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The Truth About The Fraud Known As ISIS: The Criminal Pentagon's Plan To Convert The (US/Israel Run) Islamic State Caliphate Into A US-Backed Syrian Rebel Puppet Regime!

Ever since the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal "renamed" their fraud known as "Al Qaeda" into their new and more "sinister" fraud known as "ISIS", I knew that there was a hidden agenda for this "terrorist group" operating and raising havoc across the Middle East.... I knew that eventually other alternative news sources would come up with some real evidence to show what that hidden agenda was all about, and I would report those findings right here.....

I came across the following very important article that comes from the Global Research group right here in Canada, at The article is entitled: "The Pentagon's Plan To Convert The Islamic State Caliphate Into A US-Backed Syrian Rebel Puppet Regime" and is a must read by everyone.. It shows exactly what I and others have been stating all this time about the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal's plans to have Syria destroyed and/or broken up into smaller fiefdoms as per the dastardly "Greater Israel" project... I have that article right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

The Pentagon’s Plan to Convert the Islamic State Caliphate into a US-Backed Syrian Rebel Puppet Regime

Global Research, May 05, 2016


Washington is preparing to mount a campaign to transfer control of Syrian territory currently held by ISIS to rebels who operate under US influence, forming a rebel redoubt from which US proxies can continue to wage war on Damascus, and establishing the foundation of a US puppet state in Syria.

A key to US strategy is the artificial division of the conflict into a part to be resolved by military means, involving ISIS, and a part to be resolved through a political settlement, involving all other rebel formations. Nusra Front, the exception, is to be ignored, and rebranded. As Al-Qaeda’s Syria franchise, it can hardly be embraced openly by the United States, though there is evidence of its being equipped covertly by the CIA.

The designation of non-ISIS rebels as parties to a political settlement follows the shibboleth that the conflict, apart from ISIS’s role in it, cannot be resolved militarily. This may be true, but only because the non-ISIS rebels have been trained and armed by Western states and their regional allies and therefore have a military significance they would not otherwise possess. Damascus’s early efforts to arrive at a political settlement by lifting restrictions on political liberties and amending the constitution went nowhere. This is because the goal of the armed opposition is the replacement of a secular non-sectarian state with one based on a conservative Sunni interpretation of the Qur’an, and because the military backing of powerful Western and regional states offers no incentive for militant Islamists to compromise. At the same time, the reality that the Ba’athist government in Damascus hangs on despite the powerful international forces arrayed against it, speaks volumes about the strong public support it commands. Its political survival, in the fifth year of an open multi-national war against it, and more than a decade after Washington launched a covert program of regime change aimed at purging Ba’athist ideology from the Syrian state [1], would not be possible in the face of widespread opposition from the Syrian public.

Photo Caption: US Special Forces are recruiting and equipping Sunni Arab fighters to capture Raqqa, the capital of ISIS’s caliphate. Once captured, the territory will likely remain in the hands of the US surrogates and almost certainly won’t be returned to the legitimate Syrian government. Instead, it will form the core of a US-puppet regime in Syria.

The objective of sharply distinguishing between ISIS and other rebel organizations is to legitimize a US-led campaign against the former, and to undermine the legitimacy of the Syrian-Iranian-Russian-Hezbollah effort to defend the Syrian state and its loyalists against all other rebel forces, namely, those backed by the US and its allies. We are to believe that it is perfectly reasonable for the US to wage war on the sectarian, terrorist, ISIS, but that Damascus must negotiate a peace with ISIS’s sectarian, terrorist, ideological cousins.

It has been extensively reported in the leading US newspapers, and acknowledged by the US vice-president, that the Nusra Front is armed by US allies Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey. The same newspapers also frequently refer to Western backing of other rebel groups. These groups have been variously described by leading US journalists as working with, enmeshed with, cooperating with, fighting alongside of, and operating under license to Al-Qaeda’s Syrian franchise, and have been reported to share weapons with it [2]. Both Nusra and other non-ISIS rebel forces are ISIS’s ideological cognates, sharing its ultra-conservative, Saudi-inspired Islamist ideology, but rejecting the idea that a caliphate is the only legitimate form of government. Efforts to arm non-ISIS rebels are coordinated, according to The New York Times, by the CIA. [3] Putting two and two together, if US regional allies are equipping the Nusra Front, and the CIA is coordinating their efforts, then the CIA is arming the Qaeda franchise in Syria, on top of the other rebel groups which operate alongside of it. This likely accounts for why the CIA program is covert, while a parallel $500 million Pentagon program to train and equip rebels who had no ties to Al Qaeda, was not. That program was abandoned, after the Pentagon failed to recruit enough non-Qaeda aligned fighters. [4]

The Syrian government is asked to accept a political dialogue with non-ISIS rebels and to enter into cease-fire agreements with them, while at the same time the United States is to be left free to pursue, with its allies, a military campaign against ISIS—one that involves the injection of Western special forces into Syrian territory and therefore an illegal violation of Syrian sovereignty. That campaign, which is now underway, involves several hundred Western military personnel operating on the ground to recruit and equip Sunni Arab fighters to capture territory in Syria that is now held by ISIS.

It would appear that the strategy has two goals.

• To expand Syrian territory under the control of US proxy forces by capturing territory currently held by ISIS. Once captured, it will be held by US proxies.

• To stop further gains by Syrian-Iranian-Russian and Hezbollah forces against US-backed Islamists by insisting on the cessation of hostilities against them and political dialogue.

As the Syrian government engages in fruitless talks with Western-backed Islamist militants, a US-controlled rebel redoubt will be established in eastern Syria, from which the war on Damascus will continue to be prosecuted. The dialogue is fruitless because the rebels, and their paymasters, are implacably opposed to compromise. Anyone who believes that Washington is honestly trying to foster a peace in Syria (except on its own terms, namely, only if Ba’athist ideology is irrevocably effaced from the halls of power in Damascus) is deluded. Imperialists, as Mao observed, do not lay down their butcher knives to become Buddhists.

In the meantime, Nusra Front will operate under a variety of different names. Indeed, it appears, given the extensive inter-penetration of Western-backed rebels with the Qaeda franchise in Syria, that it already does. This meshes with head of US intelligence James Clapper’s admission that “moderate” means nothing more than “not ISIS” [5]; which is to say, it denotes nothing about a group’s aims or methods, and serves the propaganda function of connoting “good.” “Moderate” rebels, we are to understand, are “good” rebels, even though their aims and methods may be largely indistinguishable from those of ISIS and the Qaeda Syrian franchise they are enmeshed with.

The US can fight rebels, but the Syrian army must pursue a political settlement with them

“The White House,” according to The Wall Street Journal, “has said a political resolution in Syria is ultimately required to resolve the conflict there and to defeat ISIS, which opposes the (government) of President Bashar al-Assad.” [6] ISIS also opposes the Abadi government in Iraq, the Sisi dictatorship in Egypt, and the Saudi dictatorship on the Arabian Peninsula, but the White House isn’t calling for a political resolution in these states. Doing so would open itself to criticism that it is counselling capitulation to terrorism, a stance it would never adopt in dealing with terrorist threats to itself or its puppets but is prepared to adopt to eliminate a government in Syria that, unlike the Iraqi, Egyptian and Saudi regimes, insists on freedom from Western domination.

Privileging local populations over US corporations is a form of lese-majesty against US global primacy. The Ba’athists’ transgressions on the reigning hegemon’s ideology of globalization, a by-word for Americanization, is confirmed in Assad’s insistence that, “Syria is an independent state working for the interests of its people, rather than making the Syrian people work for the interests of the West.” [7] The US State Department complains that Syria has “failed to join an increasingly interconnected global economy” and is aggrieved that “ideological reasons” continue to prevent the Assad government from liberalizing Syria’s economy. The Wall Street Journal and Heritage Foundation lament that Damascus “dominates many areas of economic activity, and…marginalizes the private sector,” while the U.S. Library of Congress country study of Syria refers to “the socialist structure of the government and economy.” [8] The motto of the governing Ba’ath Party, unity (of the Arab nation), liberty (from foreign domination), and socialism, is light years from the motto Washington would prefer states emblazon on their banners. We embrace atomism, welcome foreign investment, apotheosize capitalism, and are open to US military bases on our territory, is more along the lines of a motto a good member of the “international community” is expected to adopt. You need know little more than the foregoing to understand why Washington insists that Assad and his fellow Ba’athists step down.

For counselling compromise with terrorists, Washington has not been lashed by criticism. Under other circumstances, it would be. But then, the United States has a complicated relationship with terrorism. 

Terrorism is the use of violence against civilians for political purposes. While Washington is one of the most vociferous opponents of the practice, it is also one of its most ardent practitioners. The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, militarily insignificant cities, are egregious examples of terrorism on a grand scale.

The terror bombings of German and Japanese civilians during WWII by conventional means, including the fire-bombings of Dresden, Hamburg and Tokyo, aimed at undermining civilian morale, are equally egregious examples of US terrorism in practice. NATO’s terror bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 is a more recent case.

U.S. Air Force Lt. General Michael Short’s explanation of the objectives of the 1999 U.S.-led NATO air war on the former Yugoslavia fits the definition of terrorism to a tee. “If you wake up in the morning and you have no power to your house and no gas to your stove and the bridge you take to work is down and will be lying in the Danube for the next 20 years, I think you begin to ask, ‘Hey, Slobo (a reference to the country’s leader at the time, Slobodan Milosevic)? How much more of this do we have to withstand?’” [9] The United States has also used terrorists to advance its foreign policy goals in Afghanistan against secular modernizers supported by the Soviet Union and in Cuba against the communist government in Havana, to name but two cases. Countless more could be adduced. On the other hand, Washington opposes terrorism strenuously when it is used against the United States. In this vein, ISIS is both a useful US foreign policy tool in weakening the Syrian state but at the same time an enemy in threatening the US-allied Abadi, Sisi and Saud regimes, and in challenging US domination of the Arab and Muslim worlds.

Conquering the caliphate

US Special Forces are recruiting and equipping Sunni Arab fighters to capture Raqqa, the capital of ISIS’s caliphate. So far they’ve recruited 6,000 fighters, and about 12,000 are being vetted. [10] The Pentagon has dispatched 250 military personnel to Syria, augmenting 50 who were already there. US allies have also sent special operations forces to Syria, to do “exactly the same thing,” according to US defense secretary Ash Carter. [11]

The introduction of Western ground forces into Syria is an illegal violation of Syrian sovereignty. This has been pointed out by Damascus, Moscow and Tehran, but Western countries, whose state officials are in the habit of sanctimoniously delivering sermons on the rule of law, hypocritically ignore it whenever it suits their purposes. International law is a spider’s web in which to entangle the weak, while the strong merely push through it, their chauvinist and complaisant mass media glossing over the crime.

An ulterior motive

If the United States’ only goal in waging war against ISIS was the organization’s elimination, it would have seized the opportunity to coordinate with Russian forces once Moscow entered the fray, in order to multiply the force of the campaign against the hyper-sectarian Islamist organization, and to hasten its quietus. Instead, Washington let the opportunity pass. More importantly, it would have teamed up with the Syrian army, the single biggest force fighting ISIS.

ISIS cannot be eliminated by air power alone; ground forces are essential. And so, the United States has undertaken to train and equip Sunni Arab fighters to fill the role. The United States has disdained any cooperation with the Syrian army, even though it could readily defeat ISIS with the assistance of US air power. On the contrary, Washington has deliberately refrained from taking steps to weaken the notorious Sunni Arab terrorist group, hoping that continued pressure from the Al-Qaeda offshoot would etiolate the Syrian army and, as a consequence, pressure the Ba’athists in Damascus to step down. [12] That Washington hasn’t taken the obvious route to the elimination of ISIS suggests that defeating the caliphate is not its primary goal. Instead, it has a higher objective and ulterior motive: the transfer of Syrian territory now in the hands of ISIS to biddable US surrogates.

US plan adumbrated 

The Wall Street Journal sketched out how the United States will carry on its war against the Syrian state. [13] Reading between the lines, the war will be pursued under the guise of eliminating ISIS, and while this will be the immediate outcome of the war if the campaign is successful, the ultimate objective will be the conquest of Syrian territory held by the caliphate. The war will be pursued on the ground by Sunni Arab fighters trained and equipped by the special operations forces of the United States and its allies. US proxies on the ground—the Sunni Arab fighters recruited and equipped by the Pentagon—will capture territory currently held by ISIS, backed by US air strikes.

Once captured, the territory will remain in the hands of the US surrogates. It will not be returned to the legitimate Syrian government, a point that will be overlooked in the celebration of ISIS’s defeat. Instead, it will become a base from which a continuing war will be waged against the pro-independence, secular, non-sectarian, socialist-oriented Syrian state. The conquered territory will be given a high-sounding name, likely conceived and vetted by a high-priced US PR firm, such as Free Syria or the Free Syrian Republic.

It will not, however, be free from US domination, or free to put the interests of the local population above those of Washington and Wall Street, or free to foster Arab unity, pursue socialism, or aid Palestinians in their quest for self-determination. It will, however, be free to fill the coffers of Western banks and corporations, free to buy arms from Western weapons manufacturers, free to invite the Pentagon to establish military bases on its territory, free to allow the State Department to meddle in its internal affairs, and free to accept as legitimate the Zionist conquest of Arab territory. In short, it will be free to surrender its sovereignty and join the US empire.

1. Craig Whitlock, “US secretly backed Syrian opposition groups, cables released by Wikileaks show,” The Washington Post, April 17, 2011.
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NTS Notes: I do want to thank the Global Research group for bringing this very startling information forward...

There are a few things that I find wrong in this article... There is no "US influence"  in regards to these phoney "rebels" operating in Syria, simply because these fraud "rebels" are absolutely 100% owned and operated by the US and are manned with both paid mercenaries and CIA/Mossad operatives and agents......And of course these equally fraudulent "ISIS terrorists" are also bought and paid for mercenaries and/or CIA/Mossad operatives themselves....The entire idea of this "caliphate" in eastern Syria is a sham and is only for the purpose of having a launching point for these fraud "terrorists" to attack and eventually destroy Syria itself.....

I therefore am still troubled that so many authors still talk about the need for the US Government to 'fight ISIS' when in reality this fraud "ISIS" IS THE US GOVERNMENT ITSELF!

It is no wonder that we see over the last few days this news about a new "ceasefire" in Syria, especially around the city of Aleppo... With the Syrian government forces and their allies now taking the offensive and out to destroy the so called "ISIS" forces in eastern Syria, the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal needs this "ceasefire" in place to make sure that this fraud "caliphate" is itself not destroyed... Again, only through this phoney "caliphate" can these criminals maintain their foothold and launch point for their attacks into Syria itself....

Yes, the US is definitely working for their Jewish masters in using this fraud "caliphate" towards the sick "Greater Israel" project.....The US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal will continue to run this "caliphate" until their goal of having Syria destroyed is achieved for Israel's "expansion"..... This evil and sick process will continue until people finally understand the reality of this situation and actually do something to stop them...

More to come


Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Insanity Of Judaism: Israeli Man Seeks Restraining Order Against "God" (This Is NO Joke!)

I have constantly come under fire for my stance that ALL religion is a fraud and nothing but mind control for suckers.... There have been so many comments sent my way from those bible (the book of lies I call the "buy- bull") thumpers and other brainwashed fools that have called me every name under the sun and have even come in forms of "threats"... I always ignore these idiots and refuse to publish their trash... And of course I also get those weird and obnoxious comments from what I call my "favorite fan club", which is of course the members of the JIDF/Hasbara group of rejects from clown college that I mostly laugh at... It is insane as to how so many people out there have been duped into believing in the fairy tale "man in the clouds".....

And of course the real insanity of religion goes beyond the pale when it comes to the fraud religion called "Judaism"... Yes, these believers are of course the tribe members that have been destroying our planet and ruining our societies through their criminal Usury system of finance.....I have long said that their religion is a fraud and a phantom, based on pure bullshit fairy tales and outright lies.... 

But what I came across today really does "take the cake", when it comes to religion and especially the fairy tale lies of Judaism... For according to the following article from a fellow real truth seeker who writes the excellent blog "Birth Of A New Earth" at, apparently the psychosis of Judaism has reached a new and laughable height with a man in Israel now seeking a restraining order against the god "Yahweh" due to his "God's" torment and poor treatment towards himself!  YES, this is no joke, and I have the link to Birth Of A New Earth's article right here for all to see for themselves... I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Honestly, how ridiculous is this? 

I wonder what "Yahweh"'s response will be to this man's restraining order (LOL!)

Yes, the sickness of Judaism knows no bounds... But again, all religion is much the same, so why should no one be shocked that this silliness has finally reached this level of stupidity?

Lets be clear here... I have long said that to enslave people, you need one of three things.. Shackle them and make them slaves outright.... Give them un-payable Usury and shackle them into endless debt and thus enslaving them... Or finally the third option, which is to give them a "religion" and enslave their minds!

And for those religious nuts and fools out there that do not like what I have to say... Tough... If  you do not like it, then stop reading this blog and go to those religious blogs out there and scream hallelujah!  I am a seeker of truth and am not blinded by frauds and lies...

More to come


Very Important Video: Ken O'Keefe Tells The Truth About The Middle East

I am doing a bit of catching up as usual today... Many readers, colleagues, and friends, have been sending me a wealth of links and videos pver the last little while, and in many cases have asked me to put them up here at this blog..... I have been spending a lot of time over the last few days finally looking at the material sent my way, and I will be presenting a lot of that material here at this blog over the next while...

About three weeks ago, Ken O'Keefe released another very amazing and truthful video that I finally got around to viewing.. And as usual it is dynamite..... In this video, that I want to share with my own readers right here to view for themselves, Ken talks straightforward as usual, pulling no punches, and telling the absolute truth about exactly what is happening right now in the Middle East......It is an absolute must see by everyone.... Please watch this amazing video, and as usual I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Ken O'Keefe is to me one heck of a speaker, and tells it exactly like it is...

I have been saying for years that the fiascos that we are watching in the Middle East are absolutely pre-planned, and all part of the insanity of Israel with their "Greater Israel" project...

Lets face it... The insane state of Israel has been working in conjunction with their puppets in the US government to undermine every nation in the Middle East for the purpose of weakening them to the point that they can be easily destroyed and/or conquered.. In such a way, the Israelis can walk all over them without much of a fight and expand their sick and twisted state to what their false bible claims is theirs.. From the Nile to the Euphrates Rivers.... And as I have also stated, they care not for the hundreds of millions of lives that will be murdered in acts of genocide to attain that sick dream....

As Ken O'Keefe releases more of these videos, I will do my best to present them here for my own readers to view for themselves.. Stay tuned...

More to come


The Syrian War Against The Criminal US/Israel/NATO Cabal Rages On: Insane US Secretary Of State John Kohn Just Told Assad To Get Out By August Or Else!

It should be apparent to anyone by now that the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal attempts to have Syria destroyed and Assad ousted from power has failed miserably... The good guys, the Syrian government forces and their allies, are now on the offensive and are pushing to take out the ISIS "stronghold" of Raqqa in eastern Syria very shortly... As well, the good guys were definitely about to wipe out the last of the so called "rebel" (US paid and armed mercenaries) in southern Aleppo if not for a new "ceasefire" requested by the US itself.... Everywhere across Syria, the good guys have these fraud "terrorists" on the run, and without a full scale invasion of Syria itself the vain attempt by the cabal to conquer Syria will shortly come to an end..

But apparently, with the Syrian government on the road to final victory in Syria, the criminal cabal is now through desperation resorting to insane threats against Assad himself.. For according to the following article from the Vice News online news service, at, apparently the Jewish and very psychotic US Secretary of State, John Kohn, has come out now and said that Bashar al-Assad has to get out of Syria by August, "or else"....I have the link to this very important article right here for all of my own readers to view for themselves, and of course as usual my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: To me this is indeed "desperation on the cusp of madness" by the insane leadership in the US government...

Lets face the facts here... Bashar al-Assad needs not to go anywhere... He is loved by his own people, and has the full support of the entire Syrian populace, much to the chagrin of the criminals in both our governments and of course the liars in the Jew spew media outlets....And on top of that he has the full support of the Russian Federation that has been backing his battles to free his nation from the real criminals which are of course the US led and backed "terrorists"...

But again, we must not forget that the criminal and psychotic state of Israel is right there driving US policies for their sick dream of having Syria destroyed so that their nation can expand as per their sick and twisted dream of a "Greater Israel".... Syria is to them a delay in that process and they are obviously pushing their US puppets to have Syria destroyed....

Yes, Kohn is showing signs of insanity indeed.... Threatening Syria this way should open up the entire planet to the reality that the US is being run by lunatics that seem to think they can bully nations to comply to their policies.. The alternative is obviously war and invasion.....

I laugh at John Kohn and his insane ramblings... I hope that the Russians do send a terse response to this criminal by telling him to basically "drop dead" for his demand that Assad get out "or else"....

More to come


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

If You Squeeze It You Get Lemon Juice: The F35 Fiasco Continues - Trillion Dollar F-35s Can Barely Get Off The Ground!

I have put out many reports at this blog over the last while about the massive failings of the Lougheed Martin F35 "Lightning II" fighter aircraft program for I see it as one of the most colossal wastes of money in all of history.... I have called this thing a "lemon" from the very beginning, and I have not found any thing at all that has changed that perspective....

Well, it seems that more reports are now coming out at a frantic pace these days that talk about the failings of this TRILLION dollar boondoggle, and for this report, I found a real good one to share with my own readers... For according to the following report from the Patriot Rising website, at, apparently the F35 is so bad that it can barely get off  the ground!   Here is the link to that report for everyone to take a look at for themselves, and I have more thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Nothing about this horrific aircraft shocks me any more.... So far the list of what we know is bad about this aircraft includes:

(a) Its VTOL engine is a horrific gas guzzling monstrosity that adds so much weight to the aircraft that it can barely maneuver, flies atrociously too slow, and cannot stay in any "combat" situation for very long due to fuel constraints....

(b) Because of its stubby wings, it cannot maneuver in any dogfight and is a sitting duck... Simulated combat exercises conducted a few years back showed that the F35 would be basically blown out of the sky in ANY combat against modern Russian or Chinese fighter aircraft.

(c) It carries a pitiful amount of armaments (at most 4 missiles in its fuselage) and until recently was designed to not even have a gun for it to fight in any dogfight!  Having no gun and trying to depend only on missiles proved to be a major problem with the F4 Phantoms in the Vietnam War, but was quickly corrected by giving the Phantom a gun.... Why the US military has failed to heed the lessons of history here is anyone's guess!

(d) It was discovered early on that it could not fly properly at night and was quickly discovered to be damaged in any rainstorm!

(e) Its "Stealth" is a fraud... Many people do not understand that Russian radar can see the damn thing clearly, and "Stealth" itself was exposed as a massive fraud in the Kosovo/Bosnian war of 1999 when "stealth" F117A aircraft were clearly seen by Yugoslav Russian built radar systems and were blown out of the sky.... Stealth is and always has been a money making sham and a massive lie.....

(f) Its onboard computer system is proving to be a dud and a massive waste of money and time... Too many gizmos and computer driven components on this POS means that any failure is catastrophic to the poor pilots that are flying this lemon...

(g) The cost of this monstrosity has ballooned to near $200 MILLION a copy, and the total cost of the entire program for the US airforce alone is well over $1 TRILLION.....

Honestly, this list could indeed go on and on... The facts are that the US government has fully committed to this program with no other alternatives in sight....  Basically once these aircraft start flying the skies, the US airforce will be a sitting duck against ANY adversary that will be flying Russian or Chinese built aircraft that are vastly superior to this POS.....

I said before that any pilot that honestly decides to fly this thing into combat may as well be signing his own death warrant... I hope these pilots have good life insurance for they will need it!

More to come


The Fraudulent War On Terror: The Truth Comes Out - Israel Aids ISIS, Israeli Chief Of Staff Gets Hacked!

Every few days I get together with the same group of colleagues that have been gathering together for years... We sit down at a local coffee shop and talk about almost everything under the sun... As usual the topics always swing to politics and what is happening around the world.... In many of those conversations some of them talk openly about their thoughts about "terrorism" and the "war on terror"... Usually I have to bite my tongue and just sit there and listen, simply because I know and have always  known that "terrorism" and the entire "war on terror" is a sham.... Honestly, it seems that to try to explain to these individuals the real truth is a waste of time simply because the brainwashing from the Jew spew media and the liars in our own government is that strong....

Ever so often I come across a most interesting article that exposes the truth about the entire "war on terror" for the lie it truly is, and today I found one that shows exactly WHO has been financing and supporting that fraud "ISIS" group..... And right now I want to present that article right here for all of my own readers to view for themselves... It comes from the Blacklisted News online website at, and is entitled: "Israel Aids ISIS - Israel Chief Of Staff Gets Hacked"... This is indeed a must read, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Published: May 3, 2016

Many have suspected Israel controls ISIS. The computer of Netanyahu Chief of Staff Mandi al-Safadi was allegedly hacked, showing communication with ISIS members.
Israel controls ISIS.
Many have long suspected the connection, given that ISIS serves the Zionist agenda so well, but now we may have more proof. According to Veterans Today, hackers were recently able to get access to several months of personal computer data and mobile phone calls of Israeli Chief of Staff under Netanyahu, Manzar (Mandi) al-Safadi. The hack allegedly revealed that al-Safadi had been communicating and cutting deals with many Lebanese personalities and Syrian opposition figures who cooperated with Israel in the Syrian crisis. The hackers allegedly found information which helped them to gain “valuable intelligence on Israel’s supports for terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq.” (Note: I have been unable to personally verify the claims of hacking by reading the documents, since Google translator says the page is too large to translate).
The ISIS Game is Up
For those paying attention, we have been inundated with clues that the whole ISIS phenomenon is a massive fraud. In a Freudian slip Obama recently stated that “with the additional steps I ordered last month, we’re speeding up the training of ISIL forces”. ISIL is another of ISIS’ many names. Earlier in the year, there were reports that Israel was attending to wounded ISIS soldiers in Israeli hospitals. The spin put on that by the Zionist-owned press was that Israel was so generous and magnanimous that it even cares for its enemies, a ridiculous lie designed to cover the fact that Israel controls ISIS. Even the alleged head of ISIS, Al-Baghdadi (accused of being a Mossad double agent), died in an Israeli hospital!
What about this piece of information that ISIS is another name for the Mossad, i.e. that it stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service? What about reports coming from Iraq that Israel controls ISIS, gives them weapons and fights alongside them as revealed by Luke Rudkowski in Israel Joining ISIS?
The ISIS game is up. The official narrative is simply far too much to believe. As Bernie Suarez humorously writes:
“According to U.S. “intelligence sources” mouthpieces, ISIS has [professional camera and image editing software and skills] including social media capabilities. Amazingly, these covered-face killers have unraveled the secret of how to outsmart every world power including the U.S. Empire with regard to every form of communication. They have stomped out the U.S. military, NSA, CIA, NATO, U.N. and the intelligence of Israel, U.K. and every other nation that surrounds them …”
“ISIS is so close to Israel, they may attack Israel any given day … The big Israel attack would gain them all the PR and Marketing they need … The irony gets even crazier here. According to U.S. politicians pushing the ISIS psyop narrative, ISIS is not only unwilling to attack Israel, which they could do in a day or two, they instead prefer to make plans to travel all the way to the other side of the world to attack the world’s most powerful Empire of all time. Yes, they would rather risk getting caught, imprisoned or killed traveling halfway around the world than to go for an easy quick strike at Israel.”
How ISIS Helps the Zionist Regime of Israel
It’s very clear that ISIS serves the Zionist agenda well. That alone has been the giveaway to know that Israel controls ISIS. Just look what ISIS does. ISIS terrorists run around the Middle Eastern Islamic countries, beheading, killing, raping and pillaging, stealing land and resources, overthrowing and dividing sovereign nations and – most of all – setting Muslim against Muslim. And as ISIS runs around the desert like a headless chicken, the Western public gets thoroughly conditioned to believe in the threat of Islamic terrorism, with the added assistance of Israeli front groups like SITE (Search for International Terrorist Entities) who produce clean-cut, green-screen and entirely fake beheadings.
Meanwhile, miraculously, ISIS never seems to threaten Israel. You would think that Israel would be a logical target of hatred for a group of extreme Muslims out to form their own State or Caliphate. Yet Israel never gets attacked or touched. ISIS does, however, foment tremendous and horrific infighting among Muslims and weaken many Islamic nations, so that they are too disconnected to unite together to stand up to real threat in the region – Zionist Israel, financially owned by the Rothschilds and militarily backed by the US.
Israel, the Missing Piece of the Puzzle in the Middle Eastern Crisis
Israel is the missing piece of the puzzle. Israel controls ISIS and many other aspects of geopolitics, being the personal country of the Rothschilds, the richest family on Earth.
Just as a reminder, Israel:
– Has continuously expanded its territory by stealing land, eradicating villages and committing genocide against a sovereign people (the Palestinians);
– Has infiltrated the governments of almost all the major countries of the world, e.g. USA, Britain, France, Germany, Australia and Canada (as well as the United Nations) to the point where it dictates their foreign (and sometimes even domestic) policy;
– Attacked the USS Liberty in 1967 (even though the US and Israel were supposed allies at the time) with unmarked aircraft;
– Was intimately involved in the planning and execution of the 9/11 false flag operation;
– Has consistently lied and exaggerated the threat of the Iranian nuclear intentions, while harboring a nuclear arsenal of its own, and refusing to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty;
– Is behind the invention and creation of radical Islam, Islamic terrorism, Islamophobia and the demonization of Islam.
Given all that and much more, how much of a surprise is it that Israel controls ISIS too?
The ISIS Psy-op Has Come Unravelled
Much like the single Islamic terrorist bogeyman Osama Bin Laden, and the Islamic terrorist group bogeyman Al-Qaeda, ISIS is another psy-op (psychological operation) designed to prop up the failing and fake war on terror. We know that the Bushes were close buddies with the Bin Ladens; we know that Al-Qaeda was a CIA creation and literally means “the database” in Arabic. Remember what Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook said:
“The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive the TV watcher to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the US . . .”
ISIS is the latest installment of deceptive propaganda, but it’s not working. Many have seen right through it. We know, with proof, that Israel controls ISIS. How long until a critical mass realizes it and looks instead at the real puppet-master Israel?

NTS Notes:  Again, as usual, I am not at all in the least bit shocked by what this article states....

I have been saying for years now that ISRAEL, as well as their minions in the US, operate and fully control ISIS ..... It has been known for years by those in the real truth movement that the laughably ridiculous group called Al Qaeda" is what is now known as 'ISIS'.... And the moniker "ISIS" itself stands for 'ISRAELI Secret Intelligence Service'.... Absolutely everything that I have seen from this fraud "terrorist" group shows this to be absolutely true....

Lets face the facts again right here... The entire "war on terror" is and always has been a sham... It was created for the sole purpose of scaring the crap out of gullible people so that they will blindly and stupidly turn to their crooked governments for "protection"..... And yes these criminal governments have indeed given the people what they want through the stripping of their own rights and freedoms!

It is indeed a fact that "ISIS" is mostly just a propaganda stunt that is composed almost entirely of both Mossad and CIA agents and operatives... And the propaganda has worked beyond the criminals' wildest dreams as people everywhere think that this group is a danger to the entire planet and indeed are willing to allow the crooks in their governments send forces into the Middle East... Those forces are of course not out to fight "ISIS" at all, but are committed to destroying peaceful nations instead...

It is again time for people everywhere to wake up to the truth about "terrorism" and the fraud "war on terror".... This fraud has gone on long enough and its time to demand answers from our crooked governments who have been perpetuating and aiding in this fraud!

More to come


Sunday, May 1, 2016

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, May 1st, 2016


Yes it is Sunday again... May 1st and the start of a brand new month... And as usual, time for my weekly rant..

Once a year, I always take a look at those "unusual subjects" that I periodically get asked to give my own opinion about... Many of these subjects are usually taboo to real researchers, since the material usually labels the writer as being a "quack" or a "kook".... But I do get a lot of comments about them, and I will oblige those commentators here....

On the subject of extraterrestrial life..... I stated before and I will say it again... We are definitely NOT alone here in the Universe... Yes, many will argue that life on this planet is simply impossible to be by "chance", but considering how huge the Universe truly is and that life will find a way in even the most extreme environments (bacteria found in places on Earth that many would deem to be impossible is a prime example...), I would state that extraterrestrial life is a given...The big reason why contact with life from beyond has not found yet is primarily the position this planet is in terms of the Milky Way galaxy... Earth sits in a sparse region of one arm of the Milky Way called the "Orion Spur" which is actually between two of the main arms of the galaxy called the "Scutus Centaurus" and "Perseus" arms... This sparse region means that nearby stars are many light years away, and those that are candidates for extraterrestrial life are even further... Therefore "contact" with orbiting Earth like worlds around those distant stars has stymied astronomers so far due to the matter of distance and even time due to conventional radio signals taking decades to reach us from these distant stars....Therefore until all means of attempting contact are done and proven fruitless, I dismiss the idea that we are alone even in our own galaxy...

On the subject of UFO's....... If there are Unidentified Flying Objects and "aliens" from other planets visiting this one, then it is my belief that many of them do follow a code of ethics to "not interfere" with human development on this planet.... Many would assert that we are already in contact with alien beings and that humans are being experimented on by these aliens... That is open to debate, and in many cases upon further examination has been proven to be false....However, logically one would have to ask what would be the purpose of alien contact with our race?  The facts are that if aliens are in contact with humans, then they are vastly superior to our own culture simply because of their technological achievement in even getting here across the vast distances required... That superiority would basically be akin to the superior European cultures coming across the Atlantic and coming across the more primitive North American aboriginals......And we have already seen what the invasion and interference of the Europeans upon aboriginal societies has done.........I therefore am sticking to the notion that if aliens are visiting this planet, they are mostly observing our societies to see if we can even survive ourselves and some of our evil groups that lust for greed and power......If humans survive and advance then at some point contact and full public disclosure can be possible....

On the subject of "alien visitation in our distant past".... I was an avid reader of many of the so called research works put out in the 1970's on this subject, including Erik von Daniken's famous books about the "Chariots of the Gods" that gave so much speculation that we were indeed visited by alien creatures in our not so distant past.... It was indeed a most fascinating topic to read, and left more questions than answers about exactly what happened to our ancestors and if their cultures were influenced by aliens....  It is a fact that something did happen to our planet somewhere around 15000 years ago which would explain the "flood" stories that we see in most of our cultures and their ancient writings... And that cataclysm would have definitely wiped out so many previous cultures and the advanced sciences that they would have developed... Those civilization's advancements would account for many of the findings from those researchers that claim were done by space aliens...... I am not dismissing the idea that our distant ancestors were visited by advanced beings from other worlds, only that again those visitors would again be "observing" our primitive societies as they developed and not interfered....

Which of course leads to the idea of the "Annunaki" and the idea that mankind was "designed" as a slave race placed on this planet by advanced aliens....  What fascinates me by this idea is simply the fact that our own DNA shows definitive signs of being manipulated! Biologists and scientists still cannot answer why some of our DNA strands show signs of being "fused" and manipulated, which absolutely does not occur in nature, as the prime example that many researchers point to us being the descendants of a race placed on this planet by aliens... Many also speculate that our race was designed as a slave race and was placed on this planet primarily for mining this planet's vast deposits of minerals, especially Gold.....I have read so many works recently on the "Annunaki" and the idea that mankind did not 'evolve' on Earth but was placed here, and at present I do keep an open mind on this subject... Until real proof does come forward, even in the alternative news realm, then speculation is still the order of the day here.....

On the subject of this "flat earth" crap.... I have already looked at these groups as nothing more than pure bullshit, and being on the Internet to basically "poison the well"....Their job is to try to convince only suckers and those who are gullible enough to believe their lies.... Once that is done, then they can sell the notion that those who know that man never walked on the moon or that much of our history is nothing but lies, will be associated with believing that the "Earth is flat" and dismissed as quacks..... I have already warned so many not to fall into this trap and to simply ignore these "flat earth" scoundrels and agents...Science right here on Earth has already proven beyond the shadow of any doubt that the world is indeed round, and to believe otherwise is pure hokum...

On the subject of "Sasquatch" and "Yeti"..... These are very touchy subjects and have ruined so many true researchers out there by having people falsely ridiculing their other research material because these researchers also believe that there are large hominids out there on this planet..... I am neutral on this subject simply because years back in my college days I read many reports and books on "Big foot" in North America and found the subject fascinating.... Many would say that it would be impossible for such large creatures to still exist, and yet there are indeed many large unexplored regions even right here in North America where these creatures can still hide out in this day and age....But what we are all waiting for is for researchers and even hunters to come up with plausible evidence in the form of actual skeletal remains or even skin tissue samples before many will accept their existence to be factual.....The same goes for the Yeti of the Himalayans and of course the large hominids said to occupy the Solomon Islands..... I am not getting on board with these creatures being real until factual evidence surfaces.....

There are many other subjects that I do find fascinating, and I could spend this entire rant touching on them as well.. But already there will be critics out there that will suddenly say that NTS is a 'believer' in "space aliens", and "big foot", and will of course now try to destroy my own research through these labels... I only laugh at them for their ridiculousness and their close mindedness.... There are indeed so many mysteries out there that are unsolved and open to speculation, and I applaud those researchers who spend their time going out there to solve these puzzles....They should not be ridiculed at all in searching for the truth....

Well... There you have it... My annual look at those touchy subjects that have labeled so many as being "quacks"....Now onto the present problems plaguing our planet....... On the subject of what is presently happening in Syria, I see that the "good guys" (yes, in this war against evil, these are the good guys..) the Syrian government forces and their allies have almost completed their conquest of Aleppo and are now moving on the fraud terrorist group "ISIS" stronghold in Raqqa.... Many critics have asked why it has taken the Syrian forces so long to control Aleppo, and I would state it is due to the size of Aleppo itself... Aleppo before the "civil war" was the largest city in Syria with some 3 million inhabitants and therefore covered a pretty large area... This ongoing battle to free Aleppo has been on an almost street to street fight between the Syrian Government forces against the US led and armed "Al Nusra" forces in the southern part of the city... But the Syrian forces have been making headway and hopefully within the next week can safely announce that Aleppo is cleared of these mercenaries and murderers.... Aleppo has always in my own estimations to be the key to the entire battle for Syria, and once that city is secured the vain attempts by the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal to have Syria itself destroyed and conquered will have been defeated....

Which leads to the big question again as to WHY the US has sent in even more of their "special forces" into Syria under the guise of "fighting ISIS"?.... Many of the readers here will remember how the criminal US President, Barry Soetoro, emphatically stated many times over the last few years that there would be NO US forces aka "boots on the ground" in Syria.... This arch criminal said that same statement many times right in his own press conferences and many times in his public speakings... And yet here he is LYING his ass off to the American people and sending US forces directly into Syria itself.....Yes, those Special Forces are not welcome in Syria and were never invited in by the Bashar al Assad government... Therefore what we have is the US directly intervening in Syria to try to save their fraud terrorists from defeat... This is indeed an outright invasion of Syria itself and most definitely against all international laws..... And I can guarantee that we have not seen the last of these so called "special forces" committed to Syria by the US government, as this initial "300" will definitely grow into the thousands.....The big worry is at what point these US "Special Forces" come into contact with both Syrian government forces and their Russian allies. Once that point is reached, we could see the beginnings of full blown World War III!

OK, while so much focus has been on the fighting in Syria, there has been so little attention spent to the ongoing buildup of US and allied forces in the Pacific facing mainland China... This ongoing issue between the US and China allegedly began over the Chinese rightfully asserting their control over a small island group in the South China Sea....This has led to the US, the Philippines, and even Japan, building up their forces and laying claim to the islands and the untapped mineral and oil rights under those islands as well..... Many would say this tussle is over these islands, but I would say that the real issue is China itself and its now very active Gold Yuan....

It is not surprising to me that many in the US are in the dark about the fact that the Chinese are now trading with nations using their new Gold backed Yuan and that Yuan is NOT convertible into US dollars......What this means is catastrophe for the US dollar and its long hegemony across the planet as being most nations' reserve currency.. Now nations will no longer be at the mercy of the US dollar, can get rid of their worthless US dollars being held in reserve, and can trade in Chinese Gold backed Yuans instead.. The net result could be US dollars flooding back into the US forcing not only hyper inflation on the American public, but economic collapse of the United States itself!  This is why there has been an almost absolute Jew spew media blackout across America about this Gold Yuan and how it will shortly usurp US dollar hegemony across the planet....And this more than anything else explains the sudden sabre rattling that the US government has been conducting against China itself.... Yes, the US government is indeed insane enough to go to war with China just to try to save its own economic necks and the global dominance of the dollar....

And of course we have the US doing its ridiculous "sabre rattling" with recent deployments of US and NATO forces to the eastern European nations bordering the Russian Federation... The Jew spew media has been out there promoting these deployments as NATO "countering Russian aggression".. And yet I need to ask exactly what Russia has done that can be labeled as being "aggressive"?  Russia has not attacked anyone or any nation, period... Russia has not made any "aggressive" moves against any nation on the planet, and yet here we have the US sending its forces everywhere and illegally invaded many nations to boot!   Yes, perception is the order of the day here, and of course we have the brainwashing of the general public going full steam with reports and articles talking about the "evil Russians" much like they did back in the days of the cold war... But all that anyone has to do is to do their own research and they will quickly discover that it is NOT Russia that is the 'aggressor', but the US and the criminal NATO cabal that most definitely are...... The facts are that with the US now in economic collapse and the Russians and the Chinese now trading with nations without the hindrance of US dollars, the maniacs in the US government are indeed contemplating World War III just to save their economic necks!   Yes, it seems the US could indeed go to war and kill billions of people just for the almighty US dollar.....

Well, I guess that is enough for now for the subjects that are at the top of my thoughts.... But of course I will again touch on many of those other issues that are plaguing our sick world in my usual "last minute tidbits"......OK, Donald Drumpf does do some pretty good speeches, and his "America First" statements do hit home with so many Americans (and much to the supposed chagrin of his Jewish masters).  But again, Drumpf is mostly all talk, and if he does achieve the Presidency he will obey his marching orders as laid out by his Jewish controllers and once again America will NOT be free of the criminal tribe that has been destroying that once great nation..... And again we have that psychotic mass murdering freak of nature, Killary Klinton, out there on the "campaign trail" speaking in front of empty auditoriums and halls, "winning" the Democratic delegate "race".    If anyone really wants to see the corruption and deception of the entire circus called the American Presidential race, they only need to look no further than Killary's campaign.   Honestly if the American people are this stupid to "elect"this demonic creature to be their next President, then God, if there is one, help us all.....And again while Americans are being subjected to the Killary versus Donald circus, quietly the real danger to America, in the form of Mossad agent Bernie Sanders, is moving up in the "polls" and may be the Democratic candidate for President.   Yes, I am sticking to my assertion that the real Jew anointed candidate has been Zionist agent Bernie Sanders all along, and he could indeed be the first true Jewish criminal to be the US President.   What we have therefore in this Killary/Donald circus is indeed nothing more than a mind game on the American public to try to exasperate the American people so much that they will gladly vote for a "level headed" and "moderate candidate" such as Bernie Sanders!......The mess in Europe with the so called 'illegal immigrants' continues unabated, with more and more nations' people waking up to these criminals running hog wild across their countries.  And yet many of these criminal "immigrants" are definitely wanting to return home after finding out that life in Europe is not as great as they were told (Thank you, George Soros, for that).  I again say the only solution is to indeed expedite their want to return home by loading them onto boats and planes and definitely returning them to their nation of origin.  Sadly and stupidly we find so many European governments refusing to do so!  Again, Europe is no place for these "immigrants" and this entire European experiment was done purposely by the criminal Jewish elite to destroy European culture.  And the experiment has failed so miserably.........I see that the public outrage against the ridiculous "political correctness" bullshit of transgenders being allowed into any washroom of their choosing has escalated and is now blowing up in the faces of the LGBT idiots and morons.  Lets face it, for if I had a daughter and I saw some creep man follow her into a girls washroom, I would storm into that facility and haul that asshole out myself.   And if he claimed to be "transgender" then I would help him out by taking out a knife or machete and cutting off his genitals right there and then, thus saving him the cost of the expensive operation!  This transgender equal rights bullshit has gone on far enough and more people have to finally take a stand and reject it outright before it goes any further.......So let me get this straight.  Some 40 students at Harvard University right in America were "vaccinated" for the Mumps and yet almost all 40 have been reported to have contracted that disease in the last week?  This again proves the fact that vaccines and vaccination are complete bullshit and do more harm to the body than any good.  I have always said that everyone must refuse to be vaccinated, period, and this incident at Harvard only proves this to be correct........Yes, the Lougheed Martin F35 program in America is an abysmal failure and an unmitigated disaster, and yet the US military is going ahead with this TRILLION dollar program simply because they have nothing else to fall back on?  Lets face facts here that any pilot stupid enough to fly this piece of crap into combat had better have good life insurance because he would definitely be committing suicide........And let me get this straight as well.  The US government has authorizing the fleecing of billions of dollars from retirement savings accounts to finance and prop up Wall Street brokers?  It is shocking that the American public is not in arms over this outrage, but again these crooks just like the criminal Jewish banksters are able to operate above any laws........ My close associate, Whitewraithe, has started her new job and we both are working towards the relaunch of Turbulent Times shortly.  Stay tuned everyone.......Arsenal wins a close game against Norwich City yesterday 1-0 and is still in the hunt for a Champions League spot.  And I have noticed that the critics are now in full swing wanting a change in the coaching position stating that Arsene Wenger has been there too long and a change is necessary for the organization.  I would say that considering the talent that Arsenal has and the fact that the team has never played to their potential, that a change in coach may be indeed necessary..... And finally, I will close this rant with another look at that psychotic Killary Klinton (the Kardashians will have to wait...).   It does appear that with Killary's campaign now on the slide and her poll numbers falling, that she has turned to the 'woman card' in the US Presidential race saying that she should be the next President simply because she is a 'woman'!  Look, I have nothing against any woman, and if a woman is indeed qualified to be the US President then so be it.  But Killary is an insult to any woman due to her evil machinations and her pure demonic nature.  Therefore for her to scream the "woman card" is definitely an act of desperation on the part of a truly psychotic bitch.   America can do so much better than having this foul creature in the oval office, definitely!

More to come