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THIS Is Exactly The Reason Behind The Insane Push For War Against Russia: Putin Is About To Nationalize Rothschild Central Bank

I am astounded by all the liars in the Jew spew media and their absolutely insane vilification of the Russian Federation and their equally horrific push for war directly with that nuclear armed but very peaceful nation... It boggles the mind at times to realize that people are actually falling for these lies and are stupid enough to support such a war.  Many are absolutely oblivious to the fact that such a war could mean a nuclear holocaust that would obliterate much of the planet itself...

I have long been searching for the reasons for this insane rush to war with Russia, and have already posted many articles at this blog covering those reasons and the obvious lies promoted by the Jew spew media and our crooked and equally insane governments.... But now, I want to reveal the REAL reason for the push for war right here for everyone to read and understand for themselves... For according to the following report, that comes from the "Neon Nettle" website ( I do get a kick out of the blog name...) at www.neonnettle.com, it does appear that Vladimir Putin himself will push forward with his attempt to nationalize the criminal Rothschild central bank in Russia itself....The article is entitled: "Putin Is About To Nationalized Rothschild Central Bank" and I have it right here for everyone to view for themselves, with my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Putin Is About To Nationalise Rothschild 

Central Bank

His effort to stabilize the declining Ruble.

putin is to nationalise the rothschild controlled central bank of russia in an effort to stabilise the declining ruble  © press
Putin is to nationalise the Rothschild controlled Central Bank of Russia in an effort to stabilise the declining Ruble.

Putin is to nationalise the Rothschild controlled Central Bank of Russia in an effort to stabilise the declining Ruble. 

Euro-med.dk reports:
Under the Constitution, the CBR belongs to a foreign State – the City of London – and is taking orders from London and Washington. This bank can only print money corresponding to its cash in foreign currency, which is not sufficient for Putin´s purposes. The CBR even has to buy (worthless) US bonds for the dollars paid for Russian oil – whereby the dollars return to the FED!
Moreover, Putin is under pressure from the West, which wants to overthrow and replace him with Western-minded oligarchs. Thus, the US ambassador to Moscow, Tefft, is said to have made it very clear: “We will displace Putin from office and install our people as leader of the government (he even mentioned the person by name) and appoint ministers”. 
Therefore, Putin now needs a strong army to prevent Russia’s submission to the US.

Fyodorov said in an interview: A split in the Russian elite took place two months ago, as part of the elite decided to stay with Putin.

Putin then made his decision, which defines the events to follow. Furthermore, the logic of 1) a state of emergency or 2) geopolitical war entered into force, while we are under pressure.

What this means is, a. Americans now cannot diminish their pressure, while b. we just enjoy the pressure, because it forces us technologically into national liberation: For many years, we could not obtain de-offshoring, but American pressure has performed this in one day.

Putin must now mercilessly clean the 5th column – in “Our Central Bank, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economy.

But above all, Putin sees the West as the big speculator against the ruble.

To put the plan straightforward: 1. A split in the government, 2. Identification of the fifth column in government, in business, in the media, 3. purge 4. a parallel active position on the Ukraine, because Ukraine and Russia is the same – like Putin said. With these words he defined his position and strategy for Russia.

Nationalization of the Central Bank of Russia would be the first signal and mean the final breach with Rothschild´s City of London / the British Empire / the “British (banksters) Crown” and its tool, the United States. Their Relationship has been tense since Putin´s seizure of the Rothschild/Chodorkowsky’s Yukos shares. Therefore, Putin hesitates with the nationalization. He also still needs authorization to enforce his plan as a strong man. For this he needs a “great necessity” which is supposedly imminent because of US aggression.

NTS Notes:  It should now be obvious to everyone by now exactly who is behind this rush to war against nuclear armed Russia..

The fact is simple... The criminal and most evil Rothschilds control the entire planet's financial systems and have enslaved much of mankind in the process to criminal odious debt that can never ever be paid off.... For Russia to attempt to break free of that criminality could mean the end to the Rothschild control as other nations quickly follow suit like dominoes...  These Jewish banking criminals would do anything by all means necessary to stop this move by Russia, even if it means nuclear war and the devastation of this entire planet in the process!

I do hope that Vladimir Putin also has a very strong kevlar suit to wear because this move will mean Jewish agents being sent to Moscow to have him assassinated (They have failed, luckily, so far)... Again, these monsters do not want ANY of their slave nations to escape their grip, and this move by Putin is very reminiscent of when John Fitzgerald Kennedy passed Executive Order 11110 way back in 1963 in an attempt to free the United States from the grip of Rothschild control and restore the US money supply to the American people... We know what happened as a result on that fateful day in November 1963....

Yes, our criminal governments are also fully under control of their Jewish masters and are in lockstep in the vilification of Russia... They will lead us all into a war that will could mean the end of life itself on this planet all to support their Jewish masters and their insane lust for control of our money...

I am crossing my fingers that Putin succeeds in this effort.... It could be the start of  real freedom for our entire planet, or it could signal the end of our world.... Hopefully people everywhere finally wake up and put their support behind the former...

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Monday, March 30, 2015

More REAL History Revealed: 14 Days That Saved The World - How Hitler's Barbarossa Invasion Of The Soviet Union Saved Europe From Communist Domination!

Being a true student of REAL history, I have become totally disgusted by the intense bullshit that our fraud "education" system has been shoving into the minds of our young people... The brainwashing is so intense and to me it has been done on purpose... The real criminals that are out for our enslavement do not want their slaves to be to understand their true history and what it means for their future....  I have therefore made it my purpose to present at this blog as much factual information about our true history if and when that information becomes available...

When I was a young lad, I was truly enthralled by the stories about the World Wars... I used to pour over information from what at the time were great reference books, including 'The Rising Sun' by Toland, and even that "great" work called "The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich" by Shirer... Only in the last 30 years have I concluded that the book "The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich" to be pure propaganda and bullshit... That work especially has been used to vilify Germany and especially the truths about Adolf Hitler... Since that time I have done my utmost to help set the record straight and to hopefully give people a better understanding of exactly what did happen during the Second World War....

A while back, I came across a most interesting article that I do want to share with my readers here... The article comes courtesy of the Heretical Press website, at www.heretical.com, and is entitled: "14 Days That Saved The World"... In this article, that I want to present right here in its entirety for all to read for themselves, you will find the evidence that Adolf Hitler's Barbarossa attack on Russia on June 22nd, 1941 was indeed a pre-emptive strike against the Jewish run Soviet Union to prevent them from launching their own attack some 14 days later under the code name "Thunderstorm".... It in fact saved all of Europe from a massive Soviet invasion, and prevented Jewish Communist domination of Europe for the 73+ years since... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Fourteen Days that Saved the World

Paul Ballard

‘The Nazi command succeeded in forestalling our troops literally two weeks before the war began.’ General S. P. Ivanov, Chief of the General Staff Academy of the Armed Forces of the USSR, 1974.

The critical moment of World War Two – if not of the twentieth century – is generally regarded as Adolf Hitler’s decision in 1941 to launch an unprovoked assault upon a hitherto neutral and peaceful Soviet Union. Operation Barbarossa, as it was called, is perceived as the great tactical mistake which doomed Nazi Germany to defeat. Icebreaker, by Russian historian Victor Suvorov, exposes this scenario as nonsense. This extensively researched piece of historical revisionism provides compelling evidence that Operation Barbarossa was a reluctant pre-emptive strike against a massive Soviet military machine which was at that time poised to invade not just Germany, but the whole of Western Europe.

Suvorov quotes top secret Soviet documents which make it crystal clear that Soviet military theory was based on offence and the conquest of territory “for the World revolution.” And this theoretical plan for offensive war was matched by practical preparations in every branch of the armed forces.

In 1939, when Britain declared war on Germany, Hitler came into the war with a total of 3,195 tanks, fewer than the Kharkov works in the Soviet Union was producing every six months on a “peace-time” footing. The Kharkov works produced the BT high speed tank which was capable of 100km/h and had a range of 700km. Based on a design by the American tank genius J. W. Christie, these tanks had their engine and transmission systems at the rear and were twenty-five years ahead of their time. By 1936, BT tanks were fording deep rivers underwater and driving along river beds.

On unmade roads the BT operated (although not very effectively) on heavy tracks, but once on good roads, the tracks were discarded and the tank raced ahead on wheels. The only real roads were to be found in western Europe, in particular the German autobahn network, for which the tanks were intended. The claim that Stalin’s tanks were not ready for war is not true; they were not ready for a defensive war.

The same applied to Soviet aircraft in both numbers and quality. Communist falsifiers in the post-war period claimed that although the Soviet Union had many aircraft, they were inferior. In fact, the most heavily armed fighter in the world in 1939 was the Russian Polikarov I-16; the type 17 had two synchronised 7.62mm machine-guns and two 20mm cannons mounted on the wings, conferring a weight of fire twice that of the Messerschmitt 109E-1, and nearly three times that of the Spitfire 1.

Rocket First

Soviet aircraft builders created a plane, unique in the world, which had an armoured fusilage. The IL-2 was virtually a flying tank with extremely high powered weaponry, including eight rocket launchers. Soviet planes were the first in the world to use rockets in combat.

The fatal weakness in this formidable airforce was that none of its pilots had been trained for dog-fights with enemy planes. The Soviet battle plan relied on a massive surprise attack to knock out the enemy airforce on the ground in the first few hours of the war. By mid-June 1941, in final preparation for such a blow, Stalin’s planes themselves presented an ideal target, packed wingtip to wingtip on temporary airstrips immediately behind the front line, rather than being dispersed several hundred miles to the rear as they would have been in preparation for a defensive war.

Likewise, airborne assault troops are only useful to an aggressor. Countries concerned with defence need very few. Hitler had created only 4,000 paratroopers by 1939, but Stalin already had more than a million – 200 times more than the rest of the world, including Germany, put together. There were 10 Corps, each supported by airborne artillery and even battalions of light amphibious tanks.

Soviet engineers were also hoping to land hundreds, or even thousands, of tanks in the West. Antonov, the aircraft designer, suggested that the ordinary tank be fitted with wings and a tail with its hull used as the framework. The tank crew controlled the flight by turning the turret and raising the barrel of the cannon! The entire construction of the KT was astonishingly simple. The risks of flying it even the short path between being dropped from a plane and landing on the ground were unusually great, but human life was cheap to Stalin. The idea was that just before landing the tank engine was started up and the tracks made to revolve at maximum speed. The KT then landed on its tracks and gradually braked. It is claimed that prototypes were actually flown but, like the million paratroopers, they were no use in the unexpected defensive war started by the German invasion.

Once the paratroopers had seized key points and airfields, the Soviet plan then called for huge numbers of reinforcements to be flown in. As well as building massive numbers of C-47 (Dakota) heavy transport planes under licence from the U. S. government, Stalin ordered a huge glider building programme. The ten different designs included Antonov’s multi-seater assault glider the A-7 and the KZ-20, which could carry twenty soldiers.

The human cost of this extravagant military expansion was horrific. Having sold Russia’s artistic treasures and vast reserves of gold, platinum and diamonds, the Bolsheviks began their notorious collectivisation programme. The peasants were driven into collective farms so that crops could be taken from them without payment. Ten to sixteen million died from the collectivisation and the resulting famine, compared with 2.5 million Russians in World War One. Yet Stalin sold five million tons of grain abroad every year.

Stalin Line

Some of the money was spent on the thirteen fortified regions which were built along the Soviet Union’s western frontier, in a strip of territory unofficially called the Stalin Line. A complex system of combat and supply installations, armoured and built of concrete, was constructed along the 30-50km deep zone; there were also reinforced concrete underground premises to serve as storage depots and command posts.

The fortified regions were built with enormous effort and vast expense during the first two Five Year Plans. In 1938 it was decided to reinforce each region by building heavy artillery carponiers. More than a thousand combat installations a year were concreted into the region.

In 1939 the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact was signed. Once Poland had been partitioned there was no longer a neutral buffer zone. Stalin could have ordered the garrisons on the line to be strengthened and additional belts of fortified zones could have been constructed behind and in front of the existing line. But in fact the existing fortified regions were dismantled. Some military buildings were handed over to collective farms for vegetable storage, but most were buried or dismantled. In the spring of 1941 powerful explosions thundered across the 1,200km line as armoured firing positions were blown up.

The reason was simple: Stalin had decided to spread Bolshevism westwards, and the belt of fortifications would have blocked supply routes, creating dangerous bottlenecks for the millions of tons of ammunition, food supplies and fuel needed for the offensive.

Only a week after the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was signed, Stalin played his first dirty trick. Hitler began the war with Poland as they had agreed, but Stalin claimed that he was not yet ready. Hitler found himself on his own, and immediately at war with France and Britain as well. Meanwhile, Stalin marked the conclusion of this “non-aggression” treaty by introducing general military service.

A new “defensive” line was started in partitioned Poland, but although constructed very slowly and visibly, it remained a comparatively light and uncomplicated series of fortifications. Mines were removed from the vicinity of bridges and mile after mile of barbed wire was cut. Unnecessary bridges across rivers on the new frontier remained intact, and later greatly aided the German advance.

In the spring of 1941, the Germans began similar preparations. Both sides erected offensive fortifications. Before launching an attack great masses of troops would have to be concentrated in very narrow sectors: German troops in the Suwalki and Lublin salients and Soviet troops in the areas of Lvov and Bialystok. In order to assemble these shock groupings the secondary sectors were denuded of troops – the lightweight fortifications prevented them from being completely exposed.

With, by 1941, the last obstacles to the Red advance removed, the Soviet Union possessed thirty separate armies. This was the largest military force the world had ever seen and it could not be maintained for long without mass starvation. The plundering of neighbouring countries would have been the only means of paying for and justifying such a force.

Many of the best armies were not deployed to fight Germany but to invade virtually defenceless neutral states, as Stalin had already done throughout Eastern Europe. The 9th army was concentrated on the frontier with Rumania and an assault crossing of the Danube was planned by its 14th Rifle Corps. The 12th and 18th “mountain armies” were positioned to move south-west along the Carpathian mountains to cut Germany off from the Ploesti oilfield in Rumania and west into Czechoslovakia, which would enable Stalin to cut the Rumania-Germany oil pipeline. Without this irreplaceable Rumanian oil, the tanks, lorries, submarines, battleships and planes which were massed far away to the west would simply grind to a halt.

The seven armies in the Second Strategic Echelon included many thousands of men who had been released from concentration camps that spring to expiate their “guilt” by fighting for the Soviets. The generals and officers were also usually former political prisoners and were desperate to prove their worth. Their lives and those of their families were at stake. They were known as the “Black Divisions” because many still wore their black Gulag uniforms. The most powerful of the Second Echelon armies was the 19th, which was transferred from the North Caucasus to approximately 150km north of the Black Sea. It contained mountain rifle divisions which could also be used in Rumania. They were making their way to the frontier when Germany invaded.

They were not alone. In the final preparations for the attack on the West, millions of soldiers were still heading for the front in trains. Very often their ammunition and heavy weapons were being transported separately. Huge supply dumps were stockpiled just a few miles from the German lines. Most of the airforce were similarly exposed. For a few critical days, Stalin’s mighty invasion force was incapable of defending itself.

Stalin believed that he had convinced Hitler that the Soviet Union was truly neutral and assumed that the Germans were busy finalising an invasion of Britain. Hitler’s conquests had created an unprecedented situation in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Yugoslavia, France, Greece and Albania. Their armies, governments, parliaments and political parties had been destroyed. Stalin’s huge armies were in an ideal position to take over Europe, but Hitler guessed Stalin’s design so that even in 1945 the Soviets only got half of Europe, and some territory in Asia.

At a Politburo meeting on 21st June 1941 G. R. U. (Military Intelligence) chief General Golikov reported that there was a massive concentration of the German airforce on the Soviet border, enormous reserves of ammunition and a regrouping of German forces. He even knew the name of the operation – Barbarossa.

Frozen Wastes

Yet Stalin at first refused to believe what was happening. He had established a sophisticated intelligence network to give him long advance warning of a decision by Hitler to wage war in the frozen wastes of Russia. His key indicators were breathtakingly simple. For an army to survive the winter, every man would need to possess a thick sheepskin greatcoat. Soviet agents therefore kept a close watch for a sudden rise in the demand for sheepskins and a fall in the price of mutton as slaughter was stepped up. Meanwhile, other agents scoured rifle ranges for scraps of cloth used by German soldiers to clean their weapons. Soviet chemists then analysed them in order to find out whether the Germans had developed a gun oil which would not freeze in harsh weather. There was still no sign of such an oil – or of a non-freezing engine oil – in June 1941, so Stalin was convinced that Hitler had no intention of attacking him. Hitler would have his forces concentrated in France, or even fighting in England, as the Red Army cut off their only source of fuel oil, crashed into a virtually undefended Reich and then “liberated” the whole of Western Europe.

Hitler, of course, had not ordered such preparations because he had not planned on a war against Russia. Only in the spring of 1941 did intelligence reports of troop concentrations and Soviet moves to cut Germany’s oil lifeline with Rumania force Hitler to take the desperate chance of opening a second front with a hasty pre-emptive strike.

Initially at least, the gamble paid off. Caught in transit or crammed together in their own start-off positions, whole Soviet armies were annihilated. Most of the airforce was destroyed on the ground. The thousands of lightly armoured assault tanks were virtually helpless, and forced to operate in the roadless wastes of Russia they were easily out-manoeuvred by the Germans’ conventional cross-country tanks.

All this makes Icebreaker the definitive account of the build up to Operation Groza (“Thunderstorm”) – the Soviet conquest of Europe scheduled to begin early in the morning of Sunday 6 July 1941. Suvorov’s revelations about the massive expansion of the NKVD (the blood-soaked forerunner of the KGB) are particularly chilling: these killers would have moved behind the assault troops to liquidate “class enemies.” The Bolshevik torture chambers and death pits which claimed millions of victims in the enslaved nations of the East would have spread throughout the West as well.

With Germany and France under the Soviet jackboot, Italy and Spain would quickly have fallen too. And Stalin’s one million paratroopers would have made short work of seizing the airfields of southern England to clear the way for a full-scale invasion.

Lenin and his pupil Stalin never made any secret of their desire for a Second World War to establish a Communist Europe. For the fact that this monstrous plan failed, the pseudo-democrats, simpering priests and court historians have no-one to thank but Adolf Hitler. If it had not been for the man they love to hate, they would have been the first against the wall.

First appeared in issue 11 of The Rune

The German Parliament in 1939
The Reichstag salutes after Hitler made a speech at the Berlin Kroll Opera House in 1939

NTS Notes:  Readers, what we have here is the factual evidence of the long planned Soviet invasion of Western Europe that was slated to begin on July 6th, 1941, under the code name "Thunderstorm".... The truth is now out that Operation Barbarossa which was launched 14 days earlier, smashed that planned invasion and saved Europe from Communist takeover...

Yes, Operation Barbarossa IS as a matter of fact the greatest military victory ever in the history of mankind... Hitler's pre-emptive strike against the evil Soviet Union caught thousands of aircraft like sitting ducks on forward offensive bases, smashed thousands of tanks and artillery pieces, and smashed 8 or 9 Soviet armies... The facts have never been told, but in the first few weeks of Barbarossa, Hitler's forces captured some 2-3 million OFFENSIVE Soviet forces... It took years for the Soviet Union to recover from that defeat mostly thanks to criminal Jewish bankers and support from the Jewish controlled United States.....

Operation Barbarossa was indeed the one great victory in the Second World War that actually saved Europe from Jewish Communist takeover, and Hitler himself should have been hailed as the man that saved Europe.... However, due to the complete domination of the media and the lies told in our so called "history" books, he has been purposely labeled as one of the "most evil" persons in all of human history.... But we know indeed by now that the victors write the history books, and thus the true history about Barbarossa is purposely left out and only now can be discovered through truthful alternative media reports such as this one...

As the saying goes: If we do not learn from history, then we are doomed to repeat it!

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Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, March 29th, 2015


Yes it is Sunday again.. The 29th of March, and here is my weekly rant...

As I said in a previous article, I maybe should have stayed away longer from writing at this blog... I just got back to surfing the Internet big time the other day and what I have been seeing and reading about exactly what has been happening in our already sick world is truly disgusting... It does appear that our criminal governments are wanting a war that could result in the destruction of our entire planet...And it seems that in spite of knowing such a war could mean the end of their own miserable lives and that of their own families, they seem to not give a damn....

Where to start?  I have been looking at all of the reports about that Germanwings Airbus320 flight 4U9525 that slammed into a mountain in the French Alps at some 500+ MPH, killing all 144 passengers and flight crew on board.... To me there are so many things that just do not make sense about this flight and how in the hell it would slam into a mountain at full speed.... There have been reports across both the Jew spew media and the alternative truthful press that give some evidence that one pilot on board was suffering from massive depression or even the side effects of prescription drugs... But there are some very puzzling details about this crash that have not been discussed, and I will touch on a few here...

First, I saw some interesting reports from both the Jew spew media and some other outlets about some military aircraft that were seen in the area of this plane's last flight and some puzzling reports that said that some witnesses saw these military jets "escorting" the aircraft just before it slammed into the mountain...It is also very interesting that these reports about other planes in the area just before this disaster have suddenly disappeared from the Jew spew media outlets.. To me, the mere presence of military aircraft around this ill fated flight means that there is more to this disaster than meets the eye, and a cover up is definitely in progress....

Second.. I have some serious questions about the supposed pilot locking himself in the cockpit and not allowing the other copilot to re-enter... Supposedly all cockpit doors do lock only from the inside to not allow "terrorists" to rush the cockpit and this has been in place since the Israeli Mossad attacks of 9-11.. However, the cockpit doors are usually equipped with a keypad to allow a keycode to be punched in to allow pilots and flight attendants access to the cockpit if the door is locked... Why the other pilot did not simply enter such a code to re-enter the cockpit is another puzzle piece to this disaster....

Third... ALL modern aircraft are readily equipped with remote control flying capabilities, and supposedly this Airbus 320 was indeed fully equipped....Therefore, if there was sufficient time before the plane slammed into the mountain, ground controllers could have simply taken control of the aircraft remotely and had it avoid the collision with the mountain... The question is of course if there was sufficient time for remote control to take over the aircraft... AND according to some reports that have come out after this disaster, there was supposedly plenty of time (supposedly a full 10 minutes) for remote take over of the aircraft to avoid this disaster.....So WHY remote control was not done is something that definitely will have to be answered...

I honestly have looked over many reports about this Germanwing 4U9525 disaster, including many sites that say the whole thing is a hoax, and I am not saying that this was not a legitimate crash... I do wonder if the plane was purposely crashed to eliminate someone who was on board that flight however... To murder 144 passengers to get to one or two people on board is not without precedence... Many people quickly forget about Swissair flight 111 with 229 passengers on board that was blown out of the sky near the coast of Nova Scotia, here in Canada back on September 2nd, 1998.  I put up a report some years back (see article here) that shows that Swissair flight was deliberately destroyed to get to one person..... And we cannot quickly forget how these criminal psychos used Malaysian flight MH370 as their false flag weapon for MH17 that was blown out of the sky over Ukraine... Therefore killing many to get to one is not out of the question...  Therefore the question does become.. WHO was on board this ill fated Germanwing flight last week???

Yes, we have a wonderful new war in the Middle East, this time in the southern Arabian peninsula nation of Yemen, and as I stated in the article previous to this rant, there is far more to this war for Yemen than meets the eye.   I have already shown in that article how important Yemen is considering its geographical location being right smack in the middle of Petroleum tanker shipping lane access to markets in both Europe and the United States... If the US, the Jewish run Saudis, and even the psychos in Israel, are able to use this Yemen war to shut down tanker access to the Red Sea through to the Suez Canal, we will indeed see world Petroleum prices skyrocket to almost the same disgusting levels they were just over a year ago.... I do wonder if that has been the plan all along, considering evidence that the US and Israel have indeed been fully funding and operating BOTH sides in that war in Yemen....

Yes, the "civil" war in Ukraine is back on again, and the lunatics in the insane asylum that is the US Government is now openly arming the criminal Ukraine army with heavy weapons.. Reports this last week show that the US has begun shipping both Abrams tanks and Bradley fighting machines to Ukraine much to the growing anger of the Russian Federation itself....There has also been massive NATO force buildup in the member nations that border Russia and it does seem that we are now a hair trigger away from a full fledged shooting war with Russia itself....It is bad enough that the forces in Ukraine will now be used to slaughter civilians in the eastern provinces there, but to provoke Russia into a shooting war is beyond lunacy... Do these idiots not realize that Russia is far better prepared for a conflict than they assume?  I have shown already in many articles at this blog about Russia's military and technological capabilities, and that their weapons are now a full match, if not better, than anything the US can throw at them.... The facts still stand in my opinion that if the US does go to war with Russia, they will lose that war... At some point when the US is facing defeat, their insane leadership may indeed consider the nuclear option... Billions of innocent people will die as a result of such a stupid folly....

Some great news that I caught from last week... Every major news outlet around the planet has finally had to admit that Israel is indeed a nuclear weapons state, and even the US government finally came clean about this being a reality.. Now comes the fun part to this... The US is still tied to the Symington and Glenn agreements that were signed off back in 1977 that clearly state that the US government must NOT provide any funding to ANY nation that has nuclear weapons and has not signed off on the Nuclear non-proliferation treaties... Israel has both nuclear weapons and of course is not a signor of the NNPT.... This clearly means that every single dollar given to that criminal psychotic state since 1977 is Illegal.... It also means that all funding to that horrific lunatic asylum must be halted immediately... However, the US government is banking on the total ignorance of the American public, and the Jewish dominance of the federal government, to not act on these legal binding agreements... It seems that these psychos with their 300+ nuclear weapons will continue to bleed US taxpayers for decades to come, until the American people finally demand the laws be abided with...

One piece of good news that I want to let everyone know while I was on my "mini" vacation.. I had several long conversations with a colleague of mine over coffee for several mornings last week, and I filled him in on some of the bitter truths about our sick planet.. Including the lies of the fraud known as "ISIS" and who the real criminals are that are out to destroy our planet and enslave us all... He could not believe what I was telling him initially.. But when he spent the time to go and research the different websites that I informed him about, his views changed dramatically.. By the fourth meeting of the week over coffee, he was asking some hard questions and finally turned to me and said "I did not even know how bad it really was... Thanks so much for the information"... I could tell by the look in his eyes how badly he had been deceived and how much he honestly wanted to learn the truth...It was heartwarming to see that I had achieved this small victory..... It does show that we can win this war for peoples' minds, but do we have enough time??

I see that things are continuing to slide into tyranny here in Canada... It is good to see the Canadian people finally awaken to the dangers from that horrific Bill C51 that would strip our freedoms and finally take to the streets in protest... But just last week students across the province of Quebec rose up against the provincial government in protest over horrific "austerity" measures that would have them absorb crushing tuition fees that many of them can not afford... However, we find reports of the police in both Quebec City and Montreal going way overboard in their handling of these peaceful protests, and many hurled tear gas grenades directly at the protestors....This was reminiscent of the protests last year in Toronto Ontario where peaceful protestors were brutalized by the city of Toronto police thugs.... Yes, Canada is definitely no longer the land of the free and to me it is so sad to see how far this once great nation has turned into a police state...

One last note before I get onto my usual closing "last minute tidbits"... I am a bit worried about my good friend, Whitewraithe... Believe it or not, I have not heard from this fine lady for several days and her silence has been a bit disturbing... She has had a real tough time with her recent job loss which again was not of her own doing.... I hope that everyone will again send her some good wishes over at her Pragmatic Witness site (www.whitewraithe.wordpress.com), and some help if you can..... I am of course waiting for her response so that we can plan for our next Turbulent Times show... Crossing my fingers that everything with her is ok...

OK, on to my last minute tidbits..... I am as puzzled as much as everyone else that the hucksters behind the Global Warming lie are still at it. What has been unusually disgusting is the calls from these fraud artists to have those who "deny" Global Warming to be arrested and charged with "heresy".  Lets hope that common sense does prevail and these scam artists are finally put into their rightful place.......The truth finally came out in several mainstream Jew spew media reports that Wall Street and the stock markets are all a scam.   Honestly, did anyone actually think that the DJIA being so high actually meant the economies were doing well?.......Interesting article I came across just the other day that shows that the F35 flying lemon, err Lightning II could not fly in thunderstorms because supposedly a lightning strike could cause the plane to blow up.  So again we have a flying POS that is NOT stealthy, flies slower than other fighters, carries a ridiculously small weapons load, cannot fly at night, cannot fly in the rain, burns fuel at an astronomical rate, etc, etc, and yet our governments are buying this thing for billions of taxpayer dollars?  Am I still missing something here?.......Even more evidence linking vaccines to serious illnesses including Autism came out last week, and yet our governments are still considering enforced mandatory vaccinations of everyone.  Honestly, they will have to arrest me before I ever allow them to inject their poisons into my body......The European Union released a report suggesting that people stop using Facebook due to it being a spying program.  This is exactly what I have been saying for years now.  Honestly, If anyone is stupid enough to continue to use Facebook then I and others cannot help them.....The Greeks may soon vote in a referendum to leave the European Union. My suggestion to the Greeks is to kiss the EU goodbye, tell them to take their debt and shove it up their asses, and look towards economic salvation with Russia and the BRICS nations........Some lunatic named Ted Cruz is wanting to be US President, and his credentials include permanent Israel butt kissing.  Can the people of the United States finally get someone into the oval office that does not kiss Jewish butt?........A bit of a break this week in Barkley's Premiere League action with the teams all on a hiatus.  Someone did comment to me that it may be too late for Arsenal to get top spot in the table, and with Chelsea winning again last week, I have to agree, sadly........Some good news again, as it appears that Jewess Hillary Rodham Clinton has run into more problems with her attempt to become US President. But again, can the American people find SOMEONE that is not a Jew butt kisser and actually stands for the American people?........Thank goodness I do not have much to say about the Kardashians and their sick escapades this week.  Actually it was indeed a bit of a quiet week for these useless skanks, and trollops.  But hopefully there will be something soon, because again.. In spite of America going to hell in a handbasket, they surely do love their Kardashians...

More to come


Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Battle For Yemen: My Take, And An Interesting Report From Dr. Ron Paul....

I have indeed been looking over what the hell has been going on in the southern Arabian nation of Yemen over the last week.... And I figured I would weigh in on what I do see happening there with my own take on the situation...

OK, lets cut through all the Jew spew media bullshit reports about Yemen for starters... The fact is that the Yemeni government under the now deposed dictator, Hadi, was indeed a US/Israeli/Saudi controlled puppet regime that was absolutely brutal to the Yemeni people themselves.... The fact should be made clear to everyone that many innocent people were slaughtered in Yemen due to Hadi's American bought and paid for and fully supported brutal dictatorship, and it should not be a shock to anyone that finally the people themselves had enough and forced that lunatic out and sent him running for his very life to neighbouring Saudi Arabia.....

Then we have the interesting fact that so much US bought and paid for military hardware has over the last few months mysteriously "vanished" in Yemen and has supposedly fallen into the hands of the "Iranian supported" Houthis that have now seized much of the nation..... (It comes as no shock to me what so ever that the media is suddenly vilifying these Houthis due to their supposed "Iranian" support.....)  To me, this supplying of American weapons to the supposed "opposition" makes this whole thing smells of a set up, and lo and behold we find right now the Saudi Arabian government garnering up a "coalition" of forces to invade Yemen itself to "restore order"..... Yemen is indeed about to explode into full blown war...

But before I get onto other aspects of this "Yemen Crisis", I want to present the following very important report that comes from Dr. Ron Paul, through the Anti War website, at www.original.antiwar.com for everyone to see for themselves right here... The article is entitled: "Yemen Exploding: Is The Stage Set For A Big War?", and I have further comments and thoughts to follow:

Yemen Exploding: Is the Stage Set for the Big War?
by , March 28, 2015

Rapid changes are occurring in Yemen. Ever since United States had to leave its military base there, other powers have been lining up to benefit from the chaos. It has been revealed that Saudi Arabia has commenced bombing targets in Yemen. Egypt has announced its support for the Saudi effort. I am quite confident that this support is in compliance with our instructions to our puppet leader now in charge in Egypt. The current president of Yemen, Hadi, a leader who took over after the Arab Spring revolution, has been removed from power. He is said to have escaped to Saudi Arabia, and those who are now in charge in Yemen will most likely kill him if he returns.
Yemen has been instrumental in the US effort to fight al-Qaeda in the region. Unsuccessfully, I might add. The Houthis who have deposed Hadi are said to get their support from Iran and are now likely the strongest political force in the country. But they will not have an easy time of it. Too much is at stake for the United States and Saudi Arabia. We don’t read much about the Saudi Air Force being involved in military conflict, but the seriousness of the situation has prompted them to do exactly that. There are also reports that 150,000 or more troops are massed near the borders of Yemen for a probable invasion. It is assumed that other Arab nations will be involved, along with Egypt. One report said that it appears the country is “sliding toward a civil war.” I would suggest that it’s past sliding toward the civil war, and, rather, is involved deeply in a civil war that is now spreading outside its own borders.
The neoconservatives, I am sure, will blame everything on Iran. And it’s likely Iran may have been involved in giving some type of support to the Shia that now are on the verge of taking over the country. But one must ask, “How does this compare to the support the United States has given to over 100 countries in recent years, with a major portion going to the Middle East?” There’s a big difference between a country becoming involved in a crisis next door and a country getting involved 6000 miles away.
It looks like the former president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, a military dictator who was deposed in the Arab Spring revolution, is now aligned with the Shia Houthis who are supported by Iran. This will not be tolerated by the United States, and we can expect the US to provide indirect military assistance to those who are prepared to invade Yemen and install a US friendly dictator.
Foreign forces’ bombs and occupation will serve to unify the citizens of Yemen despite their other differences. As a matter of fact, it’s been our presence in this country for more than a decade that has been an aggravating factor. The fact that al-Qaeda type rebel forces have done well in the various countries in recent years is because they gain support from the local people with the promise that the foreign invaders will be expelled. This certainly is true when it comes to the type of support that the people give, tacit or otherwise, to the very ruthless ISIS forces. It amazes me how these ragtag rebels can outfight and outfox various countries whose forces are larger and better armed. The so-called rebels find that their promise to expel the invaders is a strong motivating factor to gain support for the military resistance. The catch-22 is that the more we or any other nation try to subdue a foreign country, the stronger the opposition becomes.
This new expansion of the war in Yemen is a bad sign. The situation could easily worsen, involve many countries, and last for a long time to come. The stage for the “Big War” may well be set and we will be hearing a lot more about Yemen and the Arabian Peninsula in the coming months. If this war gets out of hand, I would expect that the benefits of $45 per barrel of oil will soon end. There is no doubt in my mind that the American people – financially and for security reasons – would be better served if we just came home and avoided these nonsensical military interventions that are carried out in behalf of various special interests that control our foreign policy. 

NTS Notes:  For the most part, I would agree with Dr Paul's assertions, but there is a lot more at stake here when it comes to Yemen and I will explain why...

Everyone is fully aware now that Petroleum prices have fallen to the lowest price in decades... But what many are not aware of is the fact that right now, the planet is awash with Petroleum to the point that storage facilities can no longer hold any more production... At some point very shortly that overwhelming supply of crude will cause the price to collapse much further and I can guarantee that the US government and other criminal governments are very concerned and are looking for a way out... In comes Yemen at just the nick of time...

All that anyone has to do is to look at exactly where Yemen is located.. One one side is the Gulf of Aden and on the other side is the Red Sea... Much of the Middle East's petroleum tanker shipment traffic has to go around Yemen itself into the Red Sea to transit the Suez Canal for customers in both Europe and the United States... Now, if something was to happen in Yemen that would cause a shutdown of the passage between Yemen in the Arabian peninsula and Djibouti through the straits of Bab-el-Mandeb for Petroleum tankers, these tankers would have to take a much longer and slower route around the Cape of Good Hope in Africa or across the Pacific to reach markets in America and Europe.. That would also cause an instant skyrocketing boost in the world price of Petroleum even if production is curtailed due to lack of storage.... To me, this is the major reason why this "crisis" in Yemen is occurring at just this time....And this explains why the US has "conveniently" lost so much military hardware in Yemen that has "fallen into the hands" of the Houthis fighters....The US wants the Yemen crisis to escalate and thus drive up the price of world Petroleum as a result....

Then we have these constant reports of "Al Qaeda" and "ISIS" operating in Yemen, which are pure bullshit... Everyone should know by now that these two "terrorist groups" are nothing but frauds and phantoms and the creation of the US and Israel themselves... To me, for these two groups to be so prominent in Yemen means that the US is directly responsible for this Yemen crisis and is using this "crisis" for some greater evil scheme, which again appears to be a war that will again boost the world price of Petroleum...

Then we have the support of Iran for the Shia Muslim Houthis fighters in Yemen and the strong possibility that this Yemen crisis will be used to further vilify Iran....It is no wonder the Jew spew media has been playing up the "Iranian support" for the fighters in Yemen right now.....Yes, the US and Israel are still looking for their "backdoor" excuse for a war on Iran.....

There are still many pieces to this Yemen puzzle that I have not been able to ascertain, but I will continue to research and bring more to report on this crisis shortly... Stay tuned...

More to come


America Has Become Murder Incorporated, And Is Planning World War III !

Yes, I am back.. And I have been spending much of the day catching up on so much news that I have indeed missed over the last week.... I am truly sickened by what I am seeing and yes, the slide towards a global war is indeed on.... It does seem that the maniacs in control of the Jewish controlled puppet regime running Washington DC is hell bent on a world war that will indeed devastate the entire planet!

I came across the following very important report that was originally written by Paul Craig Roberts, and is a must read by everyone... It comes courtesy of Horse237's website: Video Rebel's Blog, at www.vidrebel.wordpress.com, and is entitled: "America Has Become Murder Incorporated, And Is Planning World War III".... I have that entire report right here for everyone to take a close look at, and I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Paul Craig Roberts: America Has Become Murder Incorporated And Is Planning WW III.

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary for Policy in the Reagan Treasury Department. He could be called the conscience of the Reagan Republicans.  The other day in a radio interview Roberts said America has become Murder Incorporated. America has spent trillions of dollars killing millions of Muslims for no rational reason.
You might remember the 7 nations General Wesley Clark said America was to invade beginning with Iraq in 2003. That list came from PNAC (Project for a New American Century) which originally received it from the Israelis. PNAC also received fake intelligence reports on Iraq’s non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) which they passed onto the White House through the Office for Special Plans in the Pentagon. The OSP was a group created by PNAC for the purpose of getting America to fight a war for Israel in Iraq to do regime change.
That decision to invade Iraq was mentioned in a position paper called A Clean Break: A Strategy for Securing the Realm which was written in 1996 for Prime Minister Netanyahu by Richard Perle who has dual US-Israeli citizenship. Perle is a member of the Bilderberg Society’s Steering Committee. He was also on the US Defense Policy Board and a co-founder of PNAC.
Israel through PNAC had told the US military to invade 7 countries for them. The list of 7 nations was Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.
That is why Paul Craig Roberts used the words Murder Incorporated to describe America. We are not a righteous nation defending the poor and oppressed. Historically, Murder Inc was an organized crime syndicate created by Louis ‘Lepke’ Buchalter who killed people for money. The United States is not being paid to invade countries for Israel. In fact the US paid Israel over $30 billion in aid which the Israelis cycle back in part to buy American politicians.
President Obama surrounded himself with ‘Soft Power’ advocates like Susan Rice and Samantha Power. Obama did attack Libya and Syria using proxies. That fit in with the ‘Soft Power’ program. It also met the guidance given by Richard Perle in A Clean Break. He had written in 1996 that Syria should be attacked by proxy armies over the issue of chemical weapons. Nobody believed the charges the Obama admin just recently made that Syria was again using chemical weapons to kill civilians. All of the previous allegations had been proven false. Obama followed the Israeli agenda by attacking Libya and Syria for them.
General Clark has recently said ISIS was created to attack Hezbollah for the Israelis. Israel was defeated by 3,500 Hezbollah fighters in the 2006 Lebanon war. ISIS has fought against Hezbollah but they also attacked Syria and Iraq. The Syrians are Hezbollah’s closest allies. The US hired Jihadist proxy armies including Al Qaeda and ISIS to attack Syria using false allegations of chemical weapons. The US paid the Jihadists to kill 300,000 Syrians including 100,000 Christians.
You might have noticed that the US never did get around to attacking Iran. In 2007 PNAC member Dick Cheney ordered US Navy Seals to attack a US Navy ship in the Persian Gulf so he could use the incident as an excuse to launch World War III by striking Iran for Israel. The Navy Seals refused to obey Cheney’s order so he backed down. Cheney had another go at starting WW III on August 8, 2008 when he and the Israelis convinced the nation of Georgia to fire a tank and artillery barrage at South Ossetia killing almost 2,000 civilians in the first few hours. That did not work out well for the conspirators. Russia defeated the Georgians and their US and Israeli advisers rather quickly.
Obama and his ‘Soft Power’ advocates have teamed up with George Soros and have tried to get a war with Russia going full blast in the Ukraine. Victoria Nuland (Nudelman) is the wife of Robert Kagan who works at the Brookings Institution. He is a member of PNAC. Kagan’s father Donald and his brother Frederick also are prominent Neocons.
George Soros helped Victoria Nuland engineer a coup against the Ukrainian government on Feb. 22, 2014. The initial cost of the coup was $5 billion to the US taxpayers. Since then $450 million in US aid went missing for the Ukraine’s Defense Department. The US and European taxpayers are funding this American coup in Kiev through multilateral EU and IMF loans which can never be repaid.
The Trilateral Commission which is a sister organization to the Bilderberg Society had decided early in 2014 to isolate Russia. David Rockefeller and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild who founded the Bilderberg Society also founded the Trilateral Commission. So now we can see why Dr Roberts said America has become Murder Incorporated. We are giving weapons to a man who is shelling civilians with heavy weapons in order to provoke a Russian response just as Dick Cheney had done in Georgia.
Dr Roberts also said the US is currently staging ‘Soft Power’ or Color revolutions in Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan to isolate Russia. This is as I noted were the instructions of the Trilateral Commission. It is as if the American people had no government. He also noted that there are military planners in the US who are crazy enough to believe they can win a nuclear war with Russia using a First Strike strategy.
William Binney, the NSA whistleblower, said ‘America is no longer a country with a government. We have a government with a country.’
The Trilateral Commission’s decision to isolate Russia was motivated by the declining economic fortunes of the US, Great Britain and Japan who constitute its core membership. There is reason to believe that there are time limits on exactly when this war can start. The US and the entire world are headed into the worst Depression in 500 years because we have more Unpayable Debts than anytime in history. The Good News is that if there is No War, then the Financiers will lose control of the government. The Bad News is that they are trying to maneuver us into a war precisely for that reason.
Dick Cheney’s attempts to launch a world war in the Persian Gulf and again in South Ossetia were turned down by the US military and by events on the ground.
Obama has an extremely unpopular puppet leader in Kiev. An Army has to have confidence in their leader. Poroshenko has turned the country over to Monsanto, Joe Biden’s son, to the European Union which is feasting on the poor people of Greece and to a gaggle of Jewish opportunists who are relieving the people of their assets while sending them to die fighting a real Army.
I recently wrote of a Mossad operation to convince Christians in America that the US economy will crash in September of 2015 because the United States has provoked the Wrath of God. This followed an earlier article which said that World War III or some other disaster should strike America on or about the Blood Moon on September 28, 2015. This Four Blood Moons prophecy also originated in Israel
I am inclined to believe that the economy could crash anytime between now and the end of 2016.
The American military had a rather rude awakening when the USS Donald Cook, an Aegis class destroyer, on April 12, 2014 was overflown by a Russian Su-24 jet armed with the Richag AV radar jamming device which has the codename Khibiny. The Su-24 disabled the ship’s defenses and made 12 simulated bombing runs right over its defenseless prey before flying away.
Meanwhile, the US is spending trillions of dollars on weapons that either  don’t work or underperform. The F-35 is a disaster. The co-creator of the F-16 said the F-35 is incapable of defeating even an Su-24 in a dog fight. It is not stealthy. And it does not do well in the rain.
American military personnel have been subjected to one tour after another in poorly thought out wars. Afghanistan seemed to be about the US Banks and the CIA getting a corner on the world’s opium supply. And the wars in Iraq, Libya and Syria appear to benefit Israel. There is nor reason for American troops to confront Russians in the Ukraine. Nobody believes the Corporate media. And Obama has not yet seized control of the Internet.
The Bottom Line is that I do not see either the crisis in the Ukraine or the several in the Mideast as enabling Wall Street to convince American soldiers to fight World War III.
And I see the coming economic collapse compelling Americans to give up their role as Wall Street’s and Israel’s personal Murder Incorporated. When the Dollar Dies, we will not be able to charge foreign wars to the National Charge card.
I remain hopeful that we can avoid World War III and that we can remove Wall Street and the City of London from power while somehow restraining Israel.
I mentioned the Four Blood Moons. I wrote about them here:
Was John Hagee Told By The Israelis When They Plan To Blow Up The World?
I recently wrote about the lack of a Jubilee (Debt Cancellation) causing Judgement to be laid upon a nation:
Shemitah 2015 Demystified: Will The Economy Drop Like A Rock In September
Israel Killed JFK And Has Ruled America Ever Since.
The Psychopathology Of Being Jewish And Getting Away With It

NTS Notes: Honestly, maybe I should have stayed away for a bit longer, for what I am watching is the entire planet go to hell....

I stated clearly in the last Turbulent Times show that the United States of America is indeed probably the second most evil nation on planet Earth (Israel of course being #1), and I have found absolutely nothing that shows that to be wrong... It is a very sad statement considering that the American people themselves are not the problem, but the psychopaths that have seized control of that once free nation and have turned it into a war machine and nation wrecker..... To me, to call the United States "Murder Incorporated" is an understatement!

Yes, we are indeed watching the rush to World War III, as the lunatics in charge of the US Government obey their Jewish masters and push for war directly with nuclear armed Russia....The question is no longer if a war will happen, but when... And of course when that war does occur, the US will quickly start losing that war and it will indeed go nuclear... Billions of people across the planet will indeed die as a result....

Hopefully it is not too late to awaken the few people left in America that have not had their minds turned to mush by the brainwashing of the Talmudvision and the Jewish controlled media outlets, as well as the poisonous chemicals in their diets......It is still my hope that these few may yet turn the tide and prevent a disaster for the entire planet in the making...

More to come


Northerntruthseeker Back From A "Mini" Vacation

I am back.... I spent the last week and a bit taking a much needed break to clear my head and to avoid a bit of burn out from work.... As I said before, we all need a bit of a break now and then....

There is a lot going on that I have missed over the last week, and articles at this blog will be posted very shortly... I do have a lot of catching up to do!

Thank you to everyone for their patience, and as usual...

More to come


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Turbulent Times Show LIVE Right Now!!

Yes, I am supposed to be on vacation... But Wraithe and I decided to do a show right now.. At 1930hrs, or 730PM CDT tonight..

Wraithe and I have an assortment of subjects for tonight including the Frankfurt School and its criminal history...

The link is at www.blogtalkradio.com/turbulenttimes, and we have our chat room open at www.turbulenttimes.chatango.com....

Hope to see you there...

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