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The US Is Unprepared For War With Russia: Russian Aircraft Buzzes American Aegis Cruiser And Turns OFF Ship's Defenses!

I was alerted just the other day from a comment and an email about a very interesting incident that supposedly just happened last week which was not reported by the liars in the mainstream media because it made light of the fact that the US is entirely unprepared for war with Russia (no surprise here).   I want to share some very interesting details about this incident in this article...

According to the following report from the Russian Radio website, at, it appears that an American Aegis guided missile cruiser, the USS Donald Cook, was in the Black Sea last week when a Russian Sukhoi Su-24 fighter flew near by the vessel... This Russian fighter was equipped with the latest in Russian anti radar jamming technology, and when the fighter turned on its radar jamming devices towards the USS Donald Cook, it was able to disable and blinded the ship's Aegis systems!  First I have that report right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my thoughts and comments to follow:

21 April, 09:59

Russian Su -24 scores off against the American "USS Donald Cook"

Russian Su -24  scores off against the American "USS  Donald Cook"

Russian Sukhoi Su -24 with the newest jamming complex paralyzed in the Black Sea the most modern American combat management system "Aegis" installed on the destroyer "USS Donald Cook". Pavel Zolotarev, Deputy Director, Institute of USA and Canada, shares details about this version which is being actively discussed in the Russian media and by bloggers.

US destroyer "Donald Cook" with cruise missiles "Tomahawk" entered the neutral waters of the Black Sea on April 10. The purpose was a demonstration of force and intimidation in connection with the position of Russia in Ukraine and Crimea. The appearance of American warships in these waters is in contradiction of the Montreux Convention about the nature and duration of stay in the Black Sea by the military ships of countries not washed by this sea.

In response, Russia sent an unarmed bomber Su- 24 to fly around the U.S. destroyer. However, experts say that this plane was equipped with the latest Russian electronic warfare complex. According to this version, "Aegis" spotted from afar the approaching aircraft, and sounded alarm. Everything went normally, American radars calculated the speed of the approaching target. And suddenly all the screens went blank. "Aegis" was not working any more, and the rockets could not get target information. Meanwhile, Su-24 flew over the deck of the destroyer, did battle turn and simulated missile attack on the target. Then it turned and repeated the maneuver. And did so 12 times.

Apparently, all efforts to revive the "Aegis" and provide target information for the defence failed. Russia's reaction to military pressure from the United States was profoundly calm, feels the Russian political scientist Pavel Zolotarev:

The demonstration was original enough. A bomber without any weapons, but having on-board equipment for jamming enemy radar, worked against a destroyer equipped with "Aegis", the most modern system of air and missile defense. But this system of mobile location, in this case the ship, has a significant drawback. That is, the target tracking capabilities. They work well when there is a number of these ships which can coordinate with each other somehow. In this case there was just one destroyer. And, apparently, the algorithm of the radar in the "Aegis” system on the destroyer did not load under the influence of jamming by the Su-24. It was therefore not only a nervous reaction to the fact of flying around by the Russian bomber which was common practice during the Cold War. The reaction of the Americans was due to the fact that most modern system, especially its informative or radar part, did not work adequately. Therefore, there was such a nervous reaction to the whole episode.

After the incident, the foreign media reported that "Donald Cook" was rushed into a port in Romania. There all the 27 members of the crew filed a letter of resignation. It seems that all 27 people have written that they are not going to risk their lives. This is indirectly confirmed by the Pentagon statement according to which the action demoralized the crew of the American ship.

What are the possible consequences of the incident provoked by the U.S. in the Black Sea? Pavel Zolotarev forecasts:

I think that Americans are somehow going to reflect on improving the system “Aegis". This is a purely military aspect. In political terms, there is hardly any likelihood of demonstrative steps by either side. That is enough. Meanwhile, for Americans it is a very unpleasant moment. In general, the missile defence system which they deploy involves huge expenditures. They have to prove each time that it is necessary to allocate funds from the budget. At the same time, the ground component of the ABM was tested in ideal conditions and showed a low efficiency. This fact is concealed by the Pentagon. The most modern component, the sea-based system "Aegis" also showed its shortcomings in the present case.

The system with which the Russian Su-24 shocked the American destroyer "Donald Cook" has the code name "Khibiny". This is the name of the mountain range on the Kola Peninsula in the Arctic Circle. "Khibiny" is the newest complex for radio electronic jamming of the enemy. They will be installed on all the advanced Russian planes .

Recently the complex has undergone regular testing exercises on the ground in Buryatia. Apparently, the tests which were conducted under conditions as close to real as possible, were successful.

NTS Notes:  From what I have learned about "American Superiority" over the last few decades as being nothing but lies and falsehoods, I do believe that this report is absolutely accurate....

We have been fooled for the longest time into the false belief that America spends all of those billions of dollars on "defense" and what they get in return is somehow the best in technology... The truth is somewhat different when you consider that money is absolutely not spent wisely at all and in fact goes into the deep pockets of companies in the military industrial complex that gives absolute JUNK in return!   If you want further proof, look closely at the sordid history of the "Bradley Fighting Machine" that has been nothing but a waste of taxpayer money that has resulted in a small "tank" wrought with problems that would be blown to smithereens in any major engagement.... And I need not even mention the fiasco of the F35 "Lightning" that is proving to be the worse possible aircraft ever for the US military and would be blown out of the sky in any engagement with Russian or Chinese modern aircraft!

This shows that the Americans are absolutely ill prepared for a war against Russia.... This shows that if a shooting war ever started, every American vessel in the Black Sea and possibly elsewhere would be a sitting duck to the incoming Russian aircraft if they are equipped with similar radar jamming technology... 

It is no wonder that the USS Donald Cook quickly withdrew with its "tail between its legs" and that this report has not been seen on any of the US "mainstream media" at all (no surprise here).... The criminals in charge of the propaganda machine cannot let the sheep know that Russia is no slouch and has the technology that definitely matches (and in some instances exceeds) that of the US....

This should be a wake up call for anyone in the US military to the understanding that a war against Russia is absolutely the worse thing that their government could ever consider... Russia has not sat idly by while the US spends hundreds of billions on weapons that may not work... They are no fools and have developed some major systems that are indeed capable of dealing with anything the Americans can throw at them.

A true wake up call for all Americans, and especially their criminal government that is now pushing for war against Russia.

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WHY Is The US Pushing So Hard Right Now For World War III? Here Is The Answer - Time Is Running Out For The US Dollar

I have stated in my rants and several previous articles the obvious about the insane push for war by the criminal US adminstration... They are now running scared and know that their days are numbered due to the potential total collapse of the US economy that could happen as early as this coming summer!  

To help people understand the insanity of the US government, and their push for World War III to basically save their collective butts, I want to present the following very important article from the Voice Of Russia website, at  This important article again shows clear evidence and exactly what I have been saying for a very long time that the US administration will indeed cause World War III to occur just to divert the American public's attention away from their own collapsing economy!   Here is that article right here for everyone to view for themselves... My thoughts and comments to follow:

22 April 2014, 21:06

Time is running out for the US dollar

Time is running out for the US dollar

It is often speculated that some members of the US establishment are pushing Ukraine towards a military conflict with Russia. But why do it in such a hurry? A Russian economist claims that he knows the answer, alluding to the link between the latest international crisis and the fate of the US currency.

Russian diplomats have repeatedly criticized the US for not trying to restrain their Ukrainian underlings in order to make them respect the agreement reached during the recent Geneva meeting. US-sponsored Ukrainian junta is trying to provoke Russia to intervene in Ukraine in order to protect ethnic Russians and supporters of federalization. There can be only two results for such policy. Ukraine will either become the battleground for a long and bloody civil war or will become the target for a Russian military intervention. 

From the American point of view it is a win-win situation. If there is a civil war, the delivery of natural gas to Europe will be disrupted hurting both the European and the Russian economy. If Moscow decides that it has to intervene in Ukraine, Washington will ignore the ethic Russians killed by the US-sponsored junta and will claim that Russia is an aggressor. Such a strategy will give Washington a chance to force the EU to institute hard economic sanctions against Russia, but such sanctions will hurt the EU even more than Russia

According to Sergey Glazyev, economic advisor to President Putin, European Union stands to lose 1 trillion euro, if hard economic sanctions against Russia are enacted .

Mikhail Khazin, the president of Neokon economic advisory company, believes that the US is trying to preemptively hurt the regional currencies and their associated economies before the US dollar loses its status as the main global currency:

The US doesn't have that much time in order to prepare for a serious weakening of the US dollar on the global stage and, conversely, for a serious strengthening of regional currencies' role. The maximum amount of time they can count on is 18 months. During this period they must prepare for a situation in which their main instrument of global control, i.e. the control of the circulation of the main global reserve and trade currency, will become seriously weakened,” he wrote in a recent blogpost cited by the Russian media outlets.

During Obama's second term, the relations between the US and most global players including China, Russia, India and, to a certain extent, the EU have reached new low points. This situation is somewhat similar to the situation before WWII and WWI when America benefited from global conflicts that destroyed the economies of America's competitors. It is said that third time is charm, but the rest of the world would be better off if Washington can't pull the same trick for a third time in a row. The era in which Washington was the main beneficiary of global instability and regional conflicts must come to an end.

NTS Notes:  People must finally understand that the US economy has been basically bankrupt for decades now, but has only persisted by the fraud "Petro-Dollar" scam which has long forced nations to maintain a supply of US dollars in their reserves for international trade, especially in Petroleum and Petroleum products...

But now with nations formally moving rapidly away from the US dollar and trading in currencies other than US dollars, they no longer need US dollars in their reserves and are basically sending those dollars back to the United States... With no one trading in US currency, the US dollar rapidly becomes absolutely worthless...This  will indeed cause a rapid collapse of the US dollar and will cause the US economy to implode as a result....

The people of the United States must finally wake the hell up and prevent their own insane leadership from propelling them into a new world war that they are certainly to lose.... The US no longer has the manufacturing capabilities for a long protracted war against both Russia and China, and I can guarantee that once they do see that they are going to lose, they will use the nuclear weapon option and cause the deaths of billions of people world wide....

The fact is again that any nation that opts to run their monetary system via Jewish debt Usury like the United States has done for the last 100 years since the creation of the criminal Federal Reserve System always eventually collapses.   The US is right now so far into odious and criminal debt to the criminal Jewish banking scoundrels that once the US dollar goes, the entire US economy will fail in a catastrophic collapse....

The next while will be telling... The US government needs war, and in fact any war, right now in their twisted thinking to save their asses.... I do pray that the American public wakes up from their chemicalized slumber in time to stop it from happening!

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The Mystery Behind Malaysian Flight MH370's "Disappearance" Continues: Has The Missing Plane Mystery Been Solved?

I have been looking this last week at what the liars in the Jewish run mainstream media have been bullshitting about the disappearance of Malaysian flight MH370, and I am astounded... These liars and hypocrites are continuing filling the airwaves and our Talmud-Visions with the continuing LIE that this aircraft "crashed" into the southern Indian Ocean off the coast of Australia!  They continue to pollute viewer's minds with endless drivel that there have been "black box pings" coming from off the Australian coast and that robotic probes have been searching the area for the last few weeks.... But of course they have found absolutely NOTHING!    I will state the obvious in that these criminals have been lying to the public and sending everyone off on a wild goose chase into looking at the wrong spot, when all along the plane was indeed commandeered and flown to the US military installation at Diego Garcia.   The liars in the media have of course had their marching orders in making sure their dwindling viewership is brainwashed into believing that the plane went down into the ocean.  These liars in the media have done that purposely while the true criminals have now had the time to offload and kill all the passengers and subsequently taken the plane from Diego Garcia and flying it elsewhere in the world in preparation for a future "false flag" operation. 

I have long wondered how the criminals were able to hijack the aircraft in the first place, and I have found a new article, from the Press TV online news site, at, that gives a pretty good solution to how the plane was diverted from its original flight path and flown purposely westward over the Indian Ocean to Diego Garcia.... The article is entitled: "Missing Plane Mystery Solved?", and I have it right here for everyone to view for themselves... I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Missing plane mystery solved?


Two former high-level insiders may have solved two of the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370:

What caused the plane to suddenly fly off-course? And why are all of the governments involved covering up the truth?

Had MH 370 crashed in the ocean, it would have left a huge, easily-visible debris field. Countries with satellite surveillance systems, and their partners, know exactly where the plane went. Boeing and its engine-manufacturer Rolls Royce also know, since planes and engines have GPS systems. (You can buy a GPS system for a little over $50 in the US; it would be naive to think a $320 million aircraft doesn’t have one.) 

Even the INMARSAT satellite “pings” that we have been told can only sweep a broad arc of possible locations could in reality be used to locate the aircraft with some precision, due to the fact that radio transmissions vary in signatures according to time of day, sunspots, and so on. The “hunt for the airliner” peddled to the mainstream media is clearly a charade. 

So what are all of the major players – both in governments and the aircraft industry – working so hard to hide?

Matthias Chang, a barrister who served as Political Secretary to Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, explained during an exclusive Truth Jihad Radio interview that only a remote-hijacking fly-by-wire scenario can explain the plane’s disappearance. Chang’s views were confirmed by Gene “Chip” Tatum, a former Special Forces Air Combat Controller and US Army special operations pilot who has carried out ultra-sensitive missions at the direct orders of US Presidents.

Chang says the Malaysian government has been given sealed evidence by one or more foreign governments concerning the fate of MH-370. As a condition of receiving that evidence, Malaysia is not allowed to divulge it.

Matthias Chang is familiar with the highest levels of power in Malaysia. He presumably has some idea of what is in the sealed evidence. But if he did know, he could not say it directly.

Maybe that is why Matthias Chang recently sent an email to MH-370 investigators in the alternative media with a “hint”:


What “things” would “come to a complete halt” and badly damage the world economy if the truth about MH-370 were told?

Chip Tatum thinks those “things” are commercial airplanes. In our interview Friday night, Tatum suggested that the current generation of airliners’ fly-by-wire systems are extremely vulnerable to catastrophic sabotage, including electronic hijacking. 

Tatum called the alleged search for the aircraft “a smokescreen... They’re keeping the media busy in the South Indian Ocean while things are being done in other areas. I think the government doesn’t want us to know what they know because they don’t think we can handle the truth.” 

But what could that truth possibly be? Tatum explains: “If it were known that something is that easily hijacked by remote control, people would stop flying. And then you’re talking about a huge impact on business and everything else.”

So when Matthias Chang says that the truth about MH-370 would cause “things” to come to a complete halt, he is presumably referring to commercial air traffic. I asked Chang point blank if this was true. He did not deny it. But rather than confirm this hypothesis – which may be off-limits to direct discussion due to its inclusion in the sealed evidence Malaysia has been given – Chang directed me to his most recent article at citing evidence that new technology allows planes to be flown from the ground.

Chip Tatum speculates that a bright teenager with a laptop and a cell phone could hack into commercial aircraft fly-by-wire systems. He explains that in newer aircraft, cables driven by pilot controls have been replaced by computers sending electronic signals. While technologies have been patented for protecting these fly-by-wire systems – notably US Patent #8,391,493, which the US government immediately “disappeared” from Patent Office records by invoking the Invention Secrecy Act – they apparently have not yet been implemented. If Tatum is right, commercial aircraft currently flying are wide-open for remote hijacking.

The scenario outlined by Chang and Tatum explains how MH370 was hijacked, and why all the major players are covering up the truth. But it does not explain who remote-hijacked MH370 and why.
One clue: Tatum provides evidence for the possible involvement of the CIA-based Bush crime family in the cover-up. The fake satellite trail to the remote and dangerous Southern Indian Ocean, a gigantic red herring, was fabricated by INMARSAT – whose largest owner, Harbinger Capital, is the new name for George H.W. Bush’s notorious Zapata Corporation.

Tatum has first-hand knowledge of the depravity and corruption of the Bush mob. While working in Special Operations for the CIA and US military in 1992, Tatum was personally ordered by then-President George H.W. Bush to “neutralize” Bush’s political opponent Ross Perot. Based on his past missions for Bush, Tatum understood those orders meant that Bush wanted him to force Perot out of the presidential race by any means necessary, including murder. (Tatum refused Bush’s orders – the beginning of the end of his career in Special Ops.) 

Tatum has also revealed his knowledge of Bush-related CIA drug smuggling and mind control operations. He survived as a whistleblower due to the extremely sensitive documents and recordings he set up to be released in the event of his death or incapacitation-by-torture. 

Tatum has released many other documents corroborating his stories of Bush’s corruption, CIA assassinations and mind-control. But despite his credibility, the mainstream media refuses to report such information.

If the Bush crime family is deceiving the world about an operation involving remote-hijacked airliners, it wouldn’t be the first time. On September 11th, 2001, fly-by-wire systems appear to have been used in the false flag attacks on New York and Washington. Bush loyalists and Israeli Mossad assets are the two main groups of suspects in those attacks. Could the same forces be involved in the theft of MH370 – perhaps as part of a plan to stage another plane-into-building false flag, as Christopher Bollyn has suggested?

NTS Notes:  I agree with many of the points brought forward in this article due to the fact that the technology has been in place from the 1980's at least for flying any aircraft equipped with the proper control system installed to be flown by remote control.... The Israeli Mossad attacks of 9-11 shows clear evidence of robotic planes flown by remote control into the twin towers in NYC.....

This article also shows how the Bush crime family, and other criminals within the present US administration, may indeed have been involved in this hijacking through their fake satellite intel provided by their INMARSAT systems that purposely has had everyone looking in absolutely the wrong location while conveniently keeping Diego Garcia out of the picture....

Of course this article does not give the one crucial bit of information about the whereabouts of the plane, which of course was flown to Diego Garcia some 46+ days ago and has since been relocated now to a secret location somewhere else on the planet for the criminal's intended false flag operation....

As I stated before, we must never ever believe the BS promoted by the liars in our governments and the mainstream media.... They have sent people long enough on a wild goose chase, and now people must realize that they have been lied to and that this plane was indeed stolen and flown to Diego Garcia where the 239 helpless passengers have been offloaded and absolutely "disposed of".    It is time for everyone to get angry and realize we live in a world where crooks, liars, and murderers, control the planet.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Canadian Moronic Prime Minister Stephen Harper On Russia: America's Useful Idiot?

I used to believe that Canada was truly a free nation, and one that other nations around the planet would love to emulate for its peaceful idealism and its constant usage of its limited armed forces for "peace keeping" missions for the United Nations around the world.... But now thanks to the idiot troll Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, those days are long gone,and Canada is now pictured properly as another Jewish controlled stooge nation much like the United States....

With the recent bellicose and belligerent rhetoric coming from the Canadian Prime Minister recently in regards to the situation in Ukraine, I honestly have thought that the man has indeed flipped his lid and is bordering on insanity.... But there must be a more logical reason for his actions, and I have looked at the Internet the last few days trying to find any articles that explain his recent moments of sheer madness... And I found one that explains it very logically.... For this article, I want to present the following report from Murray Dobbin, who writes for the "Rabble" website, at  It is entitled: "Harper On Russia: America's Useful Idiot?", and I have it right here in its entirety for everyone to view for themselves... I have my customary thoughts and comments to follow:

Murray Dobbin
Harper on Russia: America's useful idiot?

| April 21, 2014

Photo: pmwebphotos/flickr

Stephen Harper's acutely embarrassing behaviour regarding the crisis in Ukraine -- demonizing Vladimir Putin and upping the rhetoric -- must be welcomed in the U.S. which created the crisis in the first place and apparently believes it still has something to gain by isolating Russia. But it is not clear that Harper even realizes -- or cares -- what the larger game is.

And that game may include a Russia-driven shift in global currency allegiance that could devastate the economies of the U.S. and Canada.

The generals surrounding him in the ridiculous war-room setting where he announced Canada was sending six fighter jets to bolster NATO's military build-up in eastern Europe looked very uncomfortable. Who likes being used as a prop for a faltering politician? The setting was a bad case of over-acting -- as if we were joining the Allies in another world war rather than engaging in what one expert called "incremental posturing."
Is Harper just a useful idiot to the U.S. -- ranting and raving about Russian expansionism and imperialism so that the U.S. position looks more reasonable by comparison? He declared:
"When a major power acts in a way that is so clearly aggressive, militaristic, and imperialistic, this represents a significant threat to the peace and stability of the world, and it's time we all recognized the depth and the seriousness of that threat."
It is difficult to know what is going on in the fevered imagination of the prime minister but this time one has to really wonder if he has become genuinely unhinged -- always a possibility with someone both paranoid and narcissistic. While it is clear that genuine foreign policy execution always plays a distant second role to his micro-managing the electorate, it is still possible that Harper's domestic framing of foreign policy vis-a-vis Ukraine could inadvertently play a role that he didn't intend.

It is interesting that Harper virtually never talks about what is actually happening in Ukraine. The notion that Russia wants to occupy Ukraine or even invade it to protect ethnic Russians is far from the mark. The last thing Russia wants is responsibility for one of the worst basket-cases in all of Europe. Ukraine is a nearly failed state, all of its politicians are corrupt to a greater or lesser degree, it is bankrupt, has no effective police force, is held down by a crumbling infrastructure, decrepit industrial base, massive unemployment and a dysfunctional legal system. Putin is likely delighted to see the whole mess dumped into the lap of the U.S. and EU to try to sort out -- a process that will take a decade and tens of billions of dollars just to tread water.

In its current state it will never be invited to join the EU because then the EU would then be directly responsible for bailing it out. And trying now to bring Ukraine into NATO would be seen everywhere as madness -- a provocation to which Russia would reply by cutting off gas to western Europe. So Putin will watch with the comfort of an oligarch as the IMF puts the fiscal boots to a country already on its knees. 

And, of course, he can play mischief with gas prices any time he wants. The IMF prescription of drastic cuts to government programs could well cause widespread social unrest -- and play into the hands of the fascist parties given new prominence by the U.S.-inspired coup. It could also turn many ethnic Ukrainians against the West, making its task of establishing stability that much more difficult.

It is extremely unlikely that Putin will intervene to protect ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine either, unless there is a virtual bloodbath. He will calculate that even a few hundred deaths of Russian separatists will simply reinforce his public relations victory over the West -- confirming his framing of the issue as the ineptness and brutality of an illegal Kiev government that hates Russia and Russians. It makes far more sense for him to let the U.S. and EU deal with such a crisis and damage what's left of NATO's shaky credibility than it is to be the bad guy and intervene militarily.

In the meantime, the demonization of Putin and Russia is having a major influence on an issue that has barely been mentioned in the media: Putin's plan to create the petro-ruble and decouple Russia's energy exports from the dollar.

Abandoning the petro-dollar

It is arguable that this global issue is many times more important to the U.S. than anything that happens in the Ukraine but American efforts to isolate Russia is actually accelerating the process. It is also driving Russia to look to the East instead of Europe for its future prosperity -- aligning with China as both a market for its gas and a partner in undermining the petro-dollar. China is already headed there -- its yuan is the second most used currency, ahead of the euro, in international trade settlements. It recently "...opened two centers to process yuan-denominated trade flows, one in London and one in Frankfurt."

The emerging national economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are grouped under the acronym BRICS. According to journalist Peter Koenig:
"Other countries, especially the BRICS and BRICS-associates (BRICSA) may soon follow suit and join forces with Russia, abandoning the 'petro-dollar' as trading unit for oil and gas. This could amount to tens of trillions in loss for demand of petro-dollars per year ... leaving an important dent in the U.S. economy would be an understatement. ... Along with the new BRICS(A) currency will come a new international payment settlement system, replacing the SWIFT and IBAN exchanges, thereby breaking the hegemony of ... the Bank for International Settlement (BIS) in Basle..."
The prospect of the U.S. dollar losing its status as the world's trading currency is far and away the greatest threat to U.S. hegemony in the world as it would turn the country's $17-trillion (not counting unfunded liabilities) virtual debt problem into a real one. Until now, the huge external demand for U.S. dollars has allowed it to accumulate enormous debts without defaulting. With Russia, China and the rest of the BRICSA countries (Brazil, India, and South Africa) moving in this direction the U.S. is panic-stricken. It used to be said that the U.S. dollar was backed by the Pentagon. Indeed, plans to decouple from the dollar was a common feature of three countries which experienced the wrath of U.S. foreign policy and military intervention. Libya's Muammar Gaddafi was planning a gold-standard currency for all of Africa; Iraq was planning to quit using the dollar for its oil exports, as was Iran. Sanctions against the latter had as much to do with this plan as any other issue.

But Russia, China, Brazil and India are countries of a whole different order and out of reach of the Pentagon's threats. There is virtually nothing the U.S. can do to stop this movement, provoked in part by the massive printing of money in repeated "quantitative easings" and accelerated by NATO's adventurism.

A New Silk Road between China and Europe

If that were not a big enough headache for the U.S., Russia is well placed to detach Germany from the EU and U.S. efforts to isolate it. While Russia will suffer economically in the short term from sanctions, the longer term looks brighter. At the same time that BRICSA is planning its new international payment system, China and Germany are negotiating another initiative that guarantees Russia a prominent role in one of the world's most ambitious economic development schemes: the New Silk Road linking China and Europe. This initiative is intended to provide enormous impetus for development of western China and everything from there to Germany.

Says Koenig:
"Germany, the economic driver of Europe -- the world's fourth largest economy (US$ 3.6 trillion GDP) -- on the western end of the new trading axis, will be like a giant magnet, attracting other European trading partners of Germany's to the New Silk Road. What looks like a future gain for Russia and China, also bringing about security and stability, would be a lethal loss for Washington."
So the Russian president, at record highs in public approval and now fully justified in facing East after being provoked by the West, doesn't have to act: everything is in motion for advantage Russia. And our war-mongering prime minister will continue to aid Mr. Putin by demonizing him and justifying his eastern "pivot." 

Murray Dobbin has been a journalist, broadcaster, author and social activist for 40 years. He writes rabble's State of the Nation column, which is also found at The Tyee.

Photo: pmwebphotos/flickr

NTS Notes:  Yes, there is always a deeper reason for these constant pushes for war... The US and Canada are in dire consequences when (it seems to no longer be "if") Russia pulls the plug on the US dollar and trades everything in its Gold backed Ruble.... It will mean the demise of the "Petro Dollar" scam and will make US dollars useless and worthless in no time flat.   The ripple effect will not happen all at once, but within months we will be seeing either a complete US dollar collapse or hyper inflation.... Possibly both... The problem is that the Canadian dollar is indeed pegged to the US dollar and when the US dollar goes to hell, Canada's currency will instantly follow suit...

I am deeply ashamed in the antics of this Canadian Prime Minister and his total lack of true knowledge of the real situation in Ukraine.... It appears that he does not want to see the truth at all, but is indeed pushing the war agenda as America's stooge and lackey.....The problem is that Canada militarily as I have said before is a joke and could not fight a shooting war at all with anyone with its present armaments and fighting men and women.  It should honestly butt out of matters that it cannot control at all... Canada does not have the capabilities to project its military at all and to saber rattle at this time is preposterous and ludicrous....

Harper as America's useful idiot?   I could not have said it any clearer...

More to come


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Kansas Jewish Center Shooting Hoax: A Must See Video That Exposes the Fraud

I have been asked to offer up my opinion about the recent Kansas Jewish Center "shooting" and all I can say is that considering that Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombing, and other "shootings" are proven hoaxes, this one definitely fits that same pattern and therefore again we are dealing with an absolute fraud.... Originally we were told that 3 people died in this Jewish center and that the shooter was a member of the "Ku Klux Klan" (how convenient is that) who after the shooting was captured and when apprehended shouted out "Heil Hitler" to the people present.  The fact that this man was conveniently a member of a "white supremacist" group and very conveniently shouted out the German salute raised my alarm bells and I smelled a rat instantly...

It was bad enough that later on last week all the reports came out that the "shooter" was actually a government operative with links to JEWISH groups.   That told me that we were dealing with another fraud shooting to garner sympathy for the criminal Jews.  The timing was also too perfect with the trouble 1/2 way around the world with the Ukrainian fraud "pamphlets" that called for all Jews to register in eastern Ukraine.  It does seem that we always see these frauds happen at the most convenient time to again garner sympathy for the criminal Jews.....

I came across the following video from Buelahman's website at, and it really casts doubt as to the authenticity of this "shooting" in Kansas..... It is a must see by everyone, and shows how again as with previous fraud shootings, it seems that with this "shooting" we are seeing scripted and yet very poor acting by the families of these "victims".... Here is that video and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  The acting by these frauds is bad enough, but who the hell wrote their scripts?  These frauds are unable to keep their parts of their speeches right and they are all over the map with their words.... And as the narrator points out, the actions of the two idiots standing besides the lady speaking is laughable....Disgusting and again shows how in each of these "shootings" we are dealing with actors, and even these media presentations are so staged....

One other note about this Kansas "shooting" that really puzzled me.... This phony "shooter" who supposedly absolutely 'hated' Jews goes into a Jewish center and the only victims of his shooting supposedly are two Lutheran Church members and a 14 year old boy who were all non-Jews.... Now is it just me but why are there NO Jewish "victims" of this shooting?  It was in a Jewish center loaded with Jews, and absolutely no Jews were shot???   What are the odds?   That alone should have everyone really thinking that we are dealing with another fraud to get sympathy for these criminals....

But we all know by now that even the shooter himself is a fraud and a government operative.   Therefore I am calling this one exactly what it truly is... Another hoax...  The real problem is that the perpetrators of these frauds will continue to do these heinous acts until either they get their police state in place in America, or the American public wakes the hell up and puts an end to their actions.... I do pray for the latter...

More to come


Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, April 20th, 2014


Sunday... And yes, I have been busy these last few days taking care of other matters,and therefore I do have a lot of catching up to do... Time for my usual weekly rant!

First, it is Easter, and I do want to say "Happy Easter" to those who celebrate this religious holiday... For me, I have not the time or the patience for any religious garbage, period... I have studied enough about all religions to see that they are used to brainwash and weaken the minds of the masses.   They are primarily used as another control mechanism for the masses used by our criminal governments....But if you still want to believe in the man in the clouds, and the great book filled with prejudice, hatred, and other "sins" of mankind, that is your choice.... I have looked at religion for decades now as being a crutch, a hindrance, and a detriment to the advancement of mankind.  The simple fact is that you do not need religion to tell you the need for good to be prevalent over evil, when all you need is common sense and true rationality.   For those who are suddenly "shocked" by my stance on religion, you have not been reading this blog long enough.....

Where to begin.... The media is still pushing the lie that Malaysian flight MH370 is somewhere at the bottom of one of the deepest parts of the Indian Ocean.  That false promotion is being done to again keep the sheep looking in all the wrong places, when by now even those with very limited understanding of that "disappearance" can see clearly that the plane was absolutely commandeered and flown to the US military installation at Diego Garcia in the British Indian Ocean Territories.   That is absolutely logical.

What I find astounding about the disappearance of that flight and it being flown to Diego Garcia is the lack of any anger in the American public to this dastardly and very criminal act by their own government.  For the US to abduct and steal this aircraft and obviously dispose of its 239 passengers and crew is an act of cold blooded murder and piracy.   It is in violation of so many international laws, and yet we do not see a peep from the American people about this criminal act by their representatives and military.     I honestly do believe that the American people are now too far gone and brainwashed now to stand up for what is right, which does not bode well for the future of the United States itself....

The situation in Ukraine has not changed much even with this week's signing of a "deal" that was supposed to push all nations back from the verge of war.... I did notice all the reports that even after the "deal" was signed that the pro-US puppet government in Kiev was absolutely bound and determined to continue their assault on "pro Russian separatists" in the eastern provinces of Ukraine.   Therefore again this "deal" will not hold, and the danger of war with Russia is still a very ominous risk.  

I could not help but read all the reports of those "pamphlets" that were supposedly handed out to Jewish people living in eastern Ukraine demanding that they "register" with the "pro-Russian separatist governments" or face dire consequences.   Even those with half a brain can see that this was indeed a hoax and done deliberately to garner world attention and sympathy for the US puppet regime in Kiev while at the same time try to falsely label these "separatist" governments as somehow being "antisemitic".   For a while though, the trick worked because the Jewish run media here ran with the story, but after it was called into quesiton and eventually exposed as a hoax, they withdrew it from the media rather quickly.... The real laugher is how that Jew troll, John Kohn (Kerry) the Secretary of State of the United States originally believed it to be true, ran with it for a few days last week in some of his speeches, and has now had to have his own spin doctors try to bury it to save his own neck.... To top it all off, the truth came out just the other day that this entire pamphlet scheme was concocted by none other than the American Jewish run ADL as a means of getting WAR going in that region!  The shocker now is how government officials in the United States are refusing to charge the criminal ADL with this heinous act.  It again shows how much the Jews absolutely do control America that they will get away with crimes such as this... It does beg the question about what the criminal ADL and other criminal Jewish organizations will try to do next.

 Just the other day I was in a local coffee shop and I did overhear some people at an adjoining table talk about what was happening in Ukraine.... One person blurted out that it was the fault of those "damned Russians and their invasion of Crimea"!   I was astounded and shocked to see how much the Jewish run media in this nation has brainwashed people into horrible lies about the situation in Ukraine.   How can people not research for themselves and see that Russia absolutely did NOT "invade" Crimea for starters is beyond me....  And to hear that people are being fooled into believing the situation in Ukraine is the fault of the Russians shows how foolish people are being suckered by the Jewish run media and our own governments... Those criminals want everyone now brainwashed into a hatred of Russia as a means of getting public support for war!   Lets just say that I did not say a word in that coffee shop, but just shook my head in disbelief knowing I and others that are trying to get the truth out do again have a severe uphill battle on our hands.....

I received a few comments about my last article calling the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, an idiot for sending obsolete Canadian F-18 fighter planes to eastern Europe.   Yes, the man and his lackeys in Ottawa are indeed idiots.... Sending these weapons of war, although outdated and would not stand a chance in any open warfare, is not helping the situation in Ukraine at all.    But Stephen and his fellow idiot trolls have their orders and will do their part in angering Russia even further.   I stand behind my assertion that Canada should have butt out and not been trying to get further embroiled in a possible conflict that could have this nation of only 35 million people involved beyond our capabilities...... Canada does not have the military might of other nations by a long shot, and should do what it has a long history of doing, which is to maintain the peace....

While the world stays focused on troubles elsewhere, the situation in Syria is heating up again.   We are indeed watching what may be a repeat of last August with the fraud "chemical weapon" attack then with the latest accusations that Assad has just "gassed" his own people earlier this week by the use of Chlorine gas on several villages.   By now, everyone is no longer fooled.... Assad has the love and full support of the Syrian populace and absolutely is not responsible for this latest "attack" once all the facts do come out.   The fact is again that the US/Israel are getting to the point of absolute desperation in their push to have Assad removed simply because he is about to enter a campaign for re-election in Syria where he will get a landslide win.   That win will show the world the truth about Syria and how the Syrian people are not "against" Assad as the liars in the Jew run mainstream media continue to promote.   Therefore the US/Israel are stepping up their propaganda war on Assad and I do again guarantee that they will try every trick in the book in their vain attempts to have him removed.....

And about the "civil war" in Syria?  I did watch some interesting videos this last week showing how the so called "rebels" are now equipped with the latest US military hardware, including modern TOW anti-tank missiles..... The criminal US government has supposedly sent these missiles through Turkey and Saudi Arabia to reach these murderous mercenaries, and they may indeed be a major game changer in the war against Bashar Al-Assad's government forces.... But again, time is short and even these weapons may not be enough to stop Assad's landslide election win in June.... A false flag attack to be blamed on Assad is therefore the only alternative left for these monsters, and as I stated before, it is coming....We must all be ready for this false flag when it comes and to make sure that the US/Israel are rightfully fingered as responsible.

Another week and more plight for the Palestinians against their Israeli oppressors.  The world continues to turn a blind eye while the criminally psychotic government in Tel Aviv openly steals more land from the Palestinian people and continues to beat and brutalize Palestinians without a peep coming from their controlled media.  The fraud "peace talks" have gone absolutely nowhere, not to my surprise.   I again must reiterate what I have said before that there is no chance for "peace" at all in that region, simply because Israel does not want peace but wants all the land for their selfish and greedy selves.   The Palestinian people have no choice at all but to fight back against these oppressors, or face extermination.

Just this week I read the latest article from a true patriot, John Kaminski, about how our future may be very short due to reports that our Arctic is "melting".   That melting would release the billions of tons of methane gas locked up in the frozen permafrost, which would accelerate "global warming" and lead to our demise.... I must state that I am not sold on this concept simply because the Arctic, especially right here in Canada, is absolutely not "melting" as claimed and in fact the permafrost is not disintegrating at all, but has actually increased over the last while... The facts are backed up by anyone that can simply research the fact that the permafrost line here in Canada that separates the point at which the ground is no longer frozen, from where it is permanently frozen, has not moved north at all which would be definitely happening if the Arctic was indeed "melting".... But in fact the last figures I have been able to check show that the permafrost line even here in this province of mine has in fact moved SOUTH, which indicates that we are NOT having "Global Warming" at all, but are in fact entering a period of "Global Cooling".  This is logical, considering this planet is not warming at all, but is indeed entering a long normal cyclic phase of cooling due to diminished solar output from our Yellow Dwarf star, Sol... This means that the fear of "methane release" in the Arctic region, at least here in Canada, due to "melting" is unsubstantiated and does not fit with the facts.   I do agree with John that our future is indeed in peril, but I do believe that if we do cause our demise, it will be done by other methods than by this "Global Warming" fraud.....  Al Gore and his cronies and liars are in the fraud of "Global Warming" to line their own pockets and we do not need to give them further ammunition for their con....

The Cliven Bundy family ranch fight against the criminal US government has not ended by a longshot... The facts now show that the major reason this land that the Bundys have grazed their cattle on for over a century is so coveted, is that the criminal Reid family of Nevada has made a deal for its sale to Chinese businessmen to build a solar power plant. The Reids themselves were to make tremendous profit from this venture, at the expense of the Bundys.  The fight for stealing the Bundy family livelihood has stalled temporarily thanks to the work of patriots who have gone to the Bundy ranch to stop its illegal seizure....However, the Federal Government in Washington has not ended their push to steal that land, and will try again very shortly.....

The real astounding and shocking fact that came from this debacle is that the Bundy fight is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the US government appropriating (stealing) land from US citizens... What we have here is US land being scooped up and being used as collateral for the tremendous odious debt owed by the US government to criminal banks and to foreign nations.  The lands of the United States are definitely being stolen right out from the American people, handed over to criminals, and right now very few are doing little to stop this atrocity from continuing....It does appear that Thomas Jefferson and other American patriots were right in saying that if the people of the United States allowed criminals to take over their banking system, then they would eventually wake up one day no longer owning the very country that their forefathers fought so hard and long for...

Yes, I did see the reports this last week where researchers have come forward proving that the United States is absolutely NOT a "republic" or even a "democracy" as its own criminal government continues to laughingly claim, but is in fact an Oligarchy.   That is fact, and most Americans need only to do a bit of research and look around for themselves... Their nation is controlled by large corporations that absolutely run all phases of the American government, and all of American society today.   They continue to keep most of the American public enslaved by the "illusion" that the United States is a republic and a democracy, when in fact it is indeed an Oligarchy that is fast approaching becoming a full police state.  Facts are facts, and it is high time the American people wake the hell up...  And for those who think that Canada is somehow a democracy... I have bad news for my fellow Canadians that this nation is indeed run by corporations as well....Democracy is now just an illusion..

Well, I guess that is it for now on the major issues of the week.... I will close this long rant with my usual last minute "tidbits"...... Absolutely no change at all in the ongoing disaster at Fukushima, and I am not shocked at all.  They cannot fix this problem at all with present technology and are continuing to just pour water over the situation.  And to top it off, we hear of more reports of radioactive contamination of food from the Pacific Ocean.  This problem will not fix itself, and it is again high time more focus is put placed by our governments on actually doing something about it......I have not talked about the Kansas "Synagogue shooting" at all because I see it as just another hoax, and I hope that others can see the fraud as well.  A proven government operative goes into a center, shoots 3 people, and then screams "Heil Hitler" when he is captured.  Talk about a set up!...... New report by Jim Fetzer over at Veterans Today this week shows that the Sandy Hook "school" was absolutely not a school at all as I have long claimed.  It was in fact a prop that was very poorly set up to look like a real "school".  How anyone can miss the fact that this "school" was a horrible health hazard and unfit for usage by students is beyond me.  But the scam artists promoting the lie that Sandy Hook was real are still out there and still spewing their garbage......More reports this week showing that vaccines do not work at all and in fact promote the very diseases that they are supposed to prevent.  How anyone can still think that mercury laden vaccines work and are good for us is troubling.  The brainwashing of the public has indeed taken its toll........Someone sent me an interesting comment this last week full of the usual insults and slurs and asking why I say the media is "Jewish controlled".   Has that person been living under a rock?  Take a look at exactly who owns the corporations running Hollywood and all the media outlets and get back to me.  For example, Eisner and Rothstein are not Catholic names by a long shot.........Whitewraithe had the first phase of her dental surgery this last week and is recovery.   I have not talked to her for a few days, but from her last email it does appear that everything went well and she is bound and determined to get back to writing her blog and doing our planned show.   I will keep everyone posted........Arsenal is still in the mix for the top 4 in the Premier League, but will close out the schedule with a few difficult games.  No hope now for top spot in the table now however with Liverpool looking very strong.  Better luck next year, Gunners!.... And finally, everyone is expecting me to do the close to this rant by taking a shot at the Kardashian family of skanks, trolls, and trollops.   Why bother?  America is such a mess and if people live for news about these media whores rather than focus on saving themselves, then there is no hope for them at all.... And people wonder why I have stated that America is on its way to oblivion?

More to come


Thursday, April 17, 2014

WHY Is The Idiot Prime Minister Of Canada Sending Canadian F-18 Fighter Planes To Eastern Europe?

The situation in Ukraine should be de-escalating... At least there has been some good news coming out today that a deal has been reached to try to alleviate tensions and to stop the US puppet regime in Kiev from continuing to shoot its own citizens in Ukraine's eastern provinces.... The situation in Ukraine should have all parties agreeing to pull back their military and let cooler heads prevail in proper negotiations....

However, I am indeed troubled by some news that was sent to me by a recent commentator, and it should concern everyone, especially my fellow citizens living in this once free nation called Canada... It appears, according to the following report from Global News, at, that the criminal Jewish controlled puppet government in Ottawa, under the control of that idiot Prime Minister Stephen Harper, has now committed 6 F-18 fighter aircraft to eastern Europe to "bolster" NATO's forces there.... I have that article right here for everyone to read for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

6 CF-18s headed to Poland to bolster NATO forces response to Ukraine

OTTAWA – Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canada will contribute six CF-18 jet fighters to a NATO air-policing mission as a response to the crisis in the Ukraine.

The jets and ground support staff will be based in Poland.

In addition, the military is sending up to 20 staff officers to bolster the Canadian presence at NATO headquarters in Brussels as the alliance organizes a further response.

NATO requested Canadian participation, the prime minister said.

READ MORE: Combat vehicles in east Ukraine city raise Russian flags

“This is in response to the situation that is developing there and frankly more generally to the concern that we have on what really is expansionism and militarism on the part of Russia under the presidency of Mr. (Vladimir) Putin,” Harper said prior to a meeting with the country’s top military commander, Gen. Tom Lawson.

“I believe this to be a long-term, serious threat to global peace and security and we’re always prepared to work with our allies in NATO and elsewhere.”

On Wednesday, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, NATO’s secretary general, announced what was dubbed a “reassurance package” for jittery east European members of the alliance.

Over the next few months additional air, sea and land forces will take up positions in former East Bloc countries.

The government did not say whether the CF-18s will join beefed-up patrols over the Baltic Sea, which are meant to reassure countries such as Estonia and Lithuania, or whether they will be flying along Poland’s border with Ukraine.

It is an important distinction given tensions in the region and the sporadic violence that has gripped Ukraine’s border region with Russia.

The Canadian fighter jets will join warplanes from the United States, Britain, Denmark, Poland, Portugal and Germany, which will be deploying in waves between now and the fall.

Canada is also slated to take part in July in a long-planned, U.S.-led military exercise in Ukraine, known as Rapid Trident 2014, but the government has not been forthcoming about the size and scope of the country’s involvement.

© The Canadian Press, 2014

NTS Notes:  I honestly cannot believe that the criminal federal government in Ottawa has done such a stupid move and has sent military aircraft to eastern Europe.... This move does not help the situation there at all, and in fact will only further antagonize and infuriate Russia....

To send fighter aircraft at this stage of the tension, considering that a diplomatic deal was desperately needed and finally signed to avoid war and to de-escalate tensions is an absolutely ridiculous move...And possibly one of the stupidest moves ever done by the criminal government in Ottawa....

And to top it all off, these aircraft are outdated and absolutely outclassed by all the modern aircraft the Russians presently have... They would not last long if an actual shooting war did take place... Thankfully that dangerous situation has momentarily been avoided thanks to the new deal reached.....

The best move that Canada could ever do in this situation is to absolutely butt out... Canada used to be known as a peace keeping nation, but now it is sticking its nose into other nations' business that it has no business in at all... Such stupid actions will only result in other nations now looking upon our 35 million citizens as nothing more than American and Israeli puppets and therefore targets for new "terrorist" attacks...

The bottom line.... Rather than add fuel to the fire, the stupid Harper regime should recall these aircraft immediately and truly show that they are wanting to let diplomacy take place to end the tensions in Ukraine.  But considering what we have seen by now by the continuing idiocy of Harper and his associates, that will never happen.

More to come