Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Understanding Our Enemy: There Are Repeated Patterns In Jewish Deception That Allow You To Recognize Jewish Lies

We in the real truth movement are not deceived and know exactly who our enemy is..... I for one have not been deceived by the lies that our enemies are "Zionists" or that only a small part of the tribe is truly evil, for I can see clearly that the entire lot of the so called "chosen ones" are driven by their madness that they alone are to be masters of all mankind.... That sickness is why the world is as fucked up as it is today...

For this article, I want to turn to a most interesting article that comes from the National Vanguard website, at www.nationalvanguard.org, that is entitled "Stop Being Insane" and shows clearly how the criminal and most evil Jewish elite have indeed used the art of deception to maintain their grip over us all... And the article shows how anyone can sift through the bullshit and recognize the Jewish lies... Here is that article in its entirety here, and of course I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Stop Being Insane

The fact that millions of White people have been conditioned to identify with and assimilate in detail Jewish tales like “Moses and the burning bush,” shown here, and know almost nothing of their own history and prehistory, is a tragedy. Such deluded Whites often act against their own interests.
American Dissident Voices broadcast of November 18, 2017
Listen to the broadcast
by Kevin Alfred Strom
THERE ARE repeating patterns in Jewish deception that allow you to recognize Jewish lies when you hear them, even if the talking head you are listening to is not a Jew. Watch for these characteristics:
1. The claim that Jews are an “oppressed people,”
2. The claim that the Jews are an especially holy or sacred people,
3. The claim that some biological or behavioral minority (excluding Whites, of course) is being “oppressed” by Whites, especially Whites with traditional values,
4. The promotion of cult-like or abstruse belief systems led by Jewish “intellectuals,” and
5. Attacks on the latest enemy who is being demonized and dehumanized, often a a pro-White person or institution, or a leader of a country against which the Jewish establishment wants the United States to make war.
As for “oppresssion” of the Jews, the Jewish holy book, the Talmud, and itsutterly impossible atrocity stories are an early prototype for the later atrocity stories used against Germans and other Europeans during the Second World War in an effort to get the British and Americans to slaughter their German kinsmen. The fake atrocity stories used as an excuse for the mass killings incited by Jews during that war are often quite absurd (how about a pedal-driven brain-bashing machine?); we ought to be prepared for similar heart-rending tales to be vended to us as the Jewish establishment pulls the strings to get the masses primed for another slaughter in the Middle East, this time in Syria or Iran.
The Jewish lies I cite are ridiculous and absurd — the claim that 800,000,000 Jews were killed in one small town, for example. But not all Jewish lies are so laughably preposterous. The unifying characteristic of these lies is that they are crafted to make us believe that Jews are powerless and oppressed victims in need of our help and our sympathy, despite the fact that they constitute the vast majority of the billionaire media elite and have most of the criminal politicians in their pockets.
Why do so many of our people believe their nonsense?
What makes us accept the most absurd lies of the Jews is that we are programmed from our earliest childhood to accept the premise that Jews are “chosen by God” and are the holy “people of the book,” and are a source of great morality and righteousness. Those of us who have most fully assimilated this brainwashing feel at an almost instinctual level that it would somehow be “going against God” or against morality to doubt what the Jews tell us. Any creature so programmed is totally at the mercy of the programmer. Let’s look at some of the practical aspects of this programming.
Today it is generally believed that the Jews were the originators of monotheism and that their religion has always been monotheistic. Both of these claims are lies.
The earliest known monotheist was the Egyptian king, Ikhnaton, who ruled Egypt from 1379 BC, preceding the Jews’ assumption of monotheism by more than one thousand years.
The Greek philosopher Xenophanes, born around 570 BC, was the first European to profess monotheism — and, may I add, a monotheism far more logical, more rational, more elegant, and more in harmony with Nature and science than that of the Jews — and in this he antedated the Jews by centuries.
The Jews of Elephantine left behind a number of papyri dating from the fifth century BC, and from them we learn that the god they referred to as Yahweh was merely the chief of their several gods and, in fact, they provided him with a female god to be his consort. It should be noted that the Jews at Elephantine considered themselves to be absolutely orthodox and were apparently considered to be so by the rabbis of the then recently established Jewish temple in Jerusalem.
There are traces remaining in the “Old Testament” showing the original Jewish polytheism, such as numerous references to Elohim, which literally means “the gods,” and exhortations not to worship other gods than the Jews’ tribal deity, Yahweh, implicitly affirming that those other gods did exist. Most of those writings were amended after exposure to Persian ideas and Graeco-Roman Stoicism convinced the Jews to make the Jewish tribal deity appear to be a universal one.
The Semitic peoples of the Middle East, including the partly-Semitic Jews, typically believed that many gods existed, but each tribe worshipped a particular god that was attached to that locality or that tribe. These Semitic tribes often referred to their tribal god by the name “Lord,” which was pronounced “Baal” or “Bel” in their native tongues. (The famous contest between “Baal” and “the Lord” was therefore just a story about a contest between two “lords” of two different tribes, and the language as used today is purposely deceptive.) These tribal gods typically had a covenant or agreement with the tribe (or, more exactly, with the tribe’s priesthood) to especially favor the tribe if the dictates of the priests were followed by the people. This was a common arrangement among the teeming populations of the Middle East, and the Jews were no exception. According to their own mythology, the Jews were Yahweh‘s “chosen people.”
Quite opposed to this tradition at that time was the near-monotheism of Persian Zoroastrianism, which posited an eternal struggle between the one universal god of good and the forces of evil; and the philosophy of Stoicism developing in the West, which affirmed a life force called Providence or animus mundi, meaning mind of the universe, to account for the workings of fate.
The Jews’ brilliant coup was in hijacking the Stoic’s animus mundi and saying that the force behind the universe was really Yahweh all along. This is the Jewish lie that has befuddled our people for millennia and still deludes millions of our race today. It is the lie that facilitates our acceptance of so many others. It is a lie that must be exposed.
The real Jewish genius was in taking their old idea of a tribal god, which especially favored Jews, and making him into a universal god, the creator of the universe, the only god, and yet still retaining the god’s special favoritism for the Jews, which made the Jews, to anyone who accepted this myth, into an especially righteous “god-people,” virtual gods on earth whose statements and very beings must be regarded with a kind of awe; who are listened to in a kind of religious trance in which the most absurd lies must not be questioned because they come from a “holy” source. You can imagine the power that such a myth gave the Jews over any one or any nation that accepted their claim to special holiness.
Sadly, some two thousand years later, many White people today still accept that myth and act accordingly. It’s insane.
A creature named Malcolm Hedding, evidently — I am sorry to say — a White man, operates an evangelical outfit called the “International Christian Embassy” the entire focus of which is supporting Jews and Israel as the primary religious imperative. I’ll quote from some of Mr. Hedding’s ravings:
As we all know the Word of God calls upon us to pray for Israel and stand with her, as this process of restoration in her national life will culminate with her spiritual recovery and the coming of their Messiah. This in turn will usher in the Messianic Age of peace and glory on the earth. A time when the world will finally have rest from its wars, turmoil and violence. This is the age that we all long for since we will reign with Jesus from Jerusalem….
One does wonder just who “we” are, according to Reverend Hedding. He continues:
Christians owe Israel a debt of gratitude, for … we received the Word of the Living God from her … salvation is of the Jews!
Repeatedly quoting from Jewish writings that promise “blessings” to those that “bless” the Jews, the program of the “Christian Embassy” is to offer physical support through sending volunteers from Western nations to work for free in Israel; to urge Christians, many of them quite poor I am sure, to send money to Jews in Israel; to provide Jews with free dental care, free computer equipment, free hospital care, free playground equipment, and even free heaters and air conditioners. All this largesse is sent by mostly working-class Christians to the richest people on Earth, who are already receiving over 10 million dollars per day from the American taxpayers and huge amounts from Germany and other nations! They also sponsor a “Churches for Israel” program, from which I quote:
Your church can be a “Church for Israel”
Your church can:
  • Pray for Israel
  • Host a “Bless Israel” day or event
  • Financially bless Israel
Any church or ministry which commits to any of the above choices is a “Church for Israel”, and will receive:
  • Regular newsletter especially for churches
  • Regular audiocassette messages to pastors
  • Monthly prayer requests for Israel
  • A Church for Israel certificate
  • Assistance in setting up meetings, tours to Israel and more…..
And the “Christian Embassy” behind all these projects is just a small-time operation, a tiny fraction of the overall Christian support for the Jews and their murderous state given by the likes of Pat Robertson, Liberty University, John Hagee, and their ilk!
These deranged White men have been programmed by a 2,000-year-old psyopto work against their own best interests and use their money and energy to help Jews, when there are poor White children in this country who will never reach their potential for lack of money, and honorable White grandmothers who eat out of dumpsters or go hungry.
Why do these fools care so much about Israel? According to the magazine Christianity Today,
Many evangelicals have vivid memories of sitting in Sunday school rooms, staring at maps of Bible Lands and listening to Bible stories week after week. Through such experiences, evangelicals came to view the Bible’s story as their own and the land of the Bible as a kind of home away from home.
They may not know where their own people were 2,000 years ago, what they lived and died for, what they believed, how their ancestors struggled so that they might live and have the blessings of civilization — but they sure know, or think they know, all about the Jews; they view Jewish history as their own and call the Middle East the “Holy Land”; and identify with the Jews as a kind of superior and more godly version of themselves. They see images of our Germanic or Classical ancestors and there is not the slightest sign of recognition in their dull eyes. But show them a picture of a Jew in the desert near a burning bush and they identify with it instantly. How bizarre this is — and how infinitely tragic.
No doubt these “Christian Zionists,” as they sometimes call themselves, sincerely believe the Jewish verse they constantly quote again and again: “To the Jew first!” To the Jew first, indeed!
Can’t you see how insane this is? The Jews support their own institutions, their own state, their own people, as any rational nation would do. But millions of the men and women of our European civilization, White men and women, heirs of the greatest culture the world has ever known, do not support their own people. With the words written by an alien race — “to the Jew first!” — upon their lips, they ignore the basic needs for the survival of their own race, their own nation, and ignore even the cries and suffering of their own poor and destitute, and give their all for the Jews. They justify and support genocide and brutal occupation (if done by Jews), and gladly tax themselves and sacrifice the lives of their children to make it possible. All based on a preposterous hoax that Jews are somehow holy and sacred and intimately connected to God.
What fantastic power to control the minds of their hosts the Jews attained when they hit upon the brilliant idea of taking over monotheism and remaking it in the image of their tribal, ethnocentric god Yahweh.
Not only will this misplaced loyalty and religious perversion be fatal to us and lead to our extinction in the long run if it is allowed to continue, but it is extremely dangerous in the short term as well.
These “Christian Zionists” profess a belief that history is following a divinely preordained pattern, centered on Israel, which can be discerned if one reads ancient Jewish texts with the proper reverence. They believe that Israel’s aggression against her neighbors and the driving out of the Palestinians are in accord with a “divine plan” that will culminate in a great battle called Armageddon that will usher in the events of the “end times” and a literal kingdom of God on Earth. Let me emphasize this — the Christian Zionists want these events to take place to fulfill their interpretation of Jewish scriptures. They want Israel to conquer its Middle Eastern neighbors; they want American treasure and American blood to be used to the maximum extent possible to make that happen; and they want the new world war that this will bring in order for the Jewish “prophecies” to come true.
The Jews, of course, must have a hard time preventing themselves from snickering at the Christian Zionists’ beliefs, which they certainly do not share. But they exploit their foolish allies to the hilt.
Crazy Pat Robertson asks his flock, almost every night, to support Israel with money and through local and national pressure. And they do exactly that. From their tenderest years they are programmed to accept Jewish lies as “ultimate truth,” and to excoriate as “totally evil” anyone who would question the righteousness of the self-chosen people.
Such is the power and fanaticism of these zealots who have accepted without reservation or ratiocination one of the most deadly Jewish lies of all — the lie that Jews are holy, Jews are “chosen,” Jews are uniquely “righteous.” We must break free of this lie if we are to survive. And we must make sure that our children are not tricked by this lie into surrendering their birthright and their lives on the altar of Jewish supremacism.
Am I a radical extremist for wanting my people to stop being insane? — to stop acting in a way that will destroy our children’s future? I ask all of you, whatever your tradition or faith, to use your reason and see these special Jewish claims for what they are: a means to enslave, exploit and use you and your loved ones; a means to divert your love and your energies away from your own people and your own children and toward supporting the Jews; a means of parasitizing our society that will ultimately be fatal if we allow it to continue.

NTS Notes: Yes, this entire article does have a lot of religious undertones, but it does point out how these monsters have indeed been deceiving everyone for centuries...

I for one am sick and tired of these "Christian Zionists" that have been nothing more than brainwashed knuckleheads and morons and are basically too stupid for their own good.... They have indeed drank the "kool-aid" and are nothing more than cannon fodder for the Jewish criminals....

I will continue to publish articles such as this one for the simple fact that I am absolutely sick and tired of the Jewish lies and deception..... I can no longer tolerate these monsters and their evil parasitic ways and will continue to make sure that everyone who reads this blog sees the bitter truth no matter how sick it is.... People need to understand our real enemy and to make sure that they pass the message onto everyone else as well..

More to come


Monday, November 20, 2017

Canadian Knucklehead Prime Minister Justin Trudeau At His Best: Calls ISIS Fighters Returning To Canada "Returning Islamic Travellers" (!)

As a Canadian, I am truly disgusted by the antics and stupidity of the sitting Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau... It has been bad enough that this knucklehead and moron is trying to ram through his phoney and fraudulent "Carbon Tax" that will fleece BILLIONS of dollars from the pockets of Canadian Taxpayers, but he has again and again made himself out to be an absolute moron when it comes to foreign affairs ....

Well, apparently Justin Trudeau has once again made himself out to be a complete idiot and moron... For according to the following report from Your News Wire website, at www.yournewswire.com, apparently Justin is now wanting to see the fraud "ISIS" fighters. that were sent as US mercenaries and operatives to fight against both Syria and Iraq and are supposed to be "terrorists", be relabeled as "Returning Islamic Travellers" if and when they have the nerve to return to Canada!   Here is the link to that report for everyone to see for themselves, and I do of course have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


NTS Notes: Honestly, when I read this report this morning, I said "You have got to be fucking kidding me".... I did not know whether to laugh at the ignorance and stupidity of Justin, or to laugh and shake my head at the ignorance and stupidity of the Canadian public overall that actually voted for this idiot!

Yes, this "Prime Minister" is actually wanting to see these so called "terrorists" be "reintegrated" into Canadian society!  I do recall that these "ISIS fighters" are supposed to be a big bad "terrorist" group that is supposed to be sought out, captured, and/or killed, in the supposed 'War on terror" that Canada is involved in... So what the hell is going on now with Justin thinking that "all is forgiven" with these supposed "terrorists" and allowing them back into Canada?  "Rebranding" them to allow their return????  How stupid does Justin really think we all are?

Yes, it should be obvious to everyone by now that this big bad "war on terror" and the entire "ISIS terrorist" organization that we are supposed to be fighting is nothing but a sham....  It should be obvious that Justin is involved in the sham and is trying to play the Canadian public as morons......

But what the heck!  Lets have all of these big bad and most "evil" "terrorists" come over to live free in Canada... I do not see the problem with this, right?

And people actually voted for this clown to be our Prime Minister????

More to come


Sunday, November 19, 2017

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Sunday once again... And as usual time for my weekly rant...

Many people have noticed a severe change in the tone of my messages over the last while, and I have to be honest in that I have tried for years to get more people to wake the fuck up and I feel that I have been personally let down....

Lets face it... I have been writing here for almost a full 10 years, and have written almost 4200 articles at this blog.... And at one point a few years ago, I actually felt that I was making a difference, especially with readership at over 150000 hits per month.... But since that time, the readership seems to have "dried up" and I am barely now, at least according to "Blogger" getting 40000 hits a month... I  have been perplexed and wondering.. Where have all the people with any critical thinking skills all vanished to?   Does this mean that people do not care any more?  Or have I pissed off so many people now that people just do not want to see reality for themselves?

As I have said so many times before, I have no need for personal glory or gain in what I write here... I have long been able to look critically at anything that is reported, sift through the garbage, and ascertain exactly what is happening..... I put those thoughts and what I find as the truth in each and every article that I write.... I also have long said that if anyone finds any errors in my writings to let me know and I will make the necessary corrections... Therefore what you read here is the truth with no bullshit and no need to cover up for anything or anyone...

With that said, I have now reached a point in writing this blog that I feel that I have reached my limit and I have actually considered shutting down this site.... The reasons are logical, for if nobody cares and nobody wants to listen or give a damn, then why am I continuing to put in my own efforts and waste my own time?   I spend so much time every day surfing the internet and digging through the bullshit of the Jew spew media lies to try to stop the propaganda from brainwashing people, and yet I find that most people just are too tied up in their own personal worlds that they do not care about what is happening to them and to our world.   So again, I have to ask... Why bother?

As noted in the last article at this blog.. This world is indeed run by psychopaths that care not for their fellow human beings... Yes, these psychotic "tribe members" of the so called "chosen race" of Satan are all wanting to see themselves as rulers of the world with the rest of us forever in squaller and as their slaves..... A few years back, even my former partner Whitewraithe was so exasperated by the lack of anyone paying attention to her own writings and her trying to reach the masses, that she said to me clearly these monsters have already won and are just waiting for the right time to pull the plug and have the entire false house of cards come crashing down.... I could not believe at the time that there was no hope for humanity and I still stuck to the belief that with time we could fight back against the despotic criminal Jewish elite and save the planet from them... However, with the passage of time I have seen no gains on the part of good against such evil, as I find more and more people these days actually more stupid than even a few years back.... Apparently Whitewraithe may be right and sadly we may be on the eve of our very destruction...

Look, I will not say that everything is "doom and gloom"... I still cling to the hope that there is enough of us out there that can make the difference and stop the madness.... The problem may be that we are too few in numbers and the odds are too much stacked against us for any of us to be able to fight back....

And in saying all this, here I am still out there trying to get the message out to apparently a dwindling readership...... And I want to thank those who have stuck by me all these years.....

Anyways, I may as well get onto what I see really happening in the world around us..... First of all, I am so pissed off by what I see really happening in the Middle East right now... The US government has been LYING their asses off to the American people for the last 5+ years in regards to the nice little war in Syria that they themselves created and ran through their fraud of "ISIS"... And now with the Syrian government forces clearing out the last of that fraud "terrorist" group and on the road to supposed victory, that same criminal government is now exposing their real purpose of illegally invading Syria in the first place... They are working for the dismemberment of Syria by basically handing over a large portion of the northeastern portion of that nation to the fraud "SDF" forces and the Kurds.... As I said in my last rant, since their initial "Plan A" has failed which was the removal of Bashar al-Assad from power through force has failed, they are running with their "Plan B" which is to "Federalize" Syria by breaking it up into smaller states.... Yes, the US has absolutely NO intentions of ever leaving Syria, and will be there in the northeastern part of that nation illegally for years to come unless the Russians and Syrians themselves force their removal by brute force...  A US war with Russia triggered by their presence in Syria?  It may yet happen....

And of course we have the sinister and most evil "alliance" emerging between the psychotic Jews in Israel and the Jewish run Saudi Arabia which is aimed at a nice little war against Iran.... The psychopaths that run these two "states" are definitely working together in a diabolical plan to trigger a war against Iran by every means necessary, and once that war is started, both will come calling other minions in the US to come into the fight and do all the fighting and dying for them!   And these two psychotic states care not that such a war against Iran could spread quickly into a global war against both Russia and China.... Such is the psychosis that occupies such wretched and evil states in the world today....

One thing that I have especially found so troubling is the complete lack of any real coverage of the ongoing slaughter and genocide taking place in Yemen thanks to the criminal Saudis and of course their American minions... It is bad enough that the Saudis have purposely targeted civilians for their intensive bombing campaign against Yemeni cities, but we also have the Saudis committing genocide on the Yemen people by using biological weapons including the introduction of Cholera, to try to murder as many Yemen civilians as possible.... It is also astounding to see the US itself assist in the genocide of Yemen civilians through the US helping the Saudis to blockade as many ports on the coast of Yemen to prevent humanitarian aid from reaching the civilians that are presently starving to death.... And to top that all off comes reports this last week about how the US government is insisting that they are not directly helping in the slaughter of the Yemen people, and yet are supplying the Saudis with refuelling aircraft for their bombing of Yemen's cities... It is so much hypocrisy from the liars and criminals in the US government, and yet they continue to lie!......AND as it stands at this point, the crisis has reached a level that we will definitely see millions of innocent Yemen civilians die over the next year at least from starvation, bombings, and of course biological warfare..... I have been wondering over the last few months as I continue to bring forward the reality of Yemen at these rants, how in the hell can everyone just stand by and watch this catastrophe take place?

Well, I see that Ukraine is getting back into the news these days.... I see that the Ukrainian army still is having a hard time in their war against the breakaway Donbas republics, but now the US puppet government in Kiev is once again trying to turn their attention to Crimea and still trying to convince the world that Russia somehow "annexed" that peninsular region.... I hope that I do not have to explain once again to everyone here that Crimea was NEVER really part of Ukraine at all, and had been part of Russia for centuries before Nikita Khrushchev "handed over" Crimea to the Ukrainian SSR republic of the Soviet Union back in 1954 with the understanding that sometime in the future the Crimean people could choose where they wanted to belong..... And of course after the breakup of the Soviet Union back in 1991, the Ukrainian government gave the Crimea greater "autonomy" to have them stay with Ukraine rather than vote legally to split from Ukraine and return to Russia.... It was only after the stupid and idiotic US run coup and overthrow of the Ukrainian government now 3 years ago that the Crimean people realized they had no future with Ukraine and voted OVERWHELMINGLY to not only separate from Ukraine but to join the Russian Federation which they had every legal right to do!  I for one am truly sick and tired of the sheer ignorance of everyone that does not even take the time to research for themselves and see the truth about this fraud of "Russian Annexation" of Crimea!  And honestly, WHY would the Crimean people ever want to join Ukraine considering what the US coup has done to totally fuck up that nation today?

One last thing before I get onto my usual "last minute tidbits"... I have said that I will be taking a vacation very soon to "recharge my batteries"... I am indeed planning to take such a much needed break very soon (maybe as early as this coming week) and I will be spending the time to not only relax but to reassess what I want to do with this blog..... Honestly, I really do not like the idea of quitting all together, but again I am worried about the lack of readership and how my numbers have been falling so dramatically....... I will keep everyone informed as to when I take a break....

OK, enough of my ramblings for this week... Time to close this rant with my last minute tidbits...... I hate to be right about this one, but does anyone else see how the rhetoric about a war with North Korea seems to be waning these days?   I am sticking to my statement that the push for war against North Korea is nothing but a massive propaganda stunt and for the psychological effect of fear to have nations bordering North Korea now purchase even more American made weapons.  Yes, fear does drive the business of weapons of war, and right now business is good..........I did see the latest reports about videos showing clearly the presence of multiple shooters at the Las Vegas mass shooting incident.  This does prove that it was an operation, and that people did indeed die.   BUT I am sick and tired of those who call the Las Vegas shooting a "hoax".  This one was definitely real, with real deaths.  My only question remains as to "who benefitted"?.............The Keystone pipeline fiasco leaked some 210000 gallons of crude oil into pristine farmland some 20 miles west of Sioux Falls South Dakota last week.   Which begs the questions from me: Is this a common occurrence? And is this pipeline as "safe" as the owners claim?......... Yes, there is a major outbreak of Plague on the island of Madagascar, and there are now worries that it will spread (if it has not already) to the African mainland.  My question is: Considering the fact that Madagascar is an island, then who in their right mind would allow it to spread to Africa?  The only means of transmitting it to the African mainland so quickly would be by allowing sick people to board airline flights off the island itself.  And considering the fact that Madagascar is supposed to be under "quarantine" right now, Who in their right mind would do such a thing?..........Alarming reports about fish stock "collapse" off of the American and Canadian west coast in the Pacific Ocean, and I cannot help but to think "Fukushima".   Yes, the Fukushima disaster is still ongoing with no end in sight, and its effects are now being felt by the disastrous death of so much Pacific Ocean life.  And sadly, so many people do not even notice?.....OK, what in the hell is actually happening in Zimbabwe?  Are we looking at a scam concocted by the criminal Mugabe so that he can suspend any upcoming elections and stay in power until the day he actually dies?  Something is amiss there........The sexual perversions of the Jewish freaks in Jewlywood (Hollywood) continues, with even more 'stars' and others associated with that filth coming forward to charge so many tribe members with sexual misconduct.  Again, WHY must we continue to put up with this?  I say shut the whole damn sick and perverted thing down immediately and put all of the tribe members involved in cold jail cells!..........Jew run Facebook is bad enough, but now we find "Twitter" in the same sick fold by its ability to track its users' internet activities.  Yes, I again must ask WHY anyone in their right minds would ever have one of these fraud "social networks" that are nothing more than spy programs that can and will be used against them!.........Someone told me last week that a country singer, Neal McCoy, is out there taking shots at the idiots in the NFL that have slandered the American national anthem by "taking a knee".  Supposedly, McCoy has written a song called "Take a Knee, My Ass!" that absolutely blows these idiots away.   I actually never have taken a liking for Country music up until now, but maybe it is time to take another listen thanks to Mr. McCoy!........Yes, Christmas is coming, and as usual the stores around here are trying to not call it Christmas to try to be "politically correct".  Well, too bad for the idiots behind this political correctness bullshit can kiss my hairy ass, for I will continue to call it Christmas and say Merry Christmas every chance I can!......... I see Arsenal did itself proud yesterday by beating Tottenham Hotspur by a 2-0 score.  Yes, maybe I have spoke too soon in calling Arsenal's season a bust?  But again, it will be difficult to beat Manchester City that is definitely on a roll right now....... And finally, I still do not have another victim to take shots at for the moment, so for now I will bash the Kardashian idiots at least one more time.  I did not know this until now, but yes, skank Kim has her own fragrance called "Crystal Gardenia".  And yes, you too can smell like a two bit useless skank as well by using this 'fragrance' promoted by this worthless piece of humanity.....

More to come


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Psychopaths Rule Our World

I have been deeply troubled by what I am seeing happening with the world around us these days... I and others in the real truth movement have been trying our damn best to alert everyone to the bitter reality that we live in, and about the insane group of "chosen ones" that are hell bent on controlling our planet and wanting to see the rest of us either their slaves for all eternity or DEAD.....

Personally, I am at a loss as to why the messages that I try to promote are reaching so few people... I have been writing this blog for ten years now with absolutely NO want to personal glory or gain.. My purpose here has always been to convey as much truth to everyone that reads my articles, and hopefully to take that information and spread it around to everyone that they know and/or to take the information and put it into their own articles... I have absolutely no qualms at all if anyone desires to cut and paste my articles and even to take them and call them their own... I want to see everyone awakened to the madness that we see in our world today before it is too late for all humanity......

OK, after saying all that, I want to move on to another important article that I saw and read just the other day, that comes from Lasha Darkmoon's most excellent blog "Darkmoon" at www.darkmoon.me... This one is entitled "Psychopaths Rule The World" and is absolutely a must read by everyone....  I have the link to that article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:


NTS Notes: I also want to make sure that everyone takes a close look at Paul Craig Roberts' article from his website at www.paulcraigroberts.org, that is contained within Lasha's fabulous article... Here is the link to Paul's article, entitled: "Will America Survive Washington?" right here:


OK, I have constantly received a lot of hateful comments concerning my putting up Paul Craig Robert's articles, especially the fact that Paul absolutely did support Donald Drumpf's run for the Presidency... I will state it clearly that as far as I am concerned, Paul was right in supporting Drumpf at the time, for the alternative of having that psychotic witch Killary Clinton sitting in the White House would have been too much for everyone to bare....  We all were fooled by Drumpf at the time and now everyone knows the reality that he is just another Jew dick sucker like every President before him.... Mr. Roberts is no different and definitely now sees Drumpf in a completely different light!

Honestly, I am very worried about what I see happening right now across the planet with these lunatics rushing towards a global nuclear war and catastrophe.... The issue I have of course is trying to deal with the complete ignorance and lack of wanting to do anything from the dumb ass sheep out there.... I for one do not want to see the planet destroyed, and I am still hoping there are enough sane people left on this sick world that feel the same way...

More to come


Friday, November 17, 2017

Important Health News: FINALLY! Over 100 Cannabis Cancer Studies Prove That Marijuana Is Medicine AND Annihilates Cancer!

Once in a while a report does finally come around that shows that I and others in the "real truth movement" have indeed be absolutely right when it comes to the articles that we post at our blogs....For example, one of my original reports at this blog, that I posted some 8 years ago, was concerning the medical usage of Hemp Oil derived from Marijuana for fighting and CURING Cancer.... Just for posterity and to once again give readers a heads up, here is the link to that report from 2009:


OK, Back then I really had to ask the hard question as to what the heck was the so called "Medical Industry" waiting for?  They have always known that Hemp Oil absolutely destroys Cancer cells and have been preventing the usage of Hemp oil for decades....   Obviously the reality is that if people that are actually suffering from Cancer knew that a safe alternative to "Chemotherapy" or "Radiation treatment" was readily available, they would jump at the chance to actually cure them of their Cancer...

Now, we can fast forward to this week, and I found the following report that was just released from the Daily Health Post website, at www.dailyhealthpost.com, where supposedly some 100 Cannabis Cancer studies conducted by the Medical Industry proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that Cannabis does indeed cure patients of Cancer..... Here is the link to that report here:


And I found the following report from USA News online, at www.usanews.com, that states that "Cannabis Compounds Can Kill Cancer Cells".... Here is the link to THAT report here:


OK, FINALLY the criminals behind Big Pharma and the so called Cancer industry have all had to admit that Cannabis, and of course Hemp Oil, does indeed fight and cure people of their Cancer... But the question becomes.. What the heck took them so long?

The reality is of course that "Fighting Cancer" is a multi-billion dollar industry that promotes very dangerous "treatments" that absolutely do NOT cure anyone of their Cancer.. The point of this fraud industry is simple.. There is NO money to be made from actually curing any patients at all and therefore readily available real cures for Cancer are not only suppressed but in the case of Cannabis criminalized...

Yes, finally after 8 long years of promoting the usage of Cannabis and Hemp Oil at this blog as a safe means of combatting Cancer, I and others have been proven right.....  I sure do hope that this message does get out to those who are presently suffering from Cancer and to make sure that they are aware of the safe alternatives to the brutal "treatments" their own doctors will of course try to prescribe to them!

More to come


Thursday, November 16, 2017

Immigration Disaster In Europe: Female Doctor Working In Germany Warns The World About "Immigration"

It has been a while since I last filed any reports here at this blog concerning the illegal migrant flooding into Europe as part of the sinister Jewish plan to not only have Europe destroyed, but to destroy the Caucasian racial foundations of Europe itself... We have all seen over the last 5 years as most European natoins have been stupid enough to bow to their Jewish masters and allow these MIGRANT workers, who are absolutely NOT so called "immigrants" as the Jew spew media continues to falsely claim, to come into their nations and wreck their entire social structures... It has been an unmitigated disaster and sadly the FLOOD of these illegals continues to this day...

I have especially been watching the disaster unfold in Germany, where that diabolically evil "Chancellor" Angela Merkel continue to destroy her own nation by allowing millions of these illegals come in and wreck total havoc on the proud German nation.... It has especially been maddening to watch all of the reports about how these illegals have been raping German women and pillaging the entire nation...And the real sad part is how the German people have been "ordered" by their own government and law officials to basically "ignore" the problem all together!  What the hell has happened to the once proud German nation???

Now comes a most alarming report courtesy of the "Birth Of A New Earth" website, at www.birthofanewearth.blogspot.com, where a female German doctor has come forward to warn everyone about exactly what has been happening in Germany right now with these "immigrants" running wild across the entire nation.... I want to present the link to that report right here for everyone to see for themselves the bitter truth about this "immigrant" situation in Germany, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


NTS Notes: Yes, the word "Disgusting" is absolutely putting this mildly....

Again, where is the outcry from the German people about this?  This is absolutely a planned demolition of Germany unfolding right before our eyes and these people have been so subdued now by the criminality of their own government and the LIES about about their history that they will stand idly by watching their own nation's destruction..

Lets get the facts straight here... The sinister Jewish criminals have always targeted Europe and especially Germany for destruction... They want to see their one major obstacle to world domination, the Caucasian race, destroyed and therefore they have targeted Caucasian Europe for that destruction by using these non-Caucasian illegal migrants as their primary weapon....

It has been so sad for me to watch Europe being destroyed.. .Nations such as Sweden and even France are now illegal migrant sewers and have all but lost their national identities.. And now we can definitely add Germany to that list as well.....  

Someone asked me about a solution to this problem, and I will lay it out as simple as I can... STOP the flood of these illegals immediately, shut the borders, and send every single one of those who have entered their nations packing and shipped back to the hell holes they came from.... Europe has already enough social and economic problems and does NOT need these criminals and illegals to add further burden to them!

More to come


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

If You Squeeze It, You Get Lemon Juice: The Terrible F35 Lightning II Saga Continues - What Would Happen If These Flying POS Were Confronted By Russia's Own Su35 Fighters?

I have been stating for YEARS now that the F35 "Lightning II" so called "stealth" fighter aircraft that the US will be spending nearly 2 TRILLION dollars on for the entire program to replace almost all of America's existing fighter plane squadrons is a sham and a flying piece of shit..... I have found absolutely NOTHING that has yet to prove me wrong in my assertions that the F35 program is not only a huge waste of money but will leave the US itself with a plane that will be blown out of the skies by vastly superior Russian and Chinese built aircraft if a major world war ever breaks out.....

There have been many previous scenarios and war games that have already been conducted where the F35 would have to fight Russian or Chinese built fighter aircraft.. And in each of those previous scenarios, the F35 was absolutely NO match for the Russian/Chinese aircraft and in each case the entire F35 squadrons were basically blown out of the sky!

Which leads to a question even I have been asking.. What would happen if squadrons of F35 fighters came upon opposing squadrons of Russian built Sukhoi Su35 fighters?   And to help answer that question, I want to turn to the following link to a report that came out just a few days ago, from the Sputnik News online at www.sputniknews.com, that is entitled: "Red Star/White Star - Why The Lockheed F-35 Should Fear Russia's Su-35".... I have the link to that report right here for everyone to read for themselves:


OK, It is amazing that this Sputnik report harps on the issue of "stealth" as a means of the F-35 to escape having to battle the vastly superior Su-35 in air to air combat.. But it misses the key point that I have gone over again and again in every previous article about the ridiculous F-35, which is...


Must I again reiterate that fact that so called "stealth" is and always has been nothing but bullshit... The concept was first thought of way back in the 1950's with the idea of making aircraft "invisible" to radar.. However, so called "stealth" would only work within a narrow range of radar frequencies, and modern radars would adjust for "stealth" easily by varying their sweeps to cover a wide range of frequencies.... Under such an application the so called "stealth" aircraft would be easily detected...

AND I must again point out that 'stealth' was already proven to be a fraud back during the 1999 Yugoslavian conflict, where American F117A so called "stealth" fighters were easily seen and detected by Yugoslavian radar installations and many were blown out of the skies via surface to air missiles.....

So... If "stealth" does not work, then what was its purpose?  Simple, really... To make more money for aircraft criminal manufacturers such as Lougheed Martin..... Non "stealth" aircraft that actually do work in aerial combat cost maybe 1/3 of the cost of these flying lemons... But these manufacturers can claim that the outrageous cost of these F35 flying lemons is for the need to "make them stealthy" and to sucker people into paying the outrageous cost for each one of these turkeys.

Therefore the idea that the F-35 would avoid battle with Su35 aircraft is a falsehood... The slow and ridiculous F35 aircraft would easily be detected and the Su35's would easily blow them out of the sky in air to air combat...

Well, there you have it... The reality is that the F-35 is absolutely NO match for the Su-35, and would be easily blown out of the sky if an aerial dog fight between these two aircraft ever took place.... So again, I must ask the question as to WHY any nation in their right minds would ever want these turkeys???

More to come