its "combat" range... It cannot fly at night, and cannot even fly in either a rainstorm or a thunderstorm... It has a ridiculously inadequate weapons load (supposedly restricted to 2-4 missiles only!) and until recently there were cries from the military about the fact it did not even have a proper gun for close range combat.....It cannot maneuver as well as "enemy" combat planes due to its ridiculous design and short wingspan..... It has already been proven to be a failure in "simulated" combat exercises where older and more maneuverable planes "blew it out of the sky"..... It is far too expensive and will restrict any nation from the amount of copies they actually need and can afford... And of course finally, its "stealth" technology is a sham and a fraud.....

And for those who still believe in the fraud of "stealth"... Much like the other lies that have been drilled into our heads through the propaganda of brainwashing, stealth is just another lie and illusion perpetrated on gullible people...

More to come


The War In Yemen: Saudis Face Defeat In Yemen And Instability At Home

I have been keeping tabs on the war happening right now in the southern Arabian peninsular country of Yemen, and what I see so far has been disgusting... It is definitely turning into a humanitarian disaster where thousands of Yemeni civilians are now in danger of massive starvation and famine due to the cutoff of vital food and medical supplies.... It has also turned into a quagmire for the Saudi Arabian regime that has been launching bombing raids against the Houthi "rebels" who have indeed been in the war for the primary aim of freeing their nation from the despicable dictator, Abu Hadi.   The situation is indeed escalating, and the results for the region and primarily for the Yemeni people will be disastrous....

I came across the following report that comes from the Counter Punch website, at, and is written by American writer, Mike Whitney, that gives a pretty good analysis of the present situation in Yemen.... The article is entitled: "Saudis Face Defeat In Yemen And Instability At Home" and I have it right here in its entirety for everyone to view and analyse for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Saudis Face Defeat in Yemen and Instability at Home

“The interventions of US imperialism, with the direct collaboration of the Saudi monarchy, have plunged the entire Middle East into chaos and bloodshed—from the destruction of Iraq, to the transformation of Libya into a militia-ravaged “failed state,” to the ongoing carnage inflicted upon Syria … This predatory imperialist offensive threatens to ignite a region-wide conflagration, even as Washington deliberately ratchets up military tensions with both Russia and China. The threat of these separate conflicts coalescing into a third world war grows by the day.”
– Bill Van Auken, Obama’s criminal war against Yemen, World Socialist web Site
“Will the reactionary rulers of Saudi Arabia manage to break the legitimate hopes and enthusiastic dreams burning in the hearts of thousands of young people of the Arabian Peninsula? Never!”
– Gamal Abd al-Nasser, President of Egypt 1956 to 1970
In its ongoing effort to prevent the rise of “any popularly supported government in the region”, the US has joined Saudi Arabia’s savage war of annihilation against Yemen’s northern tribal rebels, the Houthis. The Pentagon has expedited the delivery of bombs, ammunition and guidance systems to assist the Saudi-led campaign and is providing logistical support to maximize the impact of its bombing raids. The US has also set up a “joint fusion center”, provided “aerial re-fueling platforms” and “advanced US-made weaponry” with the explicit intention of suppressing a militant group that overthrew the US-backed puppet government in the capital of Sanaa in the fall of 2014. The level of coordination between the makeshift Arab coalition (The Gulf Cooperation Council or GCC) and the US suggests that Washington is not only fully aware that food depots, water facilities, refugee camps and critical civilian infrastructure are being deliberately targeted and destroyed, but that the White House has given the green light to actions that will inevitably lead to widespread famine and social collapse. Here’s a little background from an article in The National:
“Yemen Economic Corporation, one of Yemen’s largest food storage centres, was destroyed by three coalition missile strikes in Hodeidah last Tuesday, according to the Houthi-controlled defence ministry. The corporation had enough food for the entire country. The government’s military food storage centre in Hodeidah was also targeted and destroyed on Tuesday, according to the defence ministry.
Also in Hodeidah, country’s second largest dairy plant was hit by five Saudi missiles on Wednesday, killing at least 29 people, mostly employees, and injuring dozens of others.” (Yemeni civilians struggle to get by amid conflict, The National)
This is from Channel News Asia:
DUBAI: Warships from the Saudi-led coalition have blocked a vessel carrying more than 47,000 tonnes of wheat from entering a Yemeni port, demanding United Nations guarantees that the cargo would not go to military personnel, shipping sources said on Thursday.” (Saudi-led coalition bars wheat ship from entering Yemen port – sources, Channel News Asia)
This is from WSWS:
“Airstrikes as well as fighting on the ground has knocked out electrical infrastructure, cutting off power in many urban areas and stopping the operation of crucial pumps that supply Yemen’s cities with drinking water. “We’re worried that this system will break down shortly; Aden is a dry, hot place, and without water people will really suffer,” UNICEF representative Harneis told reporters…
The no-fly zone and blockade enforced by Saudi Arabia and its coalition partners has effectively blocked the delivery of medical aid and supplies for the last two weeks, exacerbating the developing crisis.” World Socialist Web Site
Live reports on the ground confirm that food depots have been bombed across the country; ” in Asr (west) hit as well as Urdhi complex (center) & Noqum (east).

This is how America fights its wars, by precipitating massive humanitarian crises that help it to achieve its political objectives. If that isn’t terrorism, then what is?

Here’s more from the Washington Post:
“As tons of desperately needed medical supplies await clearance to be flown into Yemen, aid workers warned Tuesday of an unfolding humanitarian crisis, saying at least 560 people, including dozens of children, have been killed, mostly in a Saudi-led air campaign and battles between Shiite rebels and forces loyal to the embattled president. More than 1,700 people have been wounded and another 100,000 have fled their homes as fighting intensified over the past three weeks, the World Health Organization said.” (560 dead amid fears of humanitarian collapse in Yemen, Washington Post)
The Saudis launched this latest aggression invoking the thinnest of pretexts, that it wanted to “restore the legitimate government” and protect the “Yemeni constitution and elections.” As CNN’s Ali Alahmed sardonically quipped:
“The need to protect constitutions and elections is a rather strange message from the representative of an absolute monarchy … The kingdom’s real motives seem clear if one looks at Saudi monarchy’s history of not allowing regional competition of any kind, while consistently combating efforts to build democratic governments that empower the people…
The Saudi goal is simple: Prevent the rise of any popularly supported government in the region that seeks self-determination. And the excuse of “resisting Iran’s influence,” meanwhile, appears to be nothing but sectarian bluster.” (What Saudi Arabia wants in Yemen, CNN)
While we agree with Alahmed’s basic thesis, we think the rule applies more to the United States than Saudi Arabia. After all, it’s the US that has gone from one country to the next, toppling governments, installing puppets, and spreading anarchy wherever it goes. Whatever role the Saudis might have played in Washington’s grand plan to redraw the map of the Middle East and project US tentacles into Eurasia, it is quite small by comparison. It’s the US that refuses to allow an independent government to emerge in a region that it’s committed to control. And it’s the US that is facilitating the attacks on innocent Yemenis by providing the bombs, weaponry and logistical support to the reactionary Saudi leadership. Check this out from Gregory Johnson at Buzzfeed:
“A consensus appears to be building in Riyadh, Cairo, and Islamabad toward inserting ground troops into the conflict in Yemen. One Egyptian military official told BuzzFeed News the decision had already been made. “Ground forces will enter the war,” the official said on condition of anonymity in order to discuss classified military operations.
The timing of such a move, which would be a significant escalation in the Saudi-led air campaign in Yemen, is still being discussed. But the Egyptian military source said it could happen as soon as “two or three days.” (Ground Forces Seen Joining Bloody War In Yemen, Buzzfeed)
So after two weeks of nonstop bombing, the coalition is now planning to intensify the conflict by putting boots on the ground. But that will only prolong the hostilities and plunge the country deeper into crisis. It will also increase the risk of Houthi retaliation, which appears to already be taking place. According to Al Arabiya English, fighting broke out in the Southern Saudi city of Narjan on April 11. (#BREAKING Asiri: Houthi militias are amassing close to the Saudi-Yemeni border… #BREAKING: Asiri: clashes reported near the Saudi city of Najran)

While no one expects the Houthis to invade their northern neighbor, there are some analysts who think the monarchy has taken on more than it can chew and will eventually suffer blowback from its incursion. One such critic is Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of the Lebanese paramilitary organization Hezbollah. In a recent interview, Nasrallah suggested that the Houthis have the means to curtail vital energy supplies, strike a blow against Saudi Arabia, and send financial markets tumbling at the same time. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:
“There is now a demand on the Yemeni leaders… who have not taken the decision to close (the strategic Strait) of Bab al-Mandeb, which they could do at any time. (It is only 20 kilometres-large, they are quite capable of it.) And they could also hit targets inside Saudi Arabia with missiles, or even enter the interior of Saudi Arabia, although they have not yet made this decision, so far … There is currently a Yemeni popular demand: “Let us go to Saudi Arabia.” Leadership thus far has not taken such a decision. I wanted to indicate this.”…
Nasrallah again: “I am absolutely certain that Saudi Arabia will undergo a major defeat. And its defeat will impact its internal situation, the royal family … and the entire region.” (“Hassan Nasrallah: The war in Yemen announces the end of the House of Saud”, The Vineyard of the Saker)
So the Houthis could close the Bab Al Mandeb straits and prevent millions of barrels of oil from getting to market? That changes the calculus entirely. How would that effect Washington’s plan to crash Russia’s economy with plunging oil prices? How would it impact global stock markets which are already jittery over the Fed’s projected rate hikes? What effect would it have on al Nusra, ISIS and other Al Qaeda-linked groups that would then seek to launch similar attacks against critical energy infrastructure as the best way to achieve their aims?
There are things the Houthis can do to discourage Saudi aggression. They can take matters into their own hands and strike where it hurts most. Washington is so convinced of its own invincibility, that no one has even thought of this. Without the slightest hesitation, the Obama troupe has embroiled a key ally in bloody conflagration that could backfire and seriously undermine US interests in the region. Saudi Arabia is the cornerstone of US power in the Middle East, but it is also its Achilles heel. By supporting the attack on the Houthis instead of seeking a political solution, Washington has strengthened Al Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) which poses the greatest single threat to the monarchy. As Nasrallah notes: “they (the US and SA) protect Al Qaeda and Daesh in Yemen, and more, they drop them weapons by air. This is an achievement? This goes against the interests of Saudi Arabia.”
Indeed, it does. Al Qaeda has much greater ability to infiltrate Saudi Arabia and either launch terrorist attacks or foment popular revolution. The Houthis present no such security threat, they’re only interest is to maintain their own sovereignty, borders, and independent foreign policy. A 2003 article in the Atlantic by CIA Bureau Chief Robert Baer titled “The Fall of the House of Saud” provides a window into Riyadh’s vulnerabilities and draws the ominous conclusion that the kingdom’s days are numbered. Here’s a clip from the article:
“Saudi oil is controlled by an increasingly bankrupt, criminal, dysfunctional, and out-of-touch royal family that is hated by the people it rules and by the nations that surround its kingdom…
Signs of impending disaster are everywhere, but the House of Saud has chosen to pray that the moment of reckoning will not come soon—and the United States has chosen to look away. So nothing changes: the royal family continues to exhaust the Saudi treasury, buying more and more arms and funneling more and more “charity” money to the jihadists, all in a desperate and self-destructive effort to protect itself.
The most vulnerable point and the most spectacular target in the Saudi oil system is the Abqaiq complex—the world’s largest oil-processing facility, which sits about twenty-four miles inland from the northern end of the Gulf of Bahrain. All petroleum originating in the south is pumped to Abqaiq for processing. For the first two months after a moderate to severe attack on Abqaiq, production there would slow from an average of 6.8 million barrels a day to one million barrels, a loss equivalent to one third of America’s daily consumption of crude oil. For seven months following the attack, daily production would remain as much as four million barrels below normal—a reduction roughly equal to what all of the opec partners were able to effect during their 1973 embargo…
I served for twenty-one years with the CIA’s Directorate of Operations in the Middle East, and during all my years there I accepted on faith my government’s easy assumption that the money the House of Saud was dumping into weaponry and national security meant that the family’s armed forces and bodyguards could keep its members—and their oil—safe … I no longer believe this …  sometime soon, one way or another, the House of Saud is coming down.” (The Fall of the House of Saud, Robert Baer, The Atlantic)
Neither the United States nor Saudi Arabia have any right to interfere in Yemen’s internal affairs or to install their own political puppets to head the government. That is the right of the Yemeni people. And while the current process of regime change might be messy and violent, the Houthi rebels better represent the interests of the indigenous population than anyone in Riyadh or Washington. The Saudi-US war is merely aimed at controlling the outcome so Yemen remains within the imperial grip. As Nasrallah says, “The real goal of the war is to retain control and domination of Yemen (but) the Yemeni people will not put up with this aggression and humiliation. They will fight to defend their dignity, their existence, their families, and their territory. And they will be victorious.”

MIKE WHITNEY lives in Washington state. He is a contributor to Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion (AK Press). Hopeless is also available in a Kindle edition. He can be reached at

NTS Notes:  Yes, there are many things right about the findings in this article, and yet many things so wrong....

One thing that is missing in all this is the fact that the United States itself is fully responsible for the situation in Yemen, especially with the evidence that they themselves have supplied BOTH sides in this conflict with weapons... Many forget about the reports that so much US military hardware went "missing" in Yemen and I can guarantee that hardware is definitely in the hands of the Houthi fighters as well as the fighters supporting the dictator, Hadi!   We have seen this many times in so many wars where both sides have been supplied by the United States, Israel, and their allies....

The second thing missing in this puzzle is the fact that "Al Qaeda", "ISIS", and every other phoney baloney terrorist group that is right now in Yemen are ALL run by the United States and Israel....Many so quickly forget the fact that Al Qaeda itself is a US creation as their "boogeyman" for the fraud "war on terror" and their off-shoot named "ISIS" is also run by both the American CIA and Israeli Mossad.... The fact that "ISIS" and "Al Qaeda" are now "operating" in Yemen will give the US and other nations their "excuses" to launch a ground invasion of Yemen itself.....

This article does mention the geographical importance of Yemen which I have mentioned in many previous articles...The "Ace in the hole" that the Houthis could play when all else fails is of course to close the vital Bab-el-Mandeb straits between the Arabian peninsula and the horn of Africa to shut off that vital Petroleum shipping route to the Red Sea and the Suez Canal and thus force world Petroleum prices to skyrocket... When all else fails, I can guarantee the US and Saudis will indeed force the Houthis to take that step.....

I have seen other reports about the Saudi attacks against Yemen and many are indeed calling it a debacle... The question becomes at what point there will be direct US intervention into Yemen to save their Saudi Jewish Wahabi "friends" regime?

Yes, there are still so many pieces of this Yemen puzzle that we still do not know about, and especially exactly what the US and the Saudis are up to..... The Jew spew media reports still claim that this war is to re-impose the dictatorship of Abu Hadi into that nation.  I suspect the answers lie elsewhere....

More to come


Monday, April 13, 2015

WHAT THE HELL? "Maple Resolve" - Huge Drill In Canada Starts April 20th, More Troops Involved Than Jade Helm In The United States!

Everyone in the alternative media has been made aware of the upcoming operational "drills" happening in the United States under the name "Jade Helm".    There have been those that have proclaiming that these drills could be both a test and the prelude to when the US Government imposes their planned Martial Law across America.   It is also surprising that most of the American sheep are totally unaware of these drills taking place in what is supposed to be a "free" nation!

BUT I caught something important today at the Investment Watch Blog website, at that absolutely shocked me and caused me to say..'WHAT THE HELL ?!" ... For according to this article, and the important video that I have here for all to see for themselves, and especially my readers up here in Police State Canada, it appears that there is a drill to be conducted right here in Canada that will occur in Wainwright Alberta at exactly the same time as the Jade Helm "exercises" in America!    First, here is that article and video for all to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

MAPLE RESOLVE: Huge Drill In Canada Starts April 20th, More Troops Than Jade Helm

Maple Resolve will be conducted at the Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre in Wainwright, Alberta from April 20 to May 23. The exercise will involve nearly 4,500 military personnel from Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.………

Footage of Convoy:…

Blackwater In Canada:…



NTS Notes:  I am truly shocked... The Jew spew media up here in Canuckleheadistan has absolutely NOT reported one iota about this impending operation, or about the movement of these convoys across this formerly free nation to gather in central Alberta for this "drill".......

This should be an outrage to every peace loving Canadian... Yes, again we had all heard about the impending Jade Helm operations in America, but have been oblivious to the possibility that these criminals would be conducting parallel "training" operations right here in Canada at the same time....

What we have here is proof that the Harper regime is definitely planning for something huge to happen and his regime is trying its best to keep Canadians in the dark.....

I hope that this article goes viral and that everyone living here in Canada goes after these criminals.....

Yes these criminals are indeed doing these "drills" in preparation for something big to happen very soon... I will NOT speculate on what that will be, but I can guarantee it will not be pretty....

More to come


*One update:  Has anyone noticed that they are timing these "drills" to occur on April 20th, which just so happens to be... Adolf Hitler's birthday!   I do believe that the time of these events is not by coincidence but is carefully timed and conceived... Something major may yet happen.....

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Yes, Whitewraithe and myself are having our usual Turbulent Times show tonight at 730PM CDT.....

I want to present Whitewraithe's article from her website at here that explains in fine detail what tonight's show is all about:

Turbulent Times 4/13/15 episode 13 Part 2 – The Greatest Story Never Told


North and I’s discussion of Adolf Hitler in the documentary The Greatest Story Never Told from episode 12 was a bit more involved than we’d originally thought.  Therefore, we’ll discuss only the most important high points of the documentary, Hitler’s life, and World War II. 

And of course, we will briefly touch on Current Events happening in America and around the world in the first 15 minutes.

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For our Canadian listeners and others whose country’s have blocked the content of the documentary below is additional information for your consideration and a link to (1of27) videos.

‘Adolf Hitler – The Greatest Story NEVER Told’ Parts 1-27 @TGSNTtv has been blocked from view on the following YouTube country site(s):

France, Germany, Canada, Czech Republic, Poland, Israel, Italy, French Guiana, French Polynesia, French Southern Territories, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte, New Caledonia, Reunion, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Wallis and Futuna, Austria, Switzerland.

Link to live feed:

NTS Notes: The call in number for tonight's show is....  347-857-2203.....

 I for one am very upset that the fabulous video "The Greatest Story Never Told" has been banned in Canada on most feeds due to the FRAUD of "copyright infringement".... WE all know by now that the Jews want desperately to have the truth about Adolf Hitler never to be seen by the general masses so as to continue with the false brainwashing that he was the "most evil man" that ever lived... Proper research by everyone shows in fact that Hitler was absolutely NOT evil, but did what he could to save Germany from the evil machinations of Jewish criminal control....

We  left off on the last broadcast at the point just after Hitler conquered France in June 1940, and the United Kingdom was left all alone to continue the fraud fight.... Wraithe and I will definitely talk about real history from that point, and about the real truths, rather that the lies we have been taught in our fraud "history books".....

We are also open to questions and any suggestions in the chat room... You can voice your opinion there, but again, trolls will be banished!!!

Hope to see you there...

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, April 12th, 2015


Yes, it is Sunday again, and as usual, it is time for my weekly rant...

I personally am most disgusted by what I am watching happening in our sick world today... Everywhere I turn I see so much despair with people everywhere walking around in a daze while the world goes to heck... It does appear that the lunatics that run our nations are now rushing headlong into what looks like World War III and most do not give a damn about the consequences, especially the thought that such a war could indeed mean the end of civilization as we know it...

Just the other day, I was at my office, when a friend and longtime coworker came in and we started to talk about a multitude of subjects.... We then decided to head out to the local coffee and doughnut shop and continue our conversation over a couple of coffees..... Just to let everyone know, I have known this person for years, and he has always appeared to be one of the brightest guys that I have ever know.....

Well, the conversation turned to the usual family, sporting events, what was happening in our province, and then to events affecting the country... I let him give me his own synopsis of what he interpreted as what was happening, and I was shocked to find out that he was as oblivious to the truth about how Canada has turned into a militaristic police state with dwindling freedoms, as I have seen with most every other Canadian that I have met... We started talking about politics and then what was happening around the world, and that was when the s*** hit the proverbial fan.... I could not believe it when he said that the Harper government was doing the "right thing" in going after the so called "terrorists", and then he began to say exactly what I have been hearing from those who absolutely do not know the truth but instead have fallen for the lies of our media's propaganda campaigns, in that we must "do something" about the "terrorists" that "threaten" our nation.....  I had to bite my tongue and wait for him to finish before I started to fill him in about the real truths about the criminals controlling Canada, the fraudulent war on terror, and then about the facts that "terrorism" in itself is a massive fraud... Honestly, I wish that others were there to see his reaction.....

Lets just say that his demeanour at that time appeared to turn very sour after I had just spent a few minutes in letting him know the real truth.... He could not believe anything that I was saying and I could tell by the look in his eyes that what I was saying was entirely foreign to his thinking... It showed the definite effect of the brainwashing by the lies of our media and our own government.... But believe it or not, rather than getting angry with me, he actually wanted to hear more and wanted some facts to back up my statements......

After we both returned to my office, I spent the better part of 20+ minutes going over some facts about so called "terrorism" and how it is indeed a facade being used as a weapon of fear on peoples' minds... I explained how the real criminal goal is to brainwash people with so much fear that people will seek solitude and help from our criminal governments, and gladly surrender their very freedoms for the illusion of "security" from these non-existent "terrorists".... I also grabbed a piece of paper and jotted down a long list of websites for him to take a look at and to do his own research... I closed by asking him to get back to me and to tell me what he thought at that point....  He has always known me to be an intelligent individual that would not spew lies and he agreed to do some much needed research...

Well, two days later, he was back in my office, and said to me that he looked over several of the websites that I told him about and he said that he was amazed and that surprisingly he was totally oblivious of the wealth of information presented at those sites...  He said to me that he had a lot of "catching up" to do and would  continue to keep me abreast as to his own research and findings..... I was deeply impressed and realized that I had again claimed a small victory in this war against the true evil out to enslave us all...

The bottom line here is that yes, this was indeed another small victory in a continuing string of small victories on my part in the fight against the criminal Jews and their lies and falsehoods that permeate everyones' minds these days... But again it was ONLY one small victory when anyone considers how intense the brainwashing continues in keeping most people oblivious and living in their illusionary world of lies and falsehoods....

OK, I have come under fire at times for my stand on trying to reach people with education and facts and not slamming them over the head with the "The Jews are the cause of all of our troubles" statement too quickly... In many conversations with Whitewraithe, we both have come to the understanding that education and getting people to open their minds with facts, and to doing their own research, is better than hitting them hard with the truth right off the bat... The fact is that the brainwashing is so intense by these Jewish criminals and their Jew spew media propaganda machine, that if anyone tries to break that brainwashing with the "It is the Jews" statement right away, most of the victims will simply turn away and accuse you of being a "racist" or a "hater"... At that point, they obviously will shut their minds off to reasoning and rationality, refuse to listen to any truthful information and facts, and will be nothing more than a lost cause.   Therefore the only chance we do have in reaching more people is to ease them into the truth and not try to hit them over their heads with a hammer.....Yes, it means a very slow process in most cases and in the meantime the criminals are continuing their dirty work in enslaving us all... But honestly, is there any other choice?   I personally would prefer some small victories rather than turn more people away in defeat..... The fact is that there are still some people out there with some margin of critical thinking and once they are given the information they will indeed to do their own research, many will be on the right path  to the truth.... Naysayers will again disagree, but I do believe that in spite of the obvious drawbacks, this is still the best way of reaching people....

OK, on to what has been happening in our sick world..... I am truly shocked by the ignorance of the American public and the lack of any outcry to the travesty of justice we have witnessed last week in how the truly criminal American so called "Justice System" railroaded a 100% innocent man, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, for the fraud known as the "Boston Bombing".... As I stated in a previous article, a travesty is an understatement... .The facts are all out there for everyone to see for themselves that the entire "Boston Bombing" was indeed a DHS drill and that absolutely NOBODY was killed....  How can it not be anything different?  The proof is there with the fact that right at the finish line for the Boston Marathon on that fateful day, loudspeakers were clearly screaming out "This is a drill... This is a drill..."  How any numbskull can believe it to be a real "bombing" after listening to the audio in the videos that many Youtube users have presented for that moment is simply ludicrous....  Then we take the so called "Bauman" character who was already a crisis actor that had previously lost his legs in Afghanistan, and was there to play the part of a "victim" of the bombing that supposedly had his legs blown off by the "bomb", and rather than bleed to death, was miraculously placed into a wheelchair and then whisked away down the road for the world to see.... I could not help but laugh at the ridiculousness of the entire charade, but I too have been amazed at how easily the gullible American people swallowed this horse crap without any thought!  Honestly, are Americans really that stupid?

Lets face the facts here... We have had the phoney Aurora shooting, then the fraudulent Sandy Hook school massacre, then this fraud Boston Bombing... And since that time we have had another ridiculous false shooting in Seattle Washington as well as that equally ridiculous Los Angeles shooting to boot.... It does appear that the criminals are seriously out there to push as much fear into the American public that they will indeed gladly give up their freedoms, and their guns, for the illusion of "security"... Yes, FEAR is very much an intensive psychological weapon and these criminals have become the masters in knowing how to use it against gullible people to get exactly what they want.....

So, again, we now have a once upon a time truly free United States of America that now can easily take any innocent individual and have them charged with crimes that they absolutely did not commit.... This Boston Bombing fraud verdict is only the beginning, because guaranteed there will be many victims in the near future of the so called American "justice" system that will make sure anyone that the government does not like be found "guilty" even though 100% innocent... And most Americans will be too stupid or simply too full of fear indoctrination to stop the ever increasing injustice....Yes, the United States has indeed turned into a police state and has fallen under tyranny..

Beyond the fraud Boston Bombing kangaroo court fiasco, there are so many things happening elsewhere on the planet.... I have been trying to put the pieces together to the Germanwing aircraft crashing at full speed into a mountain puzzle and I have been just as perplexed as everyone else as to exactly WHY it occurred....Yes, I have indeed read all the reports where it has been claimed that the copilot of that ill-fated flight seized control of the aircraft and purposely flew the plane into the mountain in an act of suicide due to his usage of "antidepressants".... BUT of course these people continue to miss the fact that (a) the plane was being shadowed by military aircraft before its crash, and (b) access to the cockpit was easily obtained from entering a punch code on a security lock...... John Kaminski in his most recent article has come forward with the very interesting speculation that criminals had indeed taken control of the aircraft, most probably through remote control and then had both the pilot and copilot incapacitated...Then these criminals purposely attempted to fly the aircraft into the largest water dam in the entire region, the Barrage de Serre-Poncon dam.  Luckily, though sadly for the passengers on board, the French military were alerted and actually blew the plane out of the sky over the said mountain that the Jew spew media promotes as being "crashed" into.... Yes, this scenario still has some holes to fill in, but it is far better than those saying that the "homosexual" pilot was on "antidepressants" and flew the plane "into" the mountain in an act of suicide.....

The situation in the Ukraine has now taken a turn for the worse, and I said in a previous article that the entire Minsk "Ceasefire" agreement reached over a month ago was a fiasco from the start... The so called Minsk ceasefire had indeed been used as a pause in the Ukrainian army's aggressive assault against the innocent eastern provinces, during which time the US led Kiev regime rearmed their army with  American military hardware supplied at US taxpayer expense, and moved heavy military armaments to the ceasefire line in the eastern provinces to prepare for an all out offensive against the so called "rebels"...  Yes, the eastern Ukrainian provincial leadership did try to warn the world that the criminal Ukrainian regime was indeed moving in their new heavy weaponry and preparing for an all out offensive, but thanks to the Jewish control over the world's media, few people have listened... Now we are witnessing the newest bloody onslaught with Ukraine now launching their new offensive in an attempt to achieve all out victory... They care not that they will be slaughtering thousands of innocent civilians in the process.....It also does seem that when it comes to the Ukrainian fiasco, the criminal US is indeed wanting to escalate the situation, and see more Russian speaking civilians in the eastern provinces murdered to provoke Russia into coming into the fray to stop the slaughter.   If Russia rightfully intervenes to stop the senseless slaughter of civilians, then the criminal US government will have their excuse to starting World War III with Russia itself.... Yes, readers, the American government is that psychotic!

One thing that I did not report on for the last week was the new twist in the Global Warming fiasco, where the criminal President of the United States came out and stated that his own daughter's health problems due to asthma are caused by "climate change"... He then stated that he would do anything to put a stop to "climate change" to save his own daughter.....This should be a warning to the American public that with his failure at the fiasco known as "Obamacare" he is now attempting to fleece the American people out of their hard earned savings by imposing the fraud known as Carbon Taxation legislation.... Yes, I have been trying to warn my American readers that these criminals would stop at nothing to use the fraud of "Global Warming" or what they now call "Climate Change" to get more taxes imposed on the American public, and now we are seeing the US President himself trying to use a flimsy excuse of "saving his daughter's health" to force that legislation into being.. Pathetic is an understatement....

So let me get this finally straight....Here we have just finished having one of the coldest winters on record here in North America to say the least...And we have provable evidence that more cold temperatures are yet to come in the next decade due to diminished solar output from Sol... And somehow the clowns behind the Global Warming scam are still preaching their nonsense that the planet is somehow getting warmer, and that their "solution" is to "carbon tax" the public.... Am I missing something here?.... Sadly, there are indeed suckers out there that will indeed continue to swallow the Global Warming bullshit....Yes, as PT Barnum once said, and when it comes to the fraud of "climate change", there indeed is a sucker born every minute!

One more thing before I get onto my last minute tidbits... I am sickened by what I see happening in Syria right now, and especially the actions taking place against that innocent nation by the criminals running this once free country known as Canada... As I and others stated midweek, the Harper regime has "extended" Canada's actions against the CIA/Mossad run fraud known as "ISIS" by launching air strikes against targets inside Syria itself.   These targets are absolutely NOT "ISIS" bases as the Jew spew media claims, but are indeed Syrian infrastructure and population centres.... Yes, Canada is now willingly participating in the outright murder of Syrian civilians as the Jews in control of this nation command!   That, and the reports about "ISIS" forces now in the outskirts of Damascus itself taking part in the murder of civilians in a refugee camp means clearly that the US and Israel have indeed upped the stakes in their attempts to have Syria destroyed and Bashar al-Assad driven from power... Lets face reality here, everyone; The US and Israel created the fraud of "ISIS" for the sole purpose of seeing Syria destroyed.  These monsters will continue pushing this fraud "terrorist" group in our faces until either that sick goal is achieved, or hopefully enough people finally wake the hell up, see that they have been played as suckers, and stop this madness created by own governments....

Well, I guess that is enough of what I see as the major issues of the last week.. Of course there are other important topics that I have missed, and will again try to cover some of them here in my usual "last minute tidbits".......OK, will someone please explain to me why the hell the Greek government handed over some 400+ million Euros in "interest payment" to the criminal IMF and thus "delaying" their "default" for a few months?  The answer is obvious to the Syriza government in absolutely not giving in to these crooks and telling them to take their debt and shove it where the Sun does not shine.  I hope the Greek people are listening and go after their government for not respecting their own wishes to end their enslavement to these thieves.......Rand Paul running for President of the United States?  I sure hope the American people are not that stupid to actually vote for this Israel butt kisser... Is this a joke?  Jewess Hillary Rodham Clinton is preparing to also run for the US Presidency?  Honestly, is there ANYONE out there that can be US President that is NOT a Jew, a lunatic, or a Jew butt kisser?.......Criminal governments wanting to pass laws to have vaccinations become mandatory?  Great, roll up your arms and allow criminals to pump Mercury laden, cancer causing, aborted fetus laden, chemicals into your body that do far more harm than the diseases they are supposed to fight.  Honestly, I have given up trying to figure out the mentality of people due to what has happened to me personally when I have tried to warn people not to get vaccinated!  Yes, the propaganda has indeed been that intense and people are just too stupid to listen.... Interesting on what has just happened at Fukushima Japan.  It appears that TEPCO has now tried to use robots for the dangerous business of removing the damaged fuel rods from the failed reactors.  However, the robots themselves have failed due to the intense radiation that has overwhelmed their circuits.  Yes, It appears that even robots cannot handle the radiation.....Sadly, this nuclear disaster is still going strong, and it could be decades before it can be stopped.  Again, it is amazing that this life threatening disaster is still going strong and the Jew spew media ignores it.  But again, wars for Israel come first and foremost.......Interesting report came out that shows that the spy program known as "Facebook" has not only been spying on its own users, but even those who do NOT have "Facebook" accounts!  I continue to shake my head in disbelief that anyone in their right minds would have an account with this Israeli built and developed spy program.  Again, if you want your privacy respected, close and end your "Facebook" account immediately..... Yes, Whitewraithe and I are finally getting more of a hang at doing online radio shows and we hope to get onto part II of our expose on the truth about Adolf Hitler and the second World War shortly.  There are so many important topics to cover in our Turbulent Times broadcasts, and I hope that everyone takes the time to listen in live, or go to Blogtalk radio and listen to the archives of previous shows.  It is worth your time..........Arsenal beat Burnley 1-0 yesterday and the Gunners have closed to within 4 points of table leading Chelsea.  The Gunners did have a bit of a difficult time against the Clarets which was surprising.  But anything can indeed happen from week to week in BPL action........I received an interesting email from a friend that said it would be perfect for the closing of this rant.  Yes, it appears that the major Jew spew networks across the Jew controlled United States "news" network, CBS, went gaga earlier this week with the "breaking" news that skank Kim Kardashian's baby loved to play with, of all things, shoes!   THIS made major US network news??  Am I missing something here?  And people wonder why I keep on saying that America is a basket case when "news" about this family of skanks and trollops ranks above much more important news events elsewhere.  But again, America sure loves their Kardashians!

More to come